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What is a miner?

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What is a miner

In this article, we are going to say something about what a miner is. By reading this post from the site, you will get a complete familiarity with the cryptocurrency miner. It has been several years since digital currencies, especially Bitcoin, have been talked about, and today we can hardly find a person who has not heard the term digital currency or Bitcoin. Many people in our country and in the whole world are interested in individual mining of these cryptocurrencies, which requires a miner device.

What is a miner?

A miner is a type of hardware device that is used to mine digital currencies. This device has a very high computing and processing power, and for this reason, it can solve complex and difficult algorithms and mathematical problems and equations at a very appropriate speed and confirm cryptocurrency transactions on the blockchain network. Finally, he gives the profit he gets as the mined currency to the miner.

What does mining mean?

In the blockchain of some cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, mining is a process by which transactions are confirmed and recorded, and at the end a new block is produced. The mining operation is decentralized and ultimately results in the extraction of digital currency.

How is the income of extracting currency with miner?

A few years ago, when Bitcoin was proposed as the first digital currency, a few people in the world were able to extract some of it with their personal computers; But today, Bitcoin mining has become thousands of times more difficult than that time, and the remaining amount of Bitcoin that has not been mined is very limited, and the amount of demand between different people has also increased a lot. As a result, mining Bitcoin digital currency is a very complicated task. For this reason, many users have gone to mining newer and smaller cryptocurrencies with miner devices.

Miner machine price

What is a miner

If you plan to buy a mining machine, you should know that these machines range from a few million Tomans to a few billion Tomans, and you should buy one according to your budget and the plan you have for mining digital currency.

Which currencies can be mined with a miner?

A very important point about mining digital currency with the help of a miner is that not all currencies can be mined. Only currencies that use proof-of-work or consensus, or PoW, can be mined with the help of a miner.

Types of miner devices

There are different types of miner devices, some of which are mentioned below.
1. CPU
The CPU or central processing unit of your personal computer can act as a mining device. Until a few years ago, some people were able to mine famous digital currencies such as Bitcoin with the help of this not very powerful computer processor. However, we do not recommend mining digital currency with a personal computer processor; Because it is not as efficient as it used to be.
Of course, it is worth mentioning one point that some types of digital currencies have designed their mining algorithm in such a way that they can be mined with ordinary processors. ZCash and Monero digital currency are among these digital currencies.
2. GPU
Graphics processors can do things in parallel, and for this reason, since 2010, the use of these hardwares has become common for digital currency mining. The processing power and calculation speed of the graphics card is at the level of megabytes per second, while the CPU performs the processes with 8 kilobytes per second. This means that the graphic processing unit is considered a much more suitable option for mining digital currency.
Since 2010, GPU replaced CPU to extract cryptocurrency, but after a not so long period of time, in 2012, a more powerful miner called ASIC was introduced. This type of miner was designed solely for mining digital currency. The processing power of ASIC miner was 200 times more than the most powerful graphics processor at that time.
This type of mining device has a higher power than the graphics processor, and the presence of a very positive feature in it has made it very popular. That positive feature is the possibility of changing the minable digital currency at any time. The most powerful FPGA miner devices can even work at a speed of 20 gigahes per second.


Mining digital currency with the help of a miner has become a way of earning money. The higher the processing power of your miner, the more likely it will be successful in solving the problem and making blocks. As a result, more income can be earned from it.