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Nifty Newsletter, April 19–25: Romania is developing national NFT marketplace

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NFTs from the digital library of the defunct cryptocurrency hedge firm Three Arrows Capital will be auctioned off by Sotheby’s.

Read about Romania’s intentions to use NFTs to promote Web3 adoption throughout the nation in this week’s newsletter. See how some of the NFTs from the defunct cryptocurrency hedge firm Three Arrows Capital will be auctioned off by Sotheby’s. Discover how the development of the NFT ecosystem is being fueled by games and tokenization, as well as how a second batch of Trump NFTs sold out a day after going on sale.


Romania’s national NFT market allows for a connection to Web3.

throughout order to promote the adoption of Web3 throughout the nation, the National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics of Romania, also known as ICI Bucharest, has stated that it will introduce an institutional NFT platform.

The coordinator of the ICI Bucharest blockchain lab, Paul Niculescu-Mizil Gheorghe, claims that because NFTs naturally produce rare and distinctive assets, they have grown to be important assets for institutions. This, according to Gheorghe, may be used in a variety of situations.


Part of 3AC’s collection of digital art will be sold at auction by Sotheby’s.

A few NFT works gathered as a portion of the digital portfolio of the defunct hedge firm Three Arrows Capital (3AC) will be put up for auction, according to fine art broker Sotheby’s. Michael Bouhanna, an official at Sotheby’s, said that the business will launch the auction with seven NFTs that are “some of the highest quality and rarest works.”

A zombie CryptoPunk, an Autoglyph, and “The Golden Goose,” which the creators of 3AC purchased for almost $5.8 million in ether, are all up for sale.


Games and tokenization are advancing the NFT business, according to NFT.NYC.

The Cointelegraph ground crew recently met with businesses and developers at the 2023 NFT.NYC Conference to learn how NFT-powered gaming applications are going live and propelling the industry’s development.

According to Alex Connolly, co-founder of Immutable, there is more competition in Web3 gaming as new initiatives seek to solve issues like interoperability.


New Trump NFTs are all sold out on the first day.

On April 19, a second batch of NFTs with licenses to use Donald Trump’s name and likeness were sold out. The collection, which brought in almost $4.6 million, included 47,000 Trump NFTs, each worth $99 in total.

Despite the fact that Trump’s likeness dominates the NFTs, neither Trump nor The Trump Organization own or are in charge of the collection. Instead, it makes use of the former US president’s name and likeness thanks to a purchased license.

Astar Network, a parachain of the Polkadot blockchain, will host the debut of the cross-chain augmented reality (AR) game Mandala Metaverse. The avatar drop, dubbed “Cryptonauts,” includes characters that may be played in the game. In the meanwhile, Yuga Labs won a significant legal victory over the designer of the Bored Ape Yacht Club rip-off collection RR/BAYC.