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Swing strategy

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Looking for more profit in your trading?

Have you ever heard the term swing strategy?

Have you used swing strategy for your analysis?

If you are looking to increase your profit in analysis and trading, in this article you will get useful information about swing strategy.


swing strategy


Traders and investors have their own terms. The two most commonly used terms are “upward swing” and “downward swing.” Do you know what these terms refer to? They can be used to identify trends and even warn of future trends.

The classic definition of a bearish swing, in a candlestick chart or a bar chart, is a bar that has a lower height than the bars on both sides of it. And the upward swing is a bar that has a higher height or a higher price than the bars on either side of it.

The basic strategy of online trading revolves around buying at strong levels of demand and selling at strong levels of supply. We identify these areas by looking for price action from the trend initiation level.

Many traders use volatility as a score to set a stop. When you are in a long position, you want to push the price higher so that you can lock in your profits while you have them. One way to do this is to place your stop just below the last swing low. Prices go up in this trend and naturally go back down again before going higher. After prices break out of a corrective trend, you can move your stop to the most recent rate when prices move in an uptrend. You can repeat this trend until you either break out or reach your target. do. If the swing low is broken, the definition of bullish (the highest high with the highest low) has been broken and you should not be in a buy position anyway.

The same technique can be used to protect against profit surrender in a short position. You can place your stop above the recent swing high. In the same way, you can only place your stop closer to the swing low when the price makes a lower level in a downtrend. If the swing is up, the trend is up and your trend is now over.


Swing strategy and Gann analysis


In Gann analysis, it is important to identify swing peaks and valleys because fans are supposed to be at those swing points. The volatility calculation is slightly different. A swing low is where the price has bottomed and is preceded by two lower levels. To confirm a low as a swing, it must be immediately followed by two lows.

Identifying an upswing or peak is similar. The peak point is the place where there are two low levels before it and two low levels are immediately after it. This can apply to any time frame and any type of security, but all five candles involved must be adjacent.

Gann fans will do much better if these pivot points are extended. As always, you should remember that these tools are only to support your decisions. You should only trade in areas of strong supply and demand as outlined in the basic online trading strategy.


Trend is Your Friend strategy


There is a very famous phrase in the world of financial trading: “The trend is your friend”. which is the most popular method for professional traders all over the world, because it is considered the only and most useful way to earn profit from trading. That’s why trending strategies are always our top priority when recommending to our clients, and to continue this series, we’d like to introduce you to this very simple but effective technical strategy today.

You’ve probably heard this before and it seems obvious, but the real meaning of this term is don’t try, just pick the peak or the valley. It is intelligent in human nature to reach the deepest point or the highest point. And no trader can achieve it completely.

If you like simplicity, we guarantee that you will immediately fall in love with this strategy because it couldn’t be simpler. Trend Your Friend is a “bare” trading system that identifies trading opportunities through breakouts and strong strength identified in trend or uptrend conditions. Have you ever followed a trend, have you ever asked how prices will behave in the near future? The answer is: Prices are likely to move in the direction of the current trend. When the last swing of the trend is broken by a large margin.

Trend Your Friend is based entirely on price action and trading trend theory, therefore, it does not require a support indicator at all. This is very effective in eliminating false signals because the trading chart is simply placed in front of the traders’ eyes.

After testing for the last 12 months, we confirmed that this strategy is good at 86.44%. This strategy is a general purpose as it can be used in any trading time frame and any financial asset.

How to use Trend Your Friend for binary trading


What is an uptrend?


An uptrend can be defined as a chart with multiple highs and lows. At each higher low, traders decide that the price retracement is the right time to buy more shares. The buying pressure of more and more investors deciding to buy stocks increases the demand and therefore increases the stock price. It can be


  1. The stock chart shows that the stock is still moving in an upward trend.

Change in procedure


Given that the stock is in a downtrend, traders can go back and identify the most recent temporary price where sellers have pushed their price down. At this point, it is recommended that you consider buying and selling the stock if and only if it is above the recent high price. An increase in the current price above recent prices indicates that the price trend may have changed from low to high.


Once the candlestick chart is open, you can look for signals using Trend Your Friend.


A buy signal is defined when the following requirements are met:

  • Prices are trending upwards.
  • Break the last downtrend with a strong upward momentum.


What is a downward trend?

A downtrend is a series of low highs. At each of these points, sellers decide it is time to exit the stock. When these sellers are likely to immediately accept a lower price to exit their stock, the pressure remains on the lower stock price and contributes to the downtrend. A lower level means that any new attempt to increase the stock price will go lower before the price reaches the previous peak price.


Downtrend in action


If an investor buys this stock during the time period shown on the chart, that investor can buy the stock in a downtrend. There are many ways to lose money in the market, but buying stocks in a downtrend is certainly the most likely. A smart trader will use the following process as his friend. He will wait for the trend to change as the price moves higher on the chart.

A sell signal is identified when the following conditions are met:

  • Prices have a downward trend.
  • The last uptrend is broken by a strong downtrend.