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10 digital currencies that are traded below the real price

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10 digital currencies that are traded below the real price

10 digital currencies that are traded below the real price

Every day users ask us: “Which digital currency should we buy?” “or” 10 digital currencies whose price is lower than the real price”? In this article, we try to introduce the top 10 currencies that are traded below their real price for investment in June 1402 by considering fundamental factors, project news, network status, sentiment analysis and a glimpse of technical analysis. The currencies introduced in this article are not a buying signal or an investment proposal. Please do adequate research before making any investment.

If you are new to the world of digital currencies, first start with “Where to start” and then get familiar with the concepts of blockchain, bitcoin, investment and capital management. Then choose a suitable digital currency wallet and authenticate at a digital currency exchange. It is also better to get information about the methods of digital currency price analysis so that you can check the presented projects yourself. Now you can read the rest of the article and enjoy!
Introducing 10 digital currencies that are traded below the real price

Chainlink (LINK)
Tezos (XTZ)
Theta Theta (THETA)
Filecoin (FIL)
Hedera hash graph (HBAR)
Klaytn (KLAY)
Pancake Swap (CAKE)
Quant (QNT)
Algorand (ALGO)

The rank of a digital currency that is traded below the real price: China Link

ChainLink digital currency operates on the Ethereum blockchain platform. Before the design and launch of this currency, it was not possible to transfer information outside the blockchain space to smart contracts, but thanks to the China Link digital currency, it became possible to do this in the capital market. In general, ChainLink is an official decentralized network that aims to connect smart contracts to the real world. This digital currency creates a network of nodes to provide information from the blockchain. The ChainLink network uses the ERC-677 token and is built with the ERC-20 standard. Also read: What is chain link?
Features of Chain Link currency

The most important unique feature of ChainLink is working with smart contracts. This digital currency provides easy access to smart contracts. As a result, it becomes possible to pay through a contract to any banking system or network using ChainLink. Also, users of this digital currency can use smart contracts with a certain range of parameters. As a result, the unique features of ChainLink digital currency help users to make transactions easier.
Forecasting the future of ChainLink currency



According to the opinion of capital market experts and analysts, China Link digital currency has the potential for further growth and development due to its extensive technology and algorithm. Also, experts believe that ChainLink will have a significant rise in the digital currency market by the end of 2025.
The ranking of two digital currencies that are traded below the real price: Tezos

Tezos, abbreviated as XTZ, is a self-promoting, open-source blockchain platform designed to create and host decentralized applications and assets. This digital currency was created as a cryptocurrency and allows everyone who owns the XTZ token to vote on any future changes to the rules of the network. Once the maximum votes are reached for these rule changes, the software automatically updates the rules on all network nodes. This essentially puts the power to direct the future of Tezos directly into the hands of users.
Features of Tezos currency (XTZ)

What makes Tezos unique from other digital currencies is the fact that it is both decentralized and self-governing. Other features of Tezos currency include no need for hard forks, efficient network management, active development of Tezos digital currency (XTZ) and high security of decentralized applications.
Tezos (XTZ) currency future prediction

There is no doubt that in the not-so-distant years, digital currencies will take over and control the financial world. Meanwhile, Tezos (XTZ) can be the first and best choice of investors for buying and selling. Tezos will likely be one of the most popular digital currencies due to its high speed and security, and will act as a catalyst for the implementation of smart contracts. The speed and cost that are implemented with speed are among the most valuable aspects of this digital currency that increase its price.
The ranking of three digital currencies that are traded below the real price: Theta

Theta digital currency (THETA) is provided by Theta Network. This network is responsible for delivering content with high bandwidth. In this network, streaming video will become a modern industry. Of course, this challenge can be costly. For this reason, Theta has turned its network into a platform for sharing bandwidth in exchange for tokens by creating decentralized peer-to-peer functionality. In this way, members of this network receive rewards if they share resources and bandwidth. Theta digital currency is used in this network to produce blocks or network nodes. As a reward, users receive Tetafuel token, which is another main currency of this network.
Features of Theta currency (THETA)

Theta network (THETA) has a high speed in data dissemination, which is one of the features of this digital currency. Due to the presence of BFT consensus process in processing, blocks with speed

It works higher. There is also greater scalability in their processing. Off-chain processing and micropayments in this network have increased its scalability. The existence of plans such as Aggregated Signature Gossip and other nearby nodes, its data dissemination is done at a high speed. TrustVault software wallet can be used to buy and sell this digital currency. This wallet has the ability to store Theta and Tetafuel currencies with high security.
Future prediction of Theta currency (THETA)

Generating more income for content creators in this network will increase its popularity, which can ultimately have a great impact on THETA’s future. According to investors, this digital currency is very suitable for long-term investments. Due to the existence of short-term and temporary accumulations, theta’s ability will be suitable for long-term investment. Analysts have also assessed the future of this digital currency as bright.
The ranking of four digital currencies that are traded below the real price: Metik

Polygan digital currency was initially introduced to the capital market under the name Matic. This network is trying to establish a secure connection and interaction between different blockchains. The main goal of Polygon digital currency (Matic) is to solve problems such as scalability, limited throughput, high fees, delayed transactions and slow speed. As a result, a second layer was designed for this special project to perform transactions and Ethereum smart contracts on its platform. This layer performs off-chain verifications with high security and speed. We also recommend reading what is Metic.
Features of Poligan currency (Matic)

Polygon digital currency network (Matic) has many unique features compared to its similar currencies in the market. For example, this network performs transactions on the Ethereum platform in its second layer at a much higher speed. In fact, the Polygon digital currency network (Matic) solves the lack of scalability of Ethereum to a great extent. Another feature of this digital currency is its high security, which has increased the popularity of Matic among capital market users. This network uses Ethereum’s proof-of-stake method to verify blocks and prevents fraud in this field.
Prediction of the future of Poligan currency (Matic)

As we said, Polygan digital currency was designed and launched with the aim of solving problems in the Ethereum network. But after 4 years, he still could not achieve his goals in the capital market. According to analysts, failure to achieve the goals of this network in the digital currency market will cause its price to fall in the market.
The ranking of five digital currencies that are traded below the real price: FileCoin

The FileCoin (FIL) blockchain, which was created based on a new and ambitious idea, is one of the most functional blockchains in the world. This digital currency is a decentralized storage system and sharing network that provides users with secure and immediate storage. FileCoin (FIL) is not controlled by any company and users do not use a centralized authority. In fact, they use the storage space provided by miners.
Features of File Coin (FIL) currency

One of the most important features of FileCoin (FIL) is to eliminate worry in the file sharing and storage section. Other features include decentralized storage network, consensus mechanism, smart contracts, mining in FIL and use of miners to store and retrieve information.
Future prediction of FileCoin (FIL) currency

The market review and the opinions of various experts about FileCoin (FIL) digital currency show that in general, the price and future of this digital currency is bullish. In addition, the anticipated increase in the amount of data to be stored, the unresponsiveness of cloud systems and the insecurity of centralized storage systems have made FileCoin (FIL) more popular than ever. This project aims to provide unlimited and decentralized storage to its users so that they can store their information safely and conveniently. Based on this, experts believe that FIL will have a bright future for itself.