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What is Dent’s digital currency? | Is DENT currency a promising currency?

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Earn Dollars with Ethereum Classic
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Earn money from Metaverse game guaranteed
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What is Dent's digital currency

What is Dent's digital currency

Dent is a new project in the world of cryptography that improves various industries, including the mobile data industry, thanks to its ability to easily integrate with other technologies and different uses. Be with us to introduce you to this project and Aruzdigital Dent.

Dent plans to revolutionize the mobile data industry with his plan. Dent presents a decentralized, blockchain-based approach to mobile data management, as an innovative and prominent cryptocurrency project. All Dent tokens are created at launch, meaning Dent does not require a miner to create new blocks.

Digital currency name Dent (Dent)
Abbreviation of DENT
The current price is $0.00067851
Rank 293 on the Coin Market Cap site
Daily trading volume of $1,366,563
The total supply is $100,000,000,000
Amount in circulation $99,007,791,203
Official website https://www.dentwireless.com/
Whitepaper https://www.dentwireless.com/whitepaper

What is DENT?

Dent is a decentralized, blockchain-based environment where users can buy and sell various mobile data services. The platform offers roaming free calls, mobile data plans, e-SIM cards and calling. Dent aims to revolutionize the way mobile data is used and paid for, giving network users control over mobile data services.

Dent allows users to donate, buy and sell mobile data and related services on the Ethereum blockchain; It is therefore a fully decentralized, secure and automated global marketplace for mobile data services.

Today, mobile data has become a necessity in all parts of the world and mobile service providers do not always provide adequate service, that is why Dent connects users from all parts of the world through blockchain and Puts control of the mobile data market in your hands.

The Dent network creates a peer-to-peer marketplace for selling, donating, and buying mobile data services that differs from the traditional way the telecommunications industry works. Dent enables individuals and carriers to sell mobile data services in Dent’s peer-to-peer marketplace. Users can automatically find the best deals in the market and access services at lower and more affordable prices.

How does DENT work?

Dent combines several advanced technologies to enable simple and decentralized sharing of mobile data services among network participants. Dent uses Ethereum smart contracts and virtual operators, as well as mobile and web applications. Dent depends on these key elements and a consumer base. In addition, it needs a large database to maintain enough traffic to function properly. The more buyers and users of the Dent platform, the more telecom companies and sellers will join it.

Dent creates a complex but user-friendly ecosystem in which the Dent exchange is an integral component. Dent exchange facilitates all P2P market activities and has seven elements: instrument repository, market making algorithms, pricing data, order management, portfolio management, order execution and exchange. The web version of Dent is more complex than the mobile version of Dent Exchange, which may be more intuitive and user-friendly. Users can use the web or mobile application to access Dent’s digital currency market.

All transfers and transactions depend on Ethereum smart contracts where transfers are made in order of market activity. Virtual operators are market makers and offer a wide range of data packages and services to network users. Operators are also known as telecommunications companies and are responsible for the premium services of SMS and USSD packages. The Dent network is capable of three types of transmission, including P2P data packet transmission for non-roaming service, user-to-user information exchange, and data initialization (IDO). IDOs are provided by carriers and Dent earns a commission by charging a fee to process the IDOs.
Dent’s unique features

Traditional mobile operators often sell their mobile services at high prices. This makes mobile and data services very inaccessible to many people around the world. Dent aims to change the way mobile data services are offered, sold and purchased using a combination of innovative technologies and blockchain.

Dent gives everyone the chance to sell mobile data and telecom services. It means everyone, telecommunication companies and ordinary people. Sellers in the Dent network can offer their services in the exchange. Because Dent is a peer-to-peer marketplace with free global access to everyone.

Dent’s intrinsic value comes from its technical capacity, the technologies used to create a P2P marketplace for mobile data services, its use cases, and ultimately the size of its user database. All of these elements determine Dent’s true value as a project with a specific tool, while Dent also has a market value.

Intrinsic value and market value often do not coincide. Because the price of dent is subject to frequent changes and may experience significant jumps and drops in a short period of time. Dent can be traded on the cryptocurrency market for profit.

How does DENT work

How does DENT work

What is Dent’s digital currency?

Dent is the utility token of the Dent network and is an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum smart contracts execute all Dent transactions on the Dent blockchain. Dent is the main payment method in the Dent network and is used to pay and receive mobile data service charges.

Users need a web version or a mobile app to access Dent Market. The web and mobile applications allow users to access all the relevant information and functions about trading, which include order placement, order book viewing, price history, market depth and other important data and features.

DENTNet uses Substrate, a modular framework for building blockchain environments, to create a functional, fully operational and secure ecosystem as DENTNet continues to evolve. Dent is hosted on the Ethereum network and Ethereum-based smart contracts, so it is secured by the blockchain. With the Ethereum 2.0 upgrade finalized, the network has switched to proof-of-stake.

Proof of Stake has proven to be more energy efficient and cost effective than traditional consensus mechanisms such as Proof of Work. Dent’s digital currency is also secured by virtual nodes and operators. The more nodes and operators, the higher the level of network security.