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How is the future of Fantom? | Is FTM Worth Buying?

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The Fantom project is led by Michael Kong and the Full Stack blockchain development team. Fantom not only has the function of smart contracts, but also provides a secure trading system without the involvement of intermediaries. The FTM cryptocurrency was created in 2018 and went live with the launch of OPERA, the Fantom mainnet, in December 2019. Ever since this currency started working, we have seen its price fluctuate many times.

What is the future of Fantom? Back to the upward trend?!

Is Fantom worth the investment?

The value of this cryptocurrency is expected to continue to grow again. The structure of Fantom is such that its supply is limited and the lack of supply causes the price to increase. By studying the future of FTM digital currency, you will realize that this currency is a valuable and stable source of income and can be counted on for long-term investment. The applications and features of this network have made FTM one of the biggest competitors of Ethereum. To buy and sell Fantom currency, you can visit Valex exchange and buy this currency in the three bases of the market: Rial, Tether and Bitcoin.

The future of Fantom currency

To predict the future of Fantom digital currency, cryptocurrency analysts have analyzed important factors such as roadmap, project goals, ongoing development, trading volume, listing on reputable exchanges, and price behavior. Finally, about the future of Fantom, they have predicted an increase in price and placement in an upward channel. They believe that Fantom is a fresh, active and promising altcoin. If the cryptocurrency market takes an upward trend, it may record historical highs of $5.8 and even $10.

Fantom price prediction by reliable Sources

Fantom price prediction by reliable sites

Recently, reputable cryptocurrency analysis websites have looked into the future of Fantom and published interesting opinions considering the possible factors affecting the price of this currency. Fantom digital currency future predictions based on various sources are:

Wallet Investor: In the long term, we expect a completely upward trend from this currency. The FTM price will reach $13,345 in 2026. With a 5-year investment, you can have a 467% interest release.

Trading Beasts: According to technical analysis, the price of Fantom will reach more than $3.35 by the end of 2022.

Price Prediction: Based on the results obtained, by the end of 2023, the value of each unit of this currency may reach $4.12 and by the end of 2030, it may reach $81.

GOV Capital: FTM currency price will reach $4.21 by the end of 2023 and $14.51 by the end of 2027.

News.Bitcoin: By 2026, the value of each FTM unit may reach $10.71 on average. According to the prediction of this site, in 2030, we can expect the price of Fantom to reach 53 dollars.

Return to the upward trend or further decline?

Investors who have chosen to use the Fantom blockchain as a quick and cheap alternative to Ethereum are disillusioned with the future of Fantom after seeing recent price declines. With the intensification of negative news in the cryptocurrency market, FTM digital currency has not been spared and its price has decreased a lot. Keep in mind that the nature of the digital currency market is highly volatile, and predicting the future of Fantom and other currencies is not an easy task at all. However, based on experts’ predictions, we can expect good growth from this cryptocurrency in the long term. Before entering the market and buying digital currency, we recommend that you do a good research about the desired currency and consider the market trend, news, as well as technical and fundamental analysis.