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FGHT, SHIB, MEMAG, AGIX, and CCHG are the top cryptocurrencies to buy today, February 6.

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فوریه 6, 2023
As institutional investors place significant bets on the technology, AI Tokens drive cryptocurrency market gains.
فوریه 6, 2023

The cryptocurrency market had a rough start to the week; earlier in today’s trading session, Bitcoin fell to its lowest level in seven days. After the publication of strong U.S. non-farm payroll data, the upward momentum in the market has somewhat slowed, raising questions about the Fed’s stance on inflation. What are some of the greatest cryptocurrencies available today, keeping this in mind?

Bitcoin has been steadily losing value over the last five days, and on February 6 it hit its lowest level since January 30 at $22,631.72. After being rejected from the $1,675 barrier level yesterday, Ethereum likewise saw a decline of 2.24%. ETH is trading close to its psychological support level of $1,600 around $1,647.85 at this time.

The future for the cryptocurrency market remains promising despite the recent decline, with both Bitcoin and Ethereum trading above key support levels and the RSI offering evidence of possible development.

Investors could take advantage of this market dip to review their portfolios and look for fresh investment possibilities. This might entail looking into high-growth-potential tokens, particularly those that are still in the pre-sale stage and offer good deals.
Investors have to think about cryptocurrencies like MEMAG, AGIX, FGHT, SHIB, and CCHG, which are among the best ones to purchase right now and have promising fundamental and/or technical outlooks.


Mobile Games Developed by Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) Focus on Community

The Meta Masters Guild (MMG) is getting ready to launch its Web3 Gaming guild, which will usher mobile gamers into a hitherto unexplored area of action. This gaming network will create an economy centered on a metaverse collective utilizing the MEMAG coin and serve as a doorway to community and incentives for users of various mobile games.
In addition to creating games with players rather than merely profit in mind, MMG wants to foster a gaming environment that makes use of the most advanced Web3 technologies. NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and cryptocurrency prizes are incentives that MMG offers players to promote cooperation among decentralized network users.

For their abilities and contributions to the game’s ecology, players will get a sizable quantity of MEMAG cryptocurrency as payment. Additionally, they will have the power to change several game-related factors.

Gamers will be able to get real value from their Gem awards and NFT-based products thanks to the transparent economic system. In order to introduce the Meta Masters Guild ecology, MMG is creating the thrilling racing game “Meta Kart Racers” for all mobile platforms. Soon, a number of additional entertaining Web3 games made by developer partners will also be accessible.

A stunning $3.18 million was invested during the MEMAG token pre-sale, pushing the platform to success upon debut and making MEMAG one of the top cryptocurrencies to purchase right now.


SingularityNet (AGIX) (AGIX)

Institutional investors have been more interested in artificial intelligence (AI), which has increased the value of AI tokens. Institutional investors have a strong preference for AI technology, according to a new JP Morgan poll, with 53% of the 835 participants investing in the sector. When compared to the 25% recorded in earlier polls, this is a considerable increase.

AI tokens, like SingularityNET’s AGIX, have not only been doing extraordinarily well, but they are also quickly rising to the top of the cryptocurrency market as we approach 2023. For instance, AGIX has increased in value by more than 850% and shows no signs of slowing down.

The cryptocurrency had a significant increase in volume and value yesterday, closing at 634.855M, 42% above its moving average of 278.621M. AGIX again reached its record high during today’s trading session at $0.48.

The price of AGIX is presently $0.43 and has dropped in value by 2.5% over the last day. Today at $0.41, AGIX again retested Fib 0.786. This level can serve as the cryptocurrency’s immediate support level. The psychological level of $0.50 is the next objective, followed by the extended Fib 1.272 level at $0.56.


Fighting for a True Fitness Community, Fight Out (FGHT)

With its cutting-edge workout software and new gym facilities, Fight Out aims to improve the way we remain in shape. Fight Out provides consumers with customised training regimens that will help them achieve their goals more quickly by utilizing Web3 technology. Additionally, they may join a friendly group of others who share their interests in order to encourage one another and have fun while receiving prizes for continuing to be active.
The M2E app is the ideal ally for fitness and health enthusiasts who are committed to achieving their goals. The program will award users with REPS tokens whenever they have achieved their goals in order to encourage them to maintain healthy behaviors with financial incentives.

With its cutting-edge, community-driven platform, Fight Out is transforming the gym experience. It will distinguish itself from other gyms with its interactive elements, such as user profile displays on “mirrors,” sensors that deliver individualized training instructions, and a direct link to the app.

As brand ambassadors, Fight Out has selected mixed martial artist Amanda Ribas from the UFC and former WBO middleweight champion Savannah Marshall, among others. Users will get exclusive access to unique content on Fight Out’s platform through these well-known professionals in the field, as well as master workshops led by them.

Join the Fight Out presale now for a chance to receive a bonus of up to 50% when you spend more than $50,000. The current pre-sale has successfully garnered an astonishing $4 million, and the next round will see greater prices.

Shiba Inu (SHIB)


Last Saturday, Shiba Inu’s SHIB price made a big 15.57% rise to break out of its 16-day sideways trading range between $0.00001085 and $0.00001294. However, when yesterday’s candle closed with a loss of 2.72%, the price instantly reversed.

The probable price levels at which the price may react are revealed by plotting a Fibonacci retracement level on the most recent swing. As can be seen, the price was earlier rejected by the Fib 0.236 level at $0.00001460, suggesting that this level would serve as SHIB’s temporary resistance. The nearest level of support is at Fib 0.382, or $0.00001388.

The next possible goal for this cryptocurrency is the horizontal resistance range of $0.00001689 to $0.00001770 if the price is able to successfully recapture these levels and surpass the current swing high of $0.00001575.

The Real Utility of CCHG from C+Charge Makes it One of the Best Cryptos to Buy Right Now
Prepare for a change in the EV charging industry as a result of C+Charge’s cutting-edge peer-to-peer payment technology and incentives scheme. C+Charge will soon enable EV owners to easily discover safe charging stations while being compensated with carbon credit cryptocurrency thanks to the use of blockchain technology and the formation of amazing partnerships.

Take advantage of the first stage of the presale to get CCHG tokens for just $0.013 USDT before the price rises to a final price of $0.02350 over the course of three stages. CCHG is one of the greatest cryptos to buy right now since this creative project has already raised over $705K and is close to raising enough money for a high-quality app launch.