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the five altcoins with the worst performance

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BeInCrypto examines the five altcoins from the global cryptocurrency market that saw the smallest gains this week, namely from January 6 to January 12.

These digital assets have captured the attention of the cryptocurrency community and market:

  • The cost of toncoin (TON) rose by 0.41%.
  • The cost of Bitcoin SV (BSV) rose by 0.60%.
  • Price growth for XDC Network (XDC) was 7.53%.
  • The cost of GateToken (GT) rose by 7.63%.
  • Price increases for PancakeSwap (CAKE) totaled 8.30%.

None of the cryptocurrencies from the top 100 market cap rankings declined last week due to the positive conditions in the cryptocurrency market. The article will list the five alternative coins with the lowest growth rates as a consequence.


The worst-performing altcoin is TON.

Since the start of August, the TON price has risen together with a rising support line. The price achieved a high of $2.90 three days after breaking out from the resistance region on December 11 at an average price of $2. But since then, the cost has decreased.

The altcoin began the current surge on December 29 when it rebounded at the $2 support level, confirming it as support.

The rising support line at $1.80 might be reached by the TON price if it closes below the $2 support region. The closest barrier, though, would be at $2.70 if the rally persists.


Uncertain BSV Price Direction

On December 11, the BSV price broke through a declining resistance line, but was unable to rise over the $47.50 barrier level. The price thereafter dropped and twice, on December 28 and January 11, verified the resistance line (green icons). The latter resulted in the formation of a lengthy lower wick, which is an indication of purchasing pressure.

Whether the BSV price breaks out or is rejected from the $47.50 resistance region will probably define the trend’s direction. A breakthrough may cause the upward trend toward $63.50 to pick up speed. On the other side, a rejection can trigger a decline that drives the price of BSV below $30.


XDC Finishes the Correction

Since August 11, the XDC price has plummeted below a declining resistance line. It completed an A-B-C corrective structure at this time (black). The price has increased since Dec. 7, indicating that the correction is over.

However, the cryptocurrency made three unsuccessful efforts to escape the resistance line (red symbols). The most likely pattern for the future price is a breakout from the falling resistance line since lines weaken each time they are struck and the correction appears to be over.

The XDC price may rise all the way to $0.036 if that happens. If it fails, there may be a decline near the $0.024 support region.


GT Confronts Predictions of a Fall

On December 27, the GT price fell from the $3.45 horizontal support region, hitting a low of $2.91 three days later. It was anticipated that this breakdown may trigger a significant collapse given that the $3.45 area had been in place since June. The price, however, quickly recovered its footing and is currently in the process of regaining the territory.
The $3.45 region currently also lies on a declining resistance line, adding to its significance.
As a consequence, the GT price may rise toward the $3.90 – $4.14 resistance area if it successfully breaks out from the resistance line and the $3.45 region. If not, a decline approaching $3 would probably occur.


CAKE price may go up to $4

Within the $3.20 horizontal support level, the CAKE price formed a double bottom pattern on December 17 and December 29. The double bottom, in addition to being a bullish pattern, also included bullish divergence in the RSI (green line), adding to its credibility.
After that, the alternative currency started to climb upward, reaching a falling resistance line on January 13.
If the price of CAKE successfully breaks through, it may rise as high as $4. A decline and retest of the $3.20 region would be anticipated if it is refused.