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873K USD related to terrorist activities in Ukraine and Israel are blocked

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873K USD related to terrorist activities in Ukraine and Israel are blocked

873K USD related to terrorist activities in Ukraine and Israel are blocked

The blocking of 873,000 dollars related to terrorist activities in Ukraine and Israel has created a lot of buzz these days. As you know, in recent years, the wars between Russia and Ukraine and Israel and Palestine created a lot of news in the world. You can learn more about the most important results of these wars in the field of digital currencies in the continuation of this article from Pooyan Music site.

873K USD related to terrorist activities in Ukraine and Israel are blocked

War and political and military tensions can have a significant impact on the cryptocurrency market. In times of increased international war and tension, investors may seek a safe haven for their capital and look for digital currencies that can withstand market volatility and inflation.

Instead, in some cases, war and military tensions can increase frustration and anxiety in the crypto market. This may be due to concerns about the security of networks and the possibility of cyber threats that may harm the performance and reliability of cryptocurrencies.

In addition, economic sanctions imposed due to war and political tensions can have a significant impact on the crypto market. Some cryptocurrencies may be sanctioned and may limit investors’ access to them, which can lead to fluctuations in price and trading volume.

Therefore, the impact of the war on the crypto market is highly dependent on domestic and international conditions and factors, and a specific pattern cannot be used to predict it. Investors should make their decisions according to the current conditions and related risks.

Tether stablecoin rules

Tether stablecoin is a digital currency that is pegged to the price of one US dollar. Currently, Tether is one of the popular digital currencies used to maintain the base value (i.e. USD) in the crypto market. The laws and regulations related to Tether and its use may be different and depend on countries and their legal systems.

Using Tether is usually similar to using US dollars or any other national currency. For example, you can use Tether to buy other cryptocurrencies or keep it in your wallet. In addition, some exchanges and crypto exchanges trade digital currencies in Tether.

Therefore, Tether stablecoin rules are generally similar to the rules and regulations for the use of other digital currencies in any country. For more accuracy, it is better to check the relevant laws and regulations in your country. If necessary, consult with expert legal advisors in this field.

Blocking of 873 thousand dollars related to terrorist activities

Stablecoin Tether blocks addresses containing $873,000 linked to illegal activities in Israel and Ukraine. Tether has blocked 32 addresses related to terrorist activities in Israel and Ukraine in cooperation with local law enforcement agencies. According to the announcement of this company, $873,118 worth of Tether has been blocked in connection with illegal activity in Israel and Ukraine.

This action was carried out in cooperation with Israel’s National Counter Terrorism Financing Office. The CEO added that Stablecoin actively works with global law enforcement agencies to track and trace the illegal movement of funds and, where possible, freeze assets associated with criminal and terrorist activities.

By late 2022, Tether had frozen more than $360 million in assets. The company subsequently re-released more than $100 million USDT that had been intercepted. The company estimates it has frozen a total of $835 million USDT. Tether cooperates with 32 countries around the world to address illegal cyber activities.