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DO NOT Make these mistakes as a newcomer BTC trader!

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DO NOT Make these mistakes as a newcomer BTC trader!

Many traders make mistakes before entering the world of cryptocurrency trading that can end up discouraging them from this field. The Bitcoin market, like any other market, has its ups and downs. In the field of digital currencies, investors and traders alternately face positive and negative emotions. Many people make huge profits in this market, but along with it, some others lose a lot of capital.

DO NOT Make these mistakes as a newcomer BTC trader!

Due to these fluctuations, you should know that buying bitcoins may lead to huge profits or losses in short periods of time. Therefore, before entering this market, it is better not to invest capital that you would be worried about losing.

Lack of knowledge and specific plan before starting the activity

Before entering the world of Bitcoin, it is better to formulate a plan for yourself. In this program, specify the amount of capital that you can invest in this market and choose a specific time for your activities. Also, you need to define your goal and strategy.

Although it is not necessary to have professional knowledge from the beginning, you should at least know about the basic concepts and be familiar with the behavior of the market. If you enter this market without sufficient knowledge, you will not be able to make correct decisions in critical times.

Being influenced by social trends

Today, social networks provide people with a lot of news and information. Some of this information may have a significant impact on market trends. Bitcoin and other digital currencies are always available for the attention of these networks, and sometimes they become the trend of the day with the release of news or price statements. During these times, many people may decide to buy Bitcoin following a boom or sudden price increase.

Use of leverage and exchange margin transactions

When entering the world of Bitcoin trading and learning about digital currency exchanges, you will be introduced to a concept called margin. Margin trading is an attractive method for beginners. In this method, you use leverage for trading. Leverage means using additional capital or borrowing from a platform. For example, if a trade is worth $100, you can enter that trade using $50 of your own and $50 of credit from the platform you trade on.

The exchange charges a fee for providing this service. But if the transaction is not profitable or leads to a negative result in general, the fee will be expensive for you. Using leverage with high coefficients, if you don’t have enough experience and a clear strategy, can lead to the loss of your capital.

Not having a trading strategy and being an imitator

The first step for any trader is to introduce himself to the right strategy. You might take some first steps by looking at the methods of a few successful traders. But every trader has his own path and goals, and no successful person shares all his trading secrets with others. Therefore, one should not always follow other traders.

After some time, you should have your own strategy. Determine what your investment goal is. Are you looking for a short-term or long-term investment? Is your goal frequent and quick sales? Once you’ve determined these things, try to learn one or two trading methods thoroughly and stick with them.

Ignoring the loss limit

Many novice traders, when faced with a negative trend, mistakenly think that it is a temporary process and continue with it continuously. But the best solution is to use a stop loss tool, exit that trade and take a break. The sooner you do this, the sooner your losses will stop. But remember that you should not create a long gap between your trades. In the sense that loss should not stop you.

Final speech

In conclusion, remember these basic points: take your trading seriously and don’t look for trading fun. If you lose a few trades, be sure to review your strategy. Do not always follow the news and always pay attention to the market trend. No trend is permanent, so always check your situation and avoid borrowing money. Never share your sensitive information with others and don’t expect miracles and wealth overnight. Always focus on research and study and diversify your capital to several coins. In the end, be patient and look at successes and failures as an opportunity to grow and learn.