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Is forex prohibited in Iran?

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فوریه 18, 2023
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Is forex prohibited in Iran?

Hello, we came with a very interesting and practical article in the field of forex education.

If you click a little wheel on Instagram or different sites; You see everyone wants to make us rich as soon as possible. On the other hand, you should pay attention to the fact that these friends are not all thinking of selling their worthless packages. 😉 Rather, they seek to connect us to the global market. But this view must be true in one of the parallel worlds. But in our world, such a thing is not true.

Today, everyone claims to be a global market trader, but this is just a claim. One of the reasons for banning Forex in Iran is the same people. Note that usually great traders are not looking to make money from selling their knowledge. Rather, these people seek to use their knowledge to earn money. In this article, we will fully and comprehensively review the forex laws in Iran.

But you should pay attention to a few things, the first thing you should pay attention to is the issue of money conversion. Usually, all brokers also use Tether as a dollar. On the other hand, the cost of moving it is also lower than Perfect Money or Web Money. But you can use the “live price table of digital currencies” to get the price of Tether in different exchanges. All our efforts are for you to have the best buying and selling price.

Why is forex prohibited in Iran?


The ban on forex in Iran may have many reasons. For this reason, all our efforts are aimed at investigating the most important reasons. The reasons that the legislator may have considered. But keep in mind that there are many people who are busy making money in the market. That’s why we decided to explore the forex market. You may be the next person to transform your life with your earning dollars.

  1. To prevent currency from leaving the country


One of the reasons why forex is prohibited in Iran is the exit of currency from the country. When you convert your rials to dollars; This means that you are leaving the country. Because nearly 93% of traders fail in the forex market. The reason for this is various factors that are not in our field of work.

But you should pay attention to the fact that the forex market does not give anyone a dollar profit so easily. The digital currency market is the same and there is no difference, don’t think that the digital currency market has made easy profit for you. You may be able to significantly change your source of income. But you should also pay attention to the fact that making money from the financial market requires intellectual and skill infrastructure.


  1. Many people were abusing this market and making false advertisements


Of course, this problem still exists. In the past, when you went to the court, you realized that many people are suing for financial fraud. But when you check who are they complaining about. From the broker for making candles, or from person X for introducing a certain robot, or from person X for selling loss-making packages, etc. According to these cases, the use of the forex market in Iran was banned.

Today, if you want to go and complain about a certain broker because of poor service or problem in the spread. You will realize that you are the prime suspect. Because it is operating in an illegal market. In a way, the lawmaker closed a significant amount of cases by banning the forex market. Of course, you can follow this issue in other ways as well. Of course, this section is not the right place to talk about these matters.


  1. Margin call due to the heavy leverage of different brokers


When you intend to trade in other countries, usually your dollar investment is in such a way that you don’t need more than 5 to 10 leverage. But in Iran, due to the low value of the rial and on the other hand, our need for dollar income, without sufficient knowledge and experience, it causes us to use the leverage of 100 to 1000. This means that you can easily call margin.

On the other hand, when you have the illusion of trading, the possibility of your error and risk will increase significantly. Finally, note that you should not enter the Forex campaign without a strategy that has a successful forward test and back test. Because the possibility of your risk and error is still very high.

  1. Absence of main brokers due to sanctions


We have to deal with the fact that all brokers operating in Iran. There are level three and level four brokers. Level one and level two brokers cannot provide services to Iranians due to European and American sanctions. And if you open an account in them, they will simply block your account. On the other hand, your capital no longer exists and is in the pocket of the exchange. You must inform about your Iranian status at the time of account opening.

Of course, the research team may have some excellent and well-known brokers. But according to the laws of the Islamic Republic, you cannot announce it publicly. Because it is promoting a concept of crime. Just like advertising the casino for betting and…

  1. Trading mechanism in Iran is different from other parts of the world


When you intend to become a trader in Iran, you need the forex training package of Mr. X and Ya

You see Mr. Wai. Then you start to trade and finally you become call margin. Because you have not done capital management and risk management properly. We have written an article about these two parameters in detail in the analysis and investment section. But in other parts of the world, trading is very different. You have to pass various tests to become a trader.

On the other hand, you should spend some time trading with demo and simulated accounts. Then, when you have found a profitable technical and fundamental strategy, you should master market psychology. Now you can start your work with a small account under the supervision of a mentor.


final word


In this article, we briefly answered the question “why forex is prohibited in Iran”. If you have a specific opinion and experience about any section, we will be happy to share it with us. Also note that the best and most suitable thing for trading in the global market is to have a mentor with a history and experience. In this case, you can analyze your work section by section.