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This year’s BitTorrent analysis

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This year's BitTorrent analysis

This year's BitTorrent analysis

BitTorrent is a file sharing protocol used to distribute files and information across the Internet. In general, BitTorrent allows you to download files at high speed and simultaneously from different sources.

In BitTorrent, files are shared by “Seeders” and “Leechers”. Seeders have the complete file and send it to the leachers. The leakers, however, do not have the complete file yet and are receiving different parts of the file from the seeders. In this way, the people who received the file can act as seeders and participate in the file sharing process.

BitTorrent is a file sharing protocol used to distribute content and files over global networks. In the following, I will analyze the BitTorrent function:

  1. Bittorrent works through a torrent file. This file contains information about the desired file, such as file name, size, list of pieces and list of trackers.
  2. Each torrent file contains a list of parts where the original file is divided into smaller parts. These fixed-sized pieces are numbered under a nomenclature from 0 to n-1.
  3. When a user wants to download a file, he downloads the corresponding torrent file and searches for other resources that have the file fragments using the trackers address.
  4. When the user finds a suitable source for each piece, he starts downloading that piece. At the same time, the user sends his download progress to other users so that they can also receive parts from him.
  5. As the number of users on the network increases, the download speed increases because the number of resources available to receive parts increases.
  6. Blocks downloaded by users are also available as resources for other users. This process is known as “seeding”.
This year's BitTorrent analysis

This year’s BitTorrent analysis

Using BitTorrent is useful for the following reasons:

– High power of file distribution: Immediately after a file is published, the people who received it are available as resources for other network users. This issue causes high speed and improved distribution of files.

– Ability to continue downloading: if the user’s connection to the network is interrupted or the system is turned off, later the user can continue downloading from where he left off, without re-downloading the previous sections that were already downloaded.

– Fault Tolerance: If one source of fragments crashes or goes out, BitTorrent is able to find another replacement to continue receiving fragments.

In short, BitTorrent is an effective file distribution protocol that improves the speed and efficiency of downloading files and allows downloads to continue in different conditions.