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BingX exchange training

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Bing X Exchange is an online cryptocurrency exchange launched in 2018. This exchange started its activity as a safe platform for digital currency transactions and provides you with almost all the facilities you need for trading and buying and selling digital currencies. BingX is a unique and innovative exchange that allows you to connect with elite traders to get the best possible results for your investment. According to the creators of this exchange, with other platforms, you get confused and you have to rely on your common sense to find the best investment. But with BingX’s premium analytics and crypto trading social network, you never have to be alone in the crypto situation.

You have models to base your strategies on and you can even choose to easily copy a great trader’s strategy using copy trading. BingX has set itself apart by having no deposit fees and some of the lowest fees in the industry. With all these features, along with the standard crypto trading capabilities of regular exchanges and a permanent exchange feature that enables seamless trading of crypto derivatives, BingX Exchange is a fully realized platform for all your current and future cryptocurrency trading needs. Is. Follow this article on Bing X exchange training until the end.
About BingX exchange

As we said, BingX is a cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform that was founded in 2018. BingX, registered in Singapore as Bingbon, has been a digital currency exchange based on blockchain technology. Renamed BingX after a full-scale rebrand, the exchange quickly gained a reputation for its copy trading features.

This exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers spot, derivatives and copy trading services to more than 100 countries worldwide. BingX prides itself as the people’s exchange by opening up the growing cryptocurrency market to everyone, connecting users with expert traders and a platform to invest in a simple, engaging and transparent way.

Bing X is a unique and innovative exchange that allows you to connect with elite traders to get the best possible results for your investment. Bing X exchange has been ranked 7th in CoinMarketCap in 2021 due to its great success and 24-hour trading volume. Another feature of this exchange is that it offers tools, global indices, forex, the ability to perform automatic transactions and many other services to its users.

The founding and leadership team of this exchange consists of pioneering professionals from top VC firms, financial institutions such as J.P. Morgan, Standard Chartered Bank and leading Internet companies such as Google, Tencent and Alibaba with more than 10 years of experience in their respective fields of expertise.

BingX Exchange has branches in North America, Canada, European Union, Hong Kong and Taiwan. BingX has also registered or received regulatory approval to operate in other countries where it provides its services or conducts any form of commerce.

Pros and cons of Bing X exchange


Ability to connect to Binance exchange for copy trade
Very low fee of 0.0275%
The biggest copy trading platform at the moment
The possibility of earning between 8 and 12 percent
Ability to connect to Trading View and trade through it
No need for KYC
24/7 customer support in 10 languages including Dutch
Support for leveraged transactions up to 150 times


Limited to specific cryptocurrency pairs and transfers

Some of the other features of Bing X exchange are as follows:
Support for fiat currency

Using platforms like Banxa and Moonpay for multiple currencies like USD, AUD, EUR, KRW, THB, TWD, BGN, BRL, CAD CHF, COF and more, BingX offers extensive fiat currency support. The platform uses third-party protocols to execute these fiat purchases.

Features of Perpetual Swap

With the Perpetual Exchange feature, you can keep your limit orders, margin trades around the clock. Investors should first close their positions and open them again after reaching the delivery date of the contract. For experienced traders, Perpetual Exchange solves the time when users miss the market volatility caused by the tedious operation methods that overwhelm them on other exchanges.
Intuitive and user-friendly platform

From getting started with verifying your email to navigating through all of the platform’s features, BingX provides a user-friendly experience for both beginners and experts in terms of user interface.

Copy trading

Bing X has the largest and most advanced copy trading features on the market. While some exchanges only have copy trading capabilities, BingX goes all the way and offers an unparalleled copy trading experience. With clear and readable analysis and statistics of the best traders on the platform, you can choose your strategy according to your needs. This is how BingX made a name for itself. If you’re just looking for copy trading as a feature, BingX has no competition.
Step-by-step training of Bing X exchange

To work with Bing X exchange, there is no need to authenticate and go through KYC procedures, and you can deposit and withdraw from your account easily by completing the steps of creating an account.

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Step 1: Register a BingX account.

Log in to the official BingX website and click “Log in/Register” on the top search bar. After clicking on the registration option, register with your email address or phone number.

By entering your email address, a code will be sent to your email address. Enter it and create a 20-character password for your account.
Step 2: Security settings

Complete your security settings to protect your assets. Log in to BingX, hover over the dummy in the search bar, click [Account and Security] and go to [Security Center].

How to set your password?

In the “Security Center” section, click “Set” or “Reset” next to “Fund Password”. This password is a 6-digit password used to verify your deposits, withdrawals and transactions. Please make sure you choose strong passwords and keep them safe.

How to enable Google 2FA verification?

Log in to BingX, click the dummy image in the top search bar and select [Account and Security]. Select [Security Center]. Continue your Google Authenticator link via the “Link” button. Follow the instructions to complete the process.
Third step: Deposit

If you currently have digital assets in your wallet or other trading platforms, you can transfer them to your BingX account.

Deposit via “Address”: To find your BingX deposit address, you need to go to [Deposit] section, select a currency and a specific chain to copy your BingX deposit address and transfer your digital assets from that address. Use BingX.
Step 4: Spot trading

You can start your cryptocurrency trading at BingX Spot, this is where you can trade hundreds of cryptocurrencies including “Bitcoin” (BTC).

The fifth stage: Standard and permanent transactions

BingX offers standard and perpetual swap transactions. Standard trading is recommended for beginner traders, while swaps are intended for experienced and professional traders.
Step 6: Activate copy trading

With the copy trading feature you can share the trades you made with your followers and you can even earn between 8-15% of the profits of your copiers. In the BingX exchange, there are two copy trading accounts, Binance and Bingx.

To activate the copy trade account, first select the copy trade section from the main page and enter the Apply to be a copy trader section.

You will see three boxes in this section:

Social media links:

Enter the link of one of your social networks, such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Telegram channel, etc.

Followers on social media (Up to 3 images):

Upload some pictures of your followers. Maximum three images and minimum one image.

Screenshot of your account profit (Up to 3 images):

Upload a picture of your profits. These profits can be on Bingx or Binance. Maximum three images and minimum one image.

Click the submit option and after 1 to 3 days, the result of the review will be sent to your Gmail address.

Finally, to confirm your account in this section, you must complete your profile details and upload your profile picture.
Copy trading training

In order to be able to copy the trading process of excellent and professional traders, you need to firstly check the best traders on the Traders List page for their profit, check their profiles in detail and try to copy traders’ trades. .

Principal Type: Specify your currency type. USDT or vst (native currency of the exchange).

Principal (USDT,VST): Specify the amount of capital you want to allocate to each transaction.

Contract Account (Avail.): The available balance of the wallet is specified in this section.

Connecting the BingX exchange to TradingView

One of the positive points of the BingX exchange is the ability to connect to the TradingView website and make transactions through it. For this, you need to enter the Trading View site. Register or if you have already registered and have an account, log in and click on the Trading Panel option.

Among the platforms you see in this section, find the BingX exchange. Click on the Connect option and enter your email address and username. By entering your email and username, enter the Bing X exchange through the Trading View site and make a transaction.