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The list of the best blockchain games in 2024; Know the most reliable P2E!

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The list of the best blockchain games in 2024

The list of the best blockchain games in 2024

Blockchain games, commonly known as crypto games or games for earning (P2E), are games in which users spend time and receive items and items in the form of tokens and NTFs and buy and sell them for real money. and trade These games became popular after the noise made by the GameFi industry and Web 3.

Play2Earn’s best crypto and blockchain games

In the table below, you can see 10 of the best blockchain games. In cases where there is an option “Initial Capital Needed”, it means buying an NFT token or a specific token.

Axie Infinity

In AxieInfinity (AxieInfinity.com), players first buy and breed creatures called Axies, and then battle them with each other to be rewarded with digital currency. It is said that this game was inspired by Pokemon; Because in this game, players take care of their oxys like pets.

Since each oxy is a unique asset, one of the main ways to make money from this game is to buy and sell oxy as NFT. Currently, one of the oxys called Angel, which was sold for 300 Ether in 2020, has taken the title of the most expensive oxy.


Orivem is the first free and Play to Earn game created on the Arbitrum network. The token of this game is called ORIUM and it works on the second layer network of Arbitrum.

There is not much information about this game and it is currently under development. Predictions about Orivem indicate that it will make a lot of noise when it is launched.


Illuvium.io is currently one of the best crypto games. Iluvium is not just a game, but a dynamic and lively virtual world. In this world, you can interact with other players, join different associations and groups, and play a role in building the future of this game.

Using blockchain technology, Illuvium allows you to truly own digital assets. Iluvials and other game items are registered as NFT tokens and you can fully control and manage them.


Decentraland.org is one of the fastest growing virtual worlds built on the Ethereum blockchain. This game has been mentioned many times as the first version of Metaverse (virtual world). Mana token with MANA symbol is the main digital currency of this game. It is possible to buy Mana or Decentraland tokens in almost all famous and reputable exchanges.
The main source of income for gamers in Dicentraland is buying and selling virtual lands, whose symbol is LAND. Each piece of virtual land in Dicentraland is 16 meters by 16 meters in size and is created as a token token based on the ERC-721 standard. In total, there are 90,000 pieces of land in this game.


The list of the best blockchain games in 2024

When it comes to the best blockchain and crypto game, Sandbox.game is one of the first choices. This game, like Dicentraland, is based on building a virtual world for people’s participation and trading during the game. In this virtual world, there are 166,000 pieces of virtual land in the form of non-traditional tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. The owners of these lands can create games and virtual museums and other creative content on them.
The list of the best blockchain games in 2024; Know the most reliable P2E!
Additionally, players can buy and sell all of these using the Sandbox Token (SAND). Sandbox also provides users with another tool called “Sandbox Game Maker” that they can use to create their own game.

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a blockchain-based metaverse game where you, as a space explorer, step into an unknown and mysterious world. In this game, you can explore different planets, encounter friendly aliens and dangerous enemies and search for valuable resources like Trilium.

Telegram and TON (TON) blockchain games

One of the best opportunities to earn money from blockchain and crypto games is using games on the Telegram or TON network. There are currently 2 bots to earn money in Telegram:

Gamee Robot (@Gamee)
Playdeck bot (@Playdeckbot)

In these 2 robots, you can win different prizes every day by spinning the lucky wheel. For example, if your luck is good, you can win a 3-month Premium Telegram at Playdeck.

In the game robot, you can win up to 100 tons of coins every time you spin the lucky wheel. Of course, do not forget that the story is not so simple!
How much is the daily income of crypto games?

Depending on the game you choose and the game’s monetization model, your daily income will also vary. For example, on average, you can earn $5 to $10 per device that has OxyInfinity. Players can also earn between $200 and $1,000 per month from SLP Farm.

The tokens that the game gives you are also different. Some tokens cannot be traded and the only way you can earn money is by staking the token you earned from the game.
For example, a Filipino gamer named John Aaron Ramos (John Aaron Ramos) has claimed that only with the income he earned from the game Oxy Infinity, two

He bought a house. This kind of income from the game Oxy Infinity has led us to include it in our list of the best blockchain games.

In-game rewards

Blockchain games that use in-game rewards allow gamers to earn money from the activities they participate in while playing. This means that the more you play, the more digital currency you earn.

Lightnite game is an example of games with in-game rewards. In Lightnight, which is a multiplayer war game, players participate in death matches and receive bitcoins for killing opponents. After the end of the game, the gamer can transfer the amount of bitcoins he has won to one of the wallets based on the Lightning network.

Buy and sell NFT tokens

Buying and selling and trading non-monogamous tokens is another way to make money from blockchain games. This method is familiar to many gamers; Because in the old games, they had to buy items like weapons and power to use their avatar in the game.

The mentioned items also exist in blockchain games, with the difference that in these games you can earn money by acquiring and selling them. After all, it is possible to trade these items outside the game space.

Games like Oxy Infinity and Decentraland, among the best blockchain games, use the Ethereum blockchain to facilitate the buying and selling of their non-gaming tokens. Entities called Oxy and land called Land are OxyInfinity and Dicentraland tokens respectively, which can be traded on secondary markets and token trading platforms.