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Ordinals protocol: The entry of NFTs into the Bitcoin network

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آگوست 30, 2023
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Worldcoin stops paying Orb operators in USDC
سپتامبر 2, 2023

The Ordinals protocol is an innovative technology that enables the transmission and exchange of anonymous reflections by Bitcoin. This protocol introduces a different counterpart of digital currencies to the Bitcoin network, known as NFTs.

NFTs or (small non-fungibles) are sentimental properties over digital works. These currencies are issued by the Ordinals protocol and operate on the Bitcoin network. This method also allows users to confirm the ownership and transfer of these types of currencies and make very secure transactions. In addition, the Ordinals protocol allows the Bitcoin network to act as an infrastructure for NFTs, enabling developers to generate and use the Bitcoin blockchain for smart property and non-fungible exchange applications, such as retail. It makes electronics and digital products.

The main task of the Ordinals protocol is to create a local and functional layer that allows the Bitcoin network to exchange these unique digital currencies in the open and transparent structure of the Bitcoin blockchain. This method is provided by Kia’s divisible authentication as one of the main use cases of blockchain technology and leads to increased user trust and greater transparency in the digital currency industry.

Using the Ordinals protocol, NFTs can be easily and securely traded on the Bitcoin network as a token of irreplaceable digital property including games, paintings, music, and other works of art, among others. Additionally, the use of Bitcoin as the currency base for NFTs enables greater global market access and the establishment of common access standards to determine the price and value of any digital currency.

In summary, the introduction of NFTs into the Bitcoin network through the Ordinals protocol allows for the interaction of small non-fungible digital currencies on the secure and transparent platform of the Bitcoin blockchain, which opens up new opportunities and innovative ways of exchange. This emotional estate helps around the world.