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How does an ordinary person become a trader?

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How does an ordinary person become a trader?

You may think that trading is very simple. You also saw that a person is busy on a trip to the beach or in a pristine forest spot. You might think to yourself that he is the happiest person in the world. On the other hand, his income per hour is equivalent to one week of your work. He does not need anyone to travel. On the other hand, no one assigns tasks to him. Everything is great and how happy I am 😅 😅 But that’s not all.

You are only seeing part of this person’s success if you have decided to quit your business and become a trader after watching these videos and stories. We must tell you to wait until the end of this article, then make your decision. Because the financial market has a very beautiful face and a very harsh and strict moral… Before anything else, it is better to remind you. You will always need a benchmark price for your buying and selling.

To trade, you must convert your Tomans into Tether or other currencies. Regarding this topic, what do you think is the best thing to do and how can you use a criterion for this topic? We have put the live price table of digital currencies for you. In this board, the price of everything you need will be on average. Well, it is better to go to the main point of our office.


What are the stages of becoming a trader?


In this section, we are going to repeat for you the step-by-step process of becoming a trader. It is possible that the time it takes you to reach each stage is different. But keep in mind that if you have 5 years of active presence in the financial market and do not go bankrupt, they will call you a professional trader. Otherwise, not only will you not be a trader, but you will be learning and understanding the movements of the market.


  1. Let’s go to the financial market to become rich


This is how we all got acquainted with the financial market. We have heard or seen that a certain person is riding a multi-billion car in Forex, Iran Stock Exchange, digital currency or any other market. On the other hand, it can be said that we entered with the view that I saw the financial market as an elevator to success and we started using it. In this case, it can be said that the financial market is a very important and strong market that will make you rich quickly.

But this is definitely not the whole story, Zain, so whenever you see someone who has a lot of wealth, first ask yourself what the person’s past is and how he was able to accumulate this wealth. In the financial market, we have those who have retired within 7 to 5 years and have accumulated significant capital. But these people are looking for peace and don’t waste time with virtual space and other things.


  1. Let’s learn technical skills


Usually when a person is looking to learn a trade, the first thing that comes to his mind. Learning an easy way to make him money as soon as possible is how to do technical analysis. Usually everyone starts with indicators and then expands their work. That’s why you should do your best if you are going to do technical analysis. Check your strategy clearly before that.

Finally, pay attention to the fact that the financial market is an extremely attractive and professional market, which you cannot make money from without a strategy even with the best technical analysis method.


  1. Open a rail account and get rich


Well, in the best case, you open a demo account of $10,000 and then start trading. You trade very boldly without fear of losing anything and manage to increase your $10,000 account to $15,000. This is when you say, enough is enough and I have to sweep the dollars off the floor of the forex market and establish my own hedge fund. You open your Rail account and start trading.


  1. Boooooooom 🤐 Cal Margin


You lose your entire account balance for the first time due to lack of risk management and capital management. At the first stage you will be shocked that Call Bazaar Forex is a scam. In the second stage, he tells himself that there is no problem, the trader has to make a loss after all, and it is not always a profit. You again prepare a capital of 100 to 1000 dollars and start trading. Your capital may be smaller, but your position size will not change.

At this time, your margin call speed will be faster and you will be frustrated. In your opinion, the forex market is a big lie. Forex in Iran is a fraud and… Here there are two possible choices for you. The first choice is that you quit trading forever and start building your life from scratch.


  1. Starting again with very little study and risk


It is usually at this stage that a successful trader is born. In this case, if you are an intelligent person, you will look for your mistakes and make a very strong strategy from your mistakes. A strategy that is exactly opposite to your previous work and plans. At this stage, usually your knowledge has also increased a little. This means that you can distinguish fake methods and genuine methods. Because you have experience working in the market.

At this time, it is usually like a small ball of snow is driven down from the top of the peak and this peak gets bigger and bigger. You also use all your efforts to increase your growth more and more. Pay attention to this issue

May the market be very kind to you. Of course, on the condition that you also pay attention to its dangers and tips. This is the time when you will recover all your losses within 5 to 10 years, and on the other hand, you will definitely make more than that.

final word


In this article, we talked to you fully and comprehensively about the stages of trading in the financial markets. If you have any question or challenge about any part, you can simply share it with us. We will answer it as soon as possible in the comments section. The whole purpose of our research team is to clear your mind of Instagram poisons or YouTube ads and introduce you to the real world of trading.