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A diverse collection during the second Metaverse Fashion Week

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The second Metaverse Fashion Week included a lineup of major labels, including Dundas, Adidas, and HBO, despite some technological difficulties.
Decentraland staged another event this year from March 28 to 31 in response to its popularity in 2022 and the excellent roster of designers that visited the Metaverse Fashion Week that year. The goal of the week’s theme, “Future Heritage,” was to bring together contemporary artists and established fashion designers.

The Fabricant, Zero10, and other key players in digital fashion participated at MVFW for the second time, despite a reduction in the overall number of brands. There were two performances worth mentioning: Dundas, which stood out with lovely avatars the previous year, and Adidas, which participated for the first time this year. HBO and Decentraland also took part.


Genuine experience

This year’s attendees encountered a challenge right away: neither an iPhone nor an iPad Pro could be used to access Decentraland. In other words, we became less mobile in the outside world. I was forced to skip a few meetings and stay at home.

Additionally, the Mac app for the event was broken. As a result, you had to play the game in your browser, which was buggy, and you had to clear your browser’s cache.

Many fans didn’t even watch the Dundas show on the first day because to the overwhelming number of individuals making it hard to even attend the venues.


Fashion week in the metaverse or a meta market?

On the first day, in addition to the performance, there was a meditation with Alo Yoga, which had scheduled daily activities including yoga, breathing exercises, and Reiki sessions. It seems as though you ought to have quit using the computer and completed the practice the coach assigned. The partnership for Metaverse Fashion Week that was least clear was this one.



Shopping life

The most intriguing thing that occurs in online stores and often during fashion weeks is that players are always attempting to acquire free clothes.

The major labels could be found in the Luxury District, such as Dolce & Gabbana, which hosted a talent competition and had Katya Garnet, Nataliya Grimberg, David Lopez, and Dundas win. Tommy Hilfiger and DKNY, which are not premium names in the actual world, have the biggest stores.

Notably, DKNY had a sizable four-story store with a pizza, bar, and disco on the roof. Everything appeared wonderful, but it was actually terribly depressing. At the very least, they could have added an NPC or maybe a worker that you could talk to and make purchases from.

Next, we discussed the dismissal of the Vivienne Westwood case. We may embark on a journey in a store decked with branded tartan and a ladder with the letters “SEX” at the Dear Vivienne location. It was the end of the miracles.

Adidas has a nice store and a performance as well. You could acquire a free jacket from the store, which looked good but made your entire game slower if you wore it.

The greatest spot was Coach, which had a fantastic bag display.

You entered the bag through the pink city and descended inside it, where each day you could embark on brand-new missions, compete for boas, and test on bags at partner locations like Zero10.

Participants had the option to attend two DKNY and poker night parties at the conclusion of the four days of MVFW.

You might have gone to a Grimes concert at the last MVFW, which looked good and created a lot of attention.

It’s important to note that following the last MVFW, high-end brands chose not to take part in the metaverse. They should know who is playing Decentraland, thus the attention went to the middle, which makes sense.


And who are they?

Who are these folks who have so much time to open a browser, put up with problems, and play strange games after four days in the metaverse? Why do they want to join the metaverse so badly? Are they interested in making a purchase from Dolce & Gabbana? Or do they want to wear a Dundas evening gown and stroll the red carpet?

It became evident throughout those four days that the majority of participants wanted free clothing.

It is currently unnecessary for premium businesses to take part in these events. Their customers are hard at work earning the money necessary to purchase luxury goods, and since playing in Decentraland requires a lot of time and effort, they have little time for work.