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Can the United Kingdom save its startups as the fallout from SVB extends throughout the world?

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مارس 12, 2023
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Another intriguing news is that The Bank of London is exploring a bid for SVB UK, according to Sky News. Yet, the article also said that the offer’s legitimacy was unknown.

What remains to be seen is whether the government will be able to mitigate the effects of SVB and prevent the involuntary liquidation of impacted enterprises.

The British reaction might be replicated throughout the world, since SVB has subsidiaries in China, India, Denmark, Canada, and Sweden.

Lastly, the world will be watching how the UK handles the impact as it spreads to other nations.


The BOE takes action

The Bank of England (BOE) said that it will declare the UK subsidiary insolvent in light of recent events. The central bank stated in a statement that SVBUK has a minimal presence in the UK and no important functions supporting the financial system.
SVB UK will stop taking deposits and making payments after the insolvency process.

The UK finance ministry and BOE are collaborating in the meanwhile to control the disruption caused by the failure of SVB. It’s interesting to note that the administration is organizing an urgent meeting with tech companies.

According to UK news source The Guardian, city minister Andrew Griffith was also scheduled to meet with business groups on Saturday afternoon. In a statement reported by the Guardian, the UK Treasury said:

“The government recognises that tech sector companies are often not cash flow positive as they grow, and that they rely on cash on deposits to cover their day to day costs.”



CEOs are outraged by the BOE assessment.

On the other side, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt of the UK received a letter from the leaders of 130 technology businesses requesting government action.

The CEOs attacked BOE’s assessment of SVB’s minimal influence on the UK economy and stated that it reveals a grave ignorance of the industry and its significance to the overall economy.

They claimed that the recent announcement of SVB’s bankruptcy poses an existential danger to the UK IT sector.

The Coalition for a Digital Economy (Coadec), a nonprofit organization that advocates for legislation to help digital businesses in the UK, supported this point of view. According to Coadec, SVB UK is well-known to a sizable number of companies and investors in the ecosystem.

Another intriguing development is that The Bank of London is reportedly thinking about making a bid for SVB UK, according to Sky News. The article did add, though, that it was uncertain whether the offer was credible.

It remains to be seen if the government will be able to mitigate the effects of SVB and halt the forced liquidation of impacted businesses.

Since that SVB has branches in other nations, including China, India, Denmark, Canada, and Sweden, the response from Britain may be replicated elsewhere in the world.

The world will be watching how the UK handles the aftermath as the effects extend to other nations.