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Step-by-step training for deposits and withdrawals in Quinx

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Step-by-step training for deposits and withdrawals in Quinx

In this complete video tutorial, we review depositing and withdrawing in the Coinx exchange

Quinx is one of the largest digital currency exchanges in the world and one of the most popular among us Iranian users. If you have registered in it, how to deposit and withdraw from it is the next step for your activity. We also know this process as WithDraw and Deposit. Today, at your frequent request, dear digital currency audience, we want to teach this topic. By following this post, you will learn all the important points about depositing and withdrawing in Coinx.


Deposit and withdrawal in Quinx Learning how to deposit money to Coinx


After creating a user account and authentication in Quinx, you can start trading. But you should know that you will not be able to do anything without the initial deposit; Therefore, the first step is to learn how to deposit currency to Coinx, which we will learn together later.


The first stage Login to Quinx


You must log in to the Quinx website or, if possible, use its mobile application. Remember that you must have completed your registration and two-step verification before starting.


The second stage Enter the deposit section


At this stage and having an authenticated account in Quinx, go to the Assets menu from the top menu of the site as shown in the image below and then select the Deposite option.


The third stage Currency deposit page


At this stage, you must know all the things so that you can make the deposit by entering the requested information correctly.


Select the desired currency in the “Select Coin/Token” field.


In the “Generate Deposit Address” section, you will see two transfer network options as well as a QR code or the address of your wallet in the Coinx exchange.

After selecting the desired network for transfer, copy the address of the Deposit to section. Then paste it in the relevant section of the source wallet for transfer.


You have two options for depositing currency from your wallet to the Coinx exchange:


First, you can copy the code in the Deposit to section and enter it in the source wallet.


Secondly, you can open the QR code in this section and scan it through the source wallet.


By clicking on “Use New Address” a new address will be created for you. You can find your older addresses by clicking on the “Historical Addresses” option.


The fourth stage Transaction details


The word “VISA” can be seen in the upper right part. If you are looking to directly deposit money to Coinx with an international credit card and buy currency, you should proceed from this section. Also, the following items are stated in the “Total Assets” section:


Received currency

The currency is frozen or so-called blocked

In the “Attention” section, the following three items are given that will help you in formulating a currency deposit strategy:


Minimum deposit to Coinx

Number of confirmations required for the transaction

Number of confirmations for withdrawal


If you come across a “Deposit Note” message to inform you of the first deposit, be sure to read it first and then continue the process. You must also meet the minimum deposit to Coinx.

How to deposit money to Coinx has been completed. You only need to wait a few minutes for the withdrawal of the currency from the source wallet and to enter your Coinx wallet.


Deposit and withdrawal in Quinx How to withdraw from Quinx


In Iran, despite the credit card limit, you cannot cash your currencies directly. Because Iranians cannot transfer funds to international credit cards, they cannot directly convert their digital currencies into fiat currency. Therefore, another way to withdraw currency from Queens should be tried, which we will learn later.

In fact, the currency you want must be one of the currencies that can be deposited in an Iranian exchange. Then transfer the currency to your Iranian exchange wallet and withdraw and cash out. If you are looking for a tutorial on how to withdraw from Quinx and transfer currency to another wallet, stay with us


Learning how to withdraw from Quinx


Log in to your Quinx account. Here you have to click on “Assets” again, but this time you have to select “Withdraw” option.


Enter withdrawal information


As in the image, by clicking on the “Select Coin/Token and transfer method” section, you can select the desired currency or token for transfer.


It is necessary to select your preferred transfer port in the “Transfer Method” section. If the destination wallet has an account in Quinx, by entering its mobile number or email, the transfer of wallet to wallet is done. The limitations of us Iranians have caused us to generally not have verified mobile wallets for such transfers; Therefore, the best way is to put this part on Normal Transfer and transfer through the destination wallet address, which we will continue.

Select the desired transmission network from the “Select Public Chain” field.

In the “Withdraw” section, type the address of the destination wallet.

In the “Receive Amount” section, you must select the desired amount of currency for withdrawal.

The difference between Deposit and Withdraw is in this section, under the “Receive Amount” section, you will see two additional options. These two options include withdrawal fees, which are the fees for withdrawing currency in Quinx. The next option is Deduction, which displays the sum of the selected currency and the fee. But in the deposit operation, you will not see any of this information in Quinx. If you are looking for this information, you should refer to the platform from which you intend to withdraw.

On the right side of the image, you can see a graph and numbers that show the amount allowed to transfer currency from Coinx to several other platforms and wallets.

slow Finally, you register the withdrawal by clicking on the “Withdraw” option.


Confirm withdrawal from Quinx


After clicking on “Withdraw”, you will see a screen as shown below to enter the code. If you have verified your account with Google Authenticator for the first time, here you must get the code by checking the above application and enter it in this section.


Those who have done two-step verification with their mobile number will receive this code via SMS.


Now you will see page number two in the image above, which shows sending an email for the final confirmation of the withdrawal. If you check your email and you did not receive an email with the subject of “Withdrawal Confirmation” from the Quinx site, select the “Resend Email” option to register a request to resend the confirmation email.

Here, you will receive an email as shown in the image below. To confirm the above withdrawal operation, you must click on the “Reconfirm” button to check the information again.

Due to security issues, the confirmation link emailed to you is only valid for 30 minutes. If you do not verify within this time, notify support.

Finally, after clicking, you will see the following image, after reading and confirming the withdrawal details, click on “Approve” to finally see message number two, which indicates the completion of the process.




By reading this text, you learned how to withdraw and deposit in Quinx. Note that it is better to authenticate your Quinx account in order to use all the facilities in an advanced manner and to increase the withdrawal limit from Quinx. Iranians have problems and limitations due to lack of international validity of documents. But by knowing tips like the ones we’ve reviewed, you can take a few extra steps.

If you have any questions or doubts, share them with our experts in the comments section.