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The best site for monitoring the digital currency market

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The best site for monitoring the digital currency market

The best site for monitoring the digital currency market

The best site for monitoring the digital currency market


The coin360 website does a great service to traders by collecting data about cryptocurrencies and categorizing them. This site visually shows the important data of the digital currency market to users so that they can get the necessary information about the market at a glance. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner user or a professional trader, in both cases you can use the facilities of this website to get useful information about digital currencies and keep yourself updated in this field.


This website was first launched in 2017 by the Cointelegraph Group. If you are active in the field of digital currencies, you must have heard the name of Cointelegraph. This name belongs to an active crypto website. In Coin 360, there is information about 3336 tokens and digital currencies, as well as information about 225 exchanges, which can be very useful for users.


You can include settings on this website to only see information about a specific category of cryptocurrencies and exchanges. It can even have time periods of 1 hour, 1 day, 7 days, 1 month and… Select to display information. In this way, according to the period in which you are trading, you can view the information related to that period and start buying and selling with knowledge.


  1. Providing a heat map


Almost all cryptocurrencies covered by this website are in this heatmap. Considering that the size of the house assigned to each cryptocurrency depends on its market value, the size of a house may be so small that it cannot be seen, but it still exists. In the meantime, the size of the house related to Bitcoin is the largest and is easily visible.


It is possible for users to sort digital currencies according to their market value. They can even change the size of the houses with the help of the filters on the site and follow the price of the digital currencies they want with the widgets built for this purpose.

  1. Providing cryptocurrency watch lists


As mentioned, users can follow the information about the digital currencies they want. Meanwhile, it is possible to add these currencies to the watch list. This possibility is one of the things that leads to the satisfaction of users because the number of digital currencies is very large and each user is usually only interested in a few of them.

  1. Checking the liquidity of exchanges


Coin 360 can inform you about the amount of liquidity of each exchange. In this way, you can choose the exchange with the most liquidity to carry out your transactions so that you don’t face problems whenever you need to withdraw money. Of course, this is if you have an account in that exchange.

  1. Presenting the current and past view of the market in the form of a diagram


View global charts on coin360


Another best feature of the Coin360 website is the chart presentation. These charts are usually up to date and help you to dominate the market. You can set the time frame to display the chart and also know about the past of the market. Additionally, you can save the chart image as a JPEG or PNG file.

  1. Providing up-to-date news about digital currencies


Coin 360 informs its users about important events related to digital currencies on a daily and weekly basis. Because news usually has a great impact on prices and should not be ignored in buying and selling decisions.

Exchange section of Coin360


Users can follow a wide range of digital currency exchanges on Coin 360. The exchange section on this website allows users to more easily assess the current market situation. Users can not only track the market in real time, but also a wide range of cryptocurrency exchanges.


Exchange section on coin360 website


Coin360 users can see the daily market cap and volume fluctuations of more than two hundred exchanges, filter this information by time parameters (daily, weekly or monthly) and hide the exchanges they don’t want to follow. In addition, they can customize volume changes.


According to Coin360 CEO Evan Rupp, the exchanges section shows the volume of transactions, the number of instruments available on the exchange, the amount of commissions and fees, whether margin trading is possible, etc.

final word


The Coin360 website also has the following tools and features:


Watchlist for customizing user heatmaps

Automatic updates to track the market in real time

A tracker that allows users to check the price movement of the market currency, track the size of the market capitalization and get a summary of the trading volume of the cryptocurrency of their choice.

A toggle option that allows users to choose map visualization or bubbles

Filter tools to set sorting conditions and display currencies

A news token that contains encrypted media news


According to what has been said about the Coin360 site, we can safely say that this website is one of the best sites for monitoring the digital currency market and even analyzing it, which is available for free and is easy to use. to the same Every user can easily enjoy its benefits.