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Funding rates for Bitcoin reach 14-month high – How might this affect the market leader?

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January 15, 2023
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January 16, 2023

The bitcoin industry is off to a fantastic, strong start in 2023. Several assets have seen big gains over the past few days and are beginning to emerge from the crypto cold.

The world’s largest digital asset and market leader, Bitcoin, has been one of the best-performing coins this year. BTC increased in value by more than 17% during the past week, making it the first time since the FTX crisis began that the coin has surpassed the $20,000 price threshold.

The cryptocurrency community has been quite excited by Bitcoin’s spectacular price rally, which has also led to a notable improvement in the market’s overall sentiment. However, it indicates that investors may need to be on guard in the upcoming days.

Highest funding rates for Bitcoin in over a year

In a post on the cryptocurrency analytics platform Crypto Quant, Maartun, a leading analyst, claims that Bitcoin funding rates have reached their best levels in 14 months. The contributor to Crypto Quant went on to say that when high funding rates like these appeared, Bitcoin’s price would often drop.

Depending on the difference between spot pricing and perpetual contract markets, funding rates are regular payments given to traders who are either long or short positions.
Essentially, these payments are a way to keep the price of perpetual contracts near the spot price of an asset, in this example, the price of Bitcoin.
Accordingly, when financing rates on cryptocurrency exchanges are quite high, it indicates that traders are paying to go very long on bitcoin and wagering on the BTC/USD market to see greater values.
Such trading positions can be highly dangerous because even a small price decline could trigger large volumes of liquidation or force these traders to close their positions.

Therefore, all Bitcoin investors should pay close attention to these funding rates in the days to come. According to data from CoinMarketCap, Bitcoin has increased by 1.83% over the past 24 hours and is now holding its footing.
At the time of writing, the most valued cryptocurrency had a market value of $399.23 billion and was selling for $20,722.66.

What can we achieve with Bitcoin in 2023?

The well-known price forecasting website BitNation predicts that Bitcoin will eventually reach a peak price of $37,307.77. Investors in BTC should anticipate an average price of $31,084.84, according to their price projection.
However, the Tradingbeasts staff expects a rather negative Bitcoin market in 2023. They predict that BTC will end the year with a maximum price of $18,339 and an average price of $14,671 and record just minor losses over the course of the year.
As of 2023, Bitcoin has performed well, increasing by more than 25% from the year’s start. Without question, the top cryptocurrency is a valuable asset to watch out for in 2023.