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Checking the validity of the Way Capital project

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Today, a large number of scam projects have entered the digital currency market. Projects that deceive users with tempting but false promises and increase their capital. One of the newest projects in the world of digital currencies is Way Capital, which users have many questions about because some call it a Way Capital scam. Stay with us to provide you with more information in this field.


Is the Way Capital project a scam?

As soon as you enter the website of this project, you will encounter a very beautiful and attractive appearance. So you can imagine that there is a strong team behind it. But maybe this appearance is only to deceive users. So you should be careful and don’t decide to invest in it quickly.

V Capital’s website is designed in English by default. But it is also possible to change the language to Farsi, although it does not support the Persian language well, so that a large number of texts are confused and unorganized.

Although the support of this site is weak in Farsi language, they have done it to provide the path of fraud and abuse of Iranian users. Users who are usually trapped by empty and false promises and risk their valuable capital with the idea of getting very high profits and unfortunately end up being nothing but a loser.

Fraud projects usually target Iranian users more than others. Now, if the site can be translated into Persian, more Iranian users will be attracted to it. For this reason, it is possible to change the language from English to Farsi on the V Capital fraud site.


Who are the main visitors of V Capital fraud site?


By entering the Alexa site, you can see that about 27% of Ve Capital’s visitors are Iranian. This is the only people who use it without vpn. Interestingly, the rank of this site in Iran since its inception is 1325, which shows its high popularity among Iranian users. Iranians are looking for quick and easy ways to earn high profits. For this reason, they soon find sites like V Capital. Sites whose promises are unfortunately nothing more than lies.


V Capital fraud site designs


Usually, the plans presented on the V Capital site are very attractive and tempting. Among these is a Bitcoin scheme where the minimum investment amount is 1.5 Bitcoins and the daily profit percentage is 2.8%. Considering the 70-day duration of this plan, its overall profit is about 196%, which is obtained by multiplying 2.8 by 70. Providing 196% profit in 70 days means 1176% profit in just one year, which does not make sense at all.

Here we come to the conclusion that V Capital’s fraud schemes are completely false and baseless. So you should not be deceived by them and entrust your valuable capital to them. In fact, if such plans were true, there would be no poor people in the world.

This is despite the fact that the profit of reputable global banks is not even 1% daily. On the other hand, in some of them, you must not make any withdrawals from your account for a year to be eligible to receive interest. In some of these banks, you have to block your money for up to 1 year to get interest. However, many people leave their money and capital to banks and do not go to projects like V Capital. Unfortunately, it is the Iranians who are more deceived by fraudulent projects than others.


Reasons to prove the fraud of the Way Capital project


Usually, the first page of a project’s site should explain how it works. But in a scam project like V-Capital, after a lot of searching, you can get the method from their own words, the method is even a little funny.

In general, the activity of this company is not completely clear. For example, where the profits that accrue to users come from. You may see some documents related to the project on their site. First, the authenticity of these documents is not known. Second, some documents are obtained by spending money.

On the V Capital website, you can see the picture of two of the company’s CEOs. Interestingly, all the ways of communication end with one of these people, and it seems that the other has no role.

V Capital fraud site has included a contact number on its site, and whenever you call it, the operator says that all the support staff are talking! The address that is seen also belongs to one of the Canadian streets and it is not clear whether it is correct or not because even the location on the site does not show the exact location. Therefore, the inclusion of a contact number or address is not a proof of the validity and reliability of the project.

No authentication is done during registration and entering information, and you can enter and invest in the project even with false and fake information. Why do you think there is such a possibility on V Capital site?!

This site also has a banking portal that supports Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ether. You must know that scam projects are usually something like pyramid schemes and invite users to recruit affiliates in exchange for rewards. V Capital also has such a possibility. So there will be no doubt that it is a scam.




All of the above are strong reasons for V Capital being a scam. These are items and features

It should be checked for every project. There is usually no fixed profit percentage. So, when a project promises it, it is worth thinking about. Fraudsters are not one or two cases and they are always trying to deceive you. By reading this article and similar cases, you should be alert and not be fooled by deceivers.

In the end, we advise you not to leave your capital in the hands of profiteers and never enter such Ponzi projects.