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To achieve self-custody, use multi-signature and social recovery wallets, The Ethereum Creator

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Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, recommended cryptocurrency users to adopt self-custody and social recovery wallets. The fresh Arbitrum token airdrop slated for March 23 and the imminent Shanghai upgrade have raised anticipation for Buterin’s proposal.

With the rise in cybercrimes involving cryptocurrency, where hackers prey on user wallet vulnerabilities, the advice seems reasonable. The co-founder of Ethereum recommended social recovery and multi-signature wallets so that individuals might maintain self-custody of their money.

Self-Custody in Crypto is Essential, Says Ethereum’s Founder

Smart-contract-powered wallets called “social recovery wallets” enable users to regain access to their stolen money even if they misplace their private key. A multi-sig wallet, on the other hand, needs two or more private keys in order to approve a transaction or get access to money.

In a tweet, Buterin underlined that self-custody is vital in the crypto ecosystem, especially after the past year’s event. The FTX disaster and subsequent hack exploitations in 2021 and 2022 increased the necessity for self-custody wallets.

Buterin recommends social recovery wallets for short-term, day-to-day trading activity and multi-sig wallets for long-term holdings.

As a result of his advice, Buterin published a Reddit article outlining his viewpoint on how users should select guardians for multi-signature and social recovery wallets. The creator suggested multi-sig wallets in a Reddit post, citing Gnosis Secure as a simple and dependable option.

Buterin said that centralized organizations are trustworthy but face hazards of regulatory pressure, including system and human failures. As a result, he recommended consumers not to believe in centralized institutions.

He added that compared to multi-sig wallets, social recovery wallets are simpler to operate. Wallet security is strengthened by the ERC-4337 account abstraction and newly developed smart contract wallets like Soul Wallet.

Selecting the Right Wallets and Key Guardians May Reduce Asset Loss Risks

Buterin also recommended employing multi-sigs for cold wallets that keep more money and social recovery for hot wallets that store lesser amounts of money. He said that it’s important to pick capable guardians.

By lowering the likelihood of key loss, money theft, and hazards associated with exchanging private keys with others, good guardians increase the security of cryptographic funds. Buterin provided advice on how to pick a safe guardian in the piece.

It was mentioned in one of the comments on Buterin’s essay how important it is to have guardians who can utilize hardware wallets. Also, it said that utilizing guardians for hardware wallets is preferable than keeping keys on Google Drive or Metamask.



Buterin responded by stating that hardware wallets are not essential because of potential problems with the issuing business. He concurred with the poster, however, that it is dangerous to put keys on Google Drive or Metamask.

Following many wallet assaults that cost thousands of dollars, Buterin made several articles. They include the MyAlgo Wallet exploit, which resulted in the theft of substantial sums of money from user accounts.

Buterin has already advocated for social recovery wallets. Buterin spoke on the necessity for cryptocurrency investors to use recovery wallets in a blog post on January 11, 2021. Buterin claimed that of all wallet types, multi-sig is his preference in the article. He advertised recovery wallets as simple to use and very secure.