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Kocoin or Coinx exchange?

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مارس 23, 2023
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Kucoin and CoinEx exchanges are two of the most famous exchanges among Iranian users, and after the mandatory authentication in Binance, their usage among Iranians increased more than before. For this reason, it is necessary to compare the characteristics of each of them side by side. In this article, we have compared Kocoin and Coinx exchanges, which plays an important role in choosing an exchange. Follow this article to the end to make more informed trading decisions.

Rank Exchange in Coin Market Cap Number of Available Currencies Need Authentication for Iranian Users Location of Head Office Ticker and Maker Fees at the Initial Level of Margin Trade Transactions with Fiat Currencies

Kucoin (Kucoin) does not have 5,646. Seychelles (Africa) has 0.1

Coinex (Coinex) 70 497 does not have unknown (Hong Kong) 0.2 has has


  1. Comparison of Kocoin and Coinx exchanges in terms of brand


Brand may not matter to many people in the digital currency market and related fields, but it never does. For example, currently, Binance exchange has become a trusted brand, and for this reason, it is the first choice of many people in the world.

The same thing is true about the two Kocoin and Coinx exchanges, and we must have a fair look at the brand of both options. Kocoin exchange is generally better known and has a better position than its competitor both in terms of the number of users and the volume of transactions. Of course, these items will be explained further, but in general, Kokoin is a more well-known brand. At the time of writing this article, the Kocoin exchange is ranked 5th on the Coinmarketcap website and is far from its competitor, which is ranked 70th.


  1. Number of available currencies


One of the important factors for people who are looking to invest or trade is the number of currencies available in the exchange. If the currency exchange has their desired currency, it is natural to develop more attachment to that exchange.

Currently, the Kocoin exchange has 646 currencies and the Coinx exchange has 497 currencies, both of which are considered a good number. The good thing is that there are famous and well-known currencies in both exchanges, so there is a lot of flexibility for the user.

  1. Fee as an important factor for traders


The comparison of Kocoin and Coinx exchanges is very important in terms of the amount of fees. This feature is especially important for traders. The shorter the trading period of these people, the greater the need for an exchange that has a lower fee. Taker and Maker fees are equal to 0.1 at the initial level in Kocoin exchange. These two fees in the Coinx exchange are equal to 0.2%, so the Kocoin exchange has better conditions in this regard. Be careful that if the volume and number of your transactions are not high, you cannot make a decision based on this factor alone, but you still cannot ignore it.

. Being more suitable for Iranians


Finding a suitable exchange is very important for Iranians, so it is necessary to take a look at the two available options. For Iranians in both exchanges, it is possible to operate without authentication, but their daily withdrawals are limited. Of course, considering the current exchange rate, the amount of this limit is not considered a big problem in many situations.

You may need authentication in each of these exchanges for two reasons. The first reason is to remove the daily withdrawal limit and the second reason is to make it mandatory by the exchange. For example, the exchange may ask you to authenticate for any reason, so we reach a big dilemma.

In the Coinx exchange, it is possible to authenticate with Iranian documents, but this is not the case with the Kocoin exchange, and it is not possible to authenticate even with an Iranian passport. In this way, the Quinx exchange has an important advantage over its competitor.

There is a possibility of being blocked by exchanges, which is always recommended by experts to be sensitive to it. If the Kocoin exchange finds out your Iranian identity, the possibility of blocking your account is high, but this is not the case with the Coinx exchange, and you can continue your activity safely.



  1. Comparison of Kocoin and Coinx exchanges in terms of the transparency of the exchange office


In the comparison of Kocoin and Coinx exchanges, we come to another important issue. One of the important things is transparency in providing services, the first and most basic of which is the location of the office. The head office of Kocoin exchange is located in Seychelles, Africa. This is different for the Coinx exchange and its headquarters is still unknown. In this way, users should be aware of this issue during the activity. Of course, there are sources that confirm that Coinx is headquartered in Hong Kong.


. The possibility of closing user accounts


Kocoin exchange has already tried to close the account of Iranians, and users should be careful in this regard. However, Kocoin does not have a problem with your Iranian identity, and you can go about your activities safely. Quinx exchange also supports Persian language, which we will explain more about in the following.

  1. Comparison of Kocoin and Coinx exchanges in terms of language


Perhaps one of the factors that has made Quinx exchange among the most used exchanges is the Persian language support. In this way, the user can transact more safely because when a language is among the supported languages of the site, it shows that it respects the user. It also creates confidence that at least there is no problem with your Iranian identity. despite this, Kocoin exchange does not have a place for Farsi among the supported languages.


  1. Welcome and search among people


One of the important factors when comparing Kocoin and Coinx exchanges is the exchange’s position among people. As you can see in the picture below, Quinx exchange has a better position and most Iranians use this exchange. This factor cannot be used as a criterion, but on the other hand, it cannot be easily ignored. Despite this, it is better to make a decision to choose an exchange with a comprehensive review.


final word


The answer to the question whether Kocoin or Quinx is better is different for every person and every time. At present, each of these two exchanges is superior to the other in one respect, and before calculations play a decisive role, the user’s own taste and opinion is important. In the above description, the comparison of Kocoin and Coinx exchanges was done by checking their features, and the user is responsible for choosing the exchange.