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Dogecoin’s dog Kobaso passed away

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Dogecoin's dog Kobaso passed away

The famous icon of the world of digital currencies, Kubasu, Kubasu the Dogecoin dog, has passed away. This beloved dog died at the age of 17.

Dogecoin’s dog Kobaso passed away

Shiba Inu, who became an internet favorite and the face of Dogecoin, has passed away peacefully, according to Pooyan Music, Kobasu. The crypto community pays tribute to his legacy.

Kobasu, the Shiba Inu, who captured the hearts of millions as the face of the legendary “Doge” meme and Dogecoin meme, passed away peacefully on May 24th. Kobasu was 17 years old.

Kubasu owner Atsuko Sato announced the news in a post on his official blog, expressing his deep appreciation for the love and support he has shown Kubasu over the years. Sato explained that there will be a farewell party at Flower Kaori in Kotsu no Mori, Narita City, for Kabu-chan on May 26th.

The crypto community and Cubaso fans have expressed their condolences. Tributes and some favorite memories of the dog who became an internet legend have been shared.

Kubasu’s legacy as the face of crypto culture and Dogecoin

Kubasu's legacy as the face of crypto culture and Dogecoin

Kubasu will continue to symbolize community spirit and inspire future generations of meme culture.

Kobasu first gained attention in 2010 when Sato posted photos of his dog on his blog. A particular image of Kubasu, showing a suspicious and curious face, quickly went viral and gave birth to the “Dodge” meme.

This single image, along with phrases in broken English font and Comic Sans, became a cornerstone of Internet culture.

In 2013, after Dogecoin was created using Kobasu’s image as the official logo, the fundamental meme gained popularity.

Despite initially being thought of as a joke, Dogecoin has become a popular digital currency responsible for several charitable initiatives, including clean water projects and funding for Jamaica’s Bob the Gun team.

In December 2022, Sato informed the community that Kubasu was in a “dangerous state” from a health perspective, which prompted widespread support from the crypto community.

This includes Dogecoin co-creator Billy Marcus, aka Shibetoshi Nakamoto, asking his followers to send in support, which led to one user X offering to pay him “whatever it takes to make sure that the best treatment to cover “receives”.

Kubasu’s influence on political activities

Kubasu’s influence has even influenced political campaigns, which are central to the meme movement. For example, US President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign announced the hiring of a “meme master”.

According to the official job description, the main task of the role is to manage relationships with digital media companies, podcasts and several meme pages that are distributed on social media platforms.