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How to make an avatar in Metaverse

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Ready Player Me helps you create an avatar for the world of Metaverse

The ability to traverse the virtual world from the comfort of your home seems like an idea in the far future. But there’s more going on in the metaverse than you might imagine. However, before you start exploring, you need a virtual avatar to represent you in digital spaces. Virtual reality headsets may cost you hundreds of dollars, but a virtual avatar is accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. In this post, we discuss a method to access it.


What is the metaverse?


Before you create your avatar and enter the metaverse, you should have a good understanding of what you are getting into. Meta Corporation (Facebook) may have made the Metaverse a mainstream topic, but the idea is much bigger than a company.

Metaverse is a computer environment where people interact with each other. There are already many metaverses. To take full advantage of any of them, you’ll need a VR headset, which can be expensive. But you can still explore some of the Metaverse experiences without it. So this time in digital currency, we will teach you how to create an avatar for free without the need for VR.


How to make a virtual avatar


Ready Player Me is a website that offers free 3D avatars that can be used in multiple virtual worlds. Choose your body type, and then you’ll be prompted to upload a photo. You can take a photo right away or upload it from your device.

Tutorial on how to make an avatar, the first step

The second step

Then you will see the first example of your avatar. From here you can start customizing it in the following sections:


skin color

eye shape

shape between

lip shape


hair style

facial hair

eye color

eyebrow shape


Makeup / face tattoo

Mask / face covering

Hat / cap

Teaching how to make an avatar, the second step


The fun part about this is that your avatar can look exactly like you or a completely made character. For clothes, you can go with jeans and a classic t-shirt, dress like an office worker, or choose a dress.

There is an option to add different styles of glasses or sunglasses as well as the accessories of a hat, face covering, or mask. Choose your favorite hairstyle or choose fun eye colors like swirling red, black or green cat eyes or ones that look more robotic.


Teaching how to make an avatar, the third step


Note that there are some limitations. You can’t change your avatar’s body type, size, or height, nor can you make many real changes to the placement of your eyes, nose, or mouth. You also cannot mix and match clothes. The hairstyles for different ethnicities are also somewhat limited.


Teaching how to make an avatar is the final step

The third step

Once you’re done customizing, click Enter Hub in the top-right corner of the screen. Click Claim your avatar to create an account and make it available for use with Ready Player Me. (You can create multiple avatars if you wish.)

How to enter the Metaverse with your virtual avatar

Add applications

Now that your avatar is created, Ready Player Me lets you use it in the Metaverse. Click on Discover Apps on the left side of the screen and browse through the virtual world offers and compatible games. That way, you don’t have to create a new avatar for every site you want to use.


How to import your avatar to VRChat?


For example, if you want to sign in to VRChat using your avatar, click VRChat, then click Import to VRChat. This will take the avatar you created with Ready Player Me and upload it to the VRChat platform. Note that you may need to create an account with the virtual world you choose.


More options at Metaverse


Other ways to create an avatar and enter the metaverse

You may prefer to create your avatar directly with the virtual world you want to live in. Another service called Synthesia lets you create a digital version of yourself that looks less like a cartoon and more like a real person.

Creating virtual avatars for the digital world may be a new concept, but it’s already a lucrative business for many. There are services that will create a custom avatar for you, and they range in price from a few hundred dollars to $10,000.

As Metaverse continues to grow, its use will likely increase. Meta largely cultivates Metaverse as an outlet for virtual meeting spaces for advertising. But other companies are focusing on a more social approach or integration with the gaming industry.

If you’re still on the fence about creating an avatar and going to Metaverse, consider that you may already be participating. For example, Bitmoj

i is a form of virtual avatar. But if this topic is not relevant to you, at least it does not hurt to be familiar with it!