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Today’s Top Cryptocurrencies to Buy: MEMAG, OP, FGHT, SNX, and CCHG

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The Federal Reserve Board has executed its lowest rate hike since March, increasing rates by a quarter of a percentage point, following a series of swift rate rises throughout 2022. Markets embraced this moderating decision, which led to an increase in equities and cryptocurrency prices. What are the top cryptocurrencies to buy right now given this context?

According to CNBC, the 10-year Treasury yield has drastically decreased from 3.9% towards the end of 2022 to 3.5% right now. Because of the liquidity this revelation has brought to the cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin traded above $24,000 today for the first time in 24 weeks, and most other cryptocurrencies followed suit by trading higher as well.

MEMAG, OP, FGHT, SNX, and CCHG are among the best cryptocurrencies to purchase right now, according to technical and fundamental research, in light of recent encouraging developments in the financial markets.

Mobile Games Get Community, Fun, and Ownership with Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)

As the Meta Masters Guild gears up for the introduction of its Web3 Gaming guild, mobile gamers are set to encounter something special. With the help of the MEMAG cryptocurrency, this gaming network will provide gamers from various mobile games a platform to engage with one another and build a metaverse community economy.

The objective of MMG is to create a gaming community that makes use of cutting-edge Web3 technology and games created for players rather than for business. The business thinks that rewarding players with NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) in addition to cryptocurrency prizes would promote communication, trade, and cooperation among users of the decentralized network.

MEMAG coin will be given to players as a generous reward for their efforts and skills within the gaming community. They will also have the ability to affect some parts of the gaming industry.
Gamers will also have the option to convert Gem prizes obtained from game play or NFT-based items into real money or NFTs that may be applied to MMG’s games thanks to the transparent economy system.

MMG is developing an exciting new racing game called Meta Kart Racers that users can play on any mobile device as a way to launch the Meta Masters Guild environment. In addition, their partners are now working on a number of additional engaging Web3 games that should be up soon.

With traders having already invested an amazing $2.59 million in the MEMAG token presale, the platform has strong chances for its debut.


Optimism (OP) (OP)

The Optimism Foundation just suggested their “Bedrock” improvement to the Ethereum layer 2 scaling mechanism, which has caused the price of the Optimism (OP) token to increase by 40% in the last day.

The update, which provides improved modularity, simplicity, and performance, has caused the price of OP to now hit a new all-time high of $3.02. In two weeks, the neighborhood will vote on the idea, with implementation scheduled for March 15.

The inclusion of its stablecoin BUSD on the Optimism network, announced by Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, may increase investor interest in the system.

By a significant margin, the Optimism token has beaten Bitcoin and Ether, increasing by almost 200% since the start of 2023 as opposed to 43.22% and 39.54% growth for bitcoin and ether, respectively. Additionally, in terms of user adoption and overall value locked, Optimism has outperformed its nearest competition Arbitrum.

If the price retraces from here, the prior high of $2.56 would serve as potential support for the cryptocurrency. The price of OP might rise much more in the foreseeable future if the psychological barrier of $3 can be overcome.

A Fit for the Fitness Masses Workout: Fight Out (FGHT)

With their cutting-edge workout software and new gym facilities, Fight Out is addressing the issues associated with leading an unhealthy lifestyle. The Web3-based platform will provide users with personalized training schedules, promote member support networks, and enable them to have fun while remaining active and collecting incentives.

For those who are committed to achieving their objectives in fitness and health, the M2E app is the ideal partner. The program will reward users with REPS tokens to encourage them even more, allowing them to maintain good behaviors while earning money in the process.

With its cutting-edge, socially focused platform that includes interactive aspects like user profile displays on “mirrors” and sensors for tailored exercise advice, Fight Out aims to improve the gym experience.

In addition to other celebrities, Fight Out has enlisted Amanda Ribas of the UFC and Savannah Marshall, a former WBO middleweight champion, to serve as brand ambassadors. Customers will have access to special content on the site through these powerful professionals in addition to master classes delivered by them directly.

Join the Fight Out presale event while it’s still open to receive a bonus of up to 50% when you spend more than $50,000. The presale has already earned more than $3.8 million, and the next round of the presale will shortly see price increases.


Synthetix (SNX)



The price of Synthetix Network Token (SNX) has lately increased significantly, rising about 20% in the last day and ending the previous daily candle with a 15.77% rise.

The cryptocurrency is most likely to continue its climb, according to the technical prognosis for SNX. Its price is now trading in close proximity to significant resistance levels and is about to break out. Also suggesting probable gains are its upward-facing exponential moving averages and an upcoming bullish MACD crossing.

The resistance band of $2.723 to $2.797, which was retested yesterday and earlier in today’s session, is the immediate resistance for SNX. The price range of $3.031 to $3.169 is the next possible goal if SNX is able to successfully recapture this level. The 200-day EMA, which is at $2.478, and the 20-day EMA, which is at $2.347, provide immediate support.

In the short run, it is anticipated that the Synthetix price will stay positive as long as these advantageous circumstances persist.

CryptoOne of the greatest cryptocurrencies to buy right now is C+Charge (CCHG), a sustainable digital currency.

The electric vehicle (EV) charging industry is poised to see a fundamental upheaval because to C+Charge’s cutting-edge peer-to-peer payment system and incentives program. C+Charge will soon make it easier for EV users to locate and utilize secure charging stations while also paying them with bitcoin equal to carbon credits thanks to the usage of blockchain technology and big collaborations.

Get CCHG tokens for as little as $0.013 USDT during the first stage of the presale before the price rises to a final price of $0.02350 over the course of three stages. This extensive project has already brought in more than $550K and is on course to produce more cash than is required for the release of their software.