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What is digital currency trading (Trade) and who is a trader?

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What is trade? What does trading mean?


Trade or transaction or exchange in a very simple language means buying and selling, trade and sometimes trade, and it has been used since ancient times in the form of exchanging goods for goods. Ever since money was invented, we have been doing different trades every day without realizing it. Even when we pay to buy an ice cream, we are trading.


Ever since traditional currencies gave way to digital currencies, the way of trading and exchanges has also changed. For example, we give dollars in exchange for buying bitcoins, or we receive goods when paying with bitcoins.


Perhaps trading in digital currencies is more useful than parallel markets. The reason is that digital currencies sometimes fluctuate by several thousand dollars and you can earn more profit from holding and investing by using different methods.


You may be eager to know how traders predict the future price of a share; They usually use two methods of fundamental analysis and technical analysis and predict the price of a share by using future price charts.


What is the difference between trading and investing?


Investors usually use two modes of long-term and short-term transactions to increase their capital. However, traders generally make profit by trading, so it is natural to use short-term and even momentary transactions to multiply their capital overnight.


Which analytical method is more successful in trading?


After understanding what trading is, you should know which method is better for trading. Considering that the trader may make his trade in short or long term, different analytical methods are suitable for him. In fact, if you are a short-term trader, you should use the technical analysis method. But if you are a long-term trader, it is better to have more knowledge in the field of fundamental analysis. Of course, if you can use both knowledges together, your success rate will definitely increase because these two knowledges are complementary and their combination can be very effective in trading success.


Where to start trading?


We recommend that you first familiarize yourself with the basic concepts of digital currencies from the Where to start page. Then get familiar with fundamental analysis and technical analysis. Every week, free clips for teaching these analyzes are posted on our devices and YouTube. Now it’s time to open an account in a reliable digital currency exchange like Binance or Bitmax and start trading after creating a digital currency wallet.


Should we buy a digital currency trading course to become professional?


This is a personal choice. You can learn all trading topics from YouTube and social networks, but if you buy trading training courses, you will probably learn in a hierarchical and more organized manner. For this purpose, we recommend the 0 to 100 digital currency training course.


The best place for digital currency trading is foreign online exchanges because:



They have clear and transparent laws, and if you have a non-Iranian identity, you can follow the laws.

Their statistical community is international and many traders use their system daily, so if a problem occurs, it will be solved quickly.


Currently, most of the digital currency trading is done in the Binance exchange, for which we have posted the registration training here. We also recommend you to view the free trading course in Binance.


Advantages and disadvantages of trading


After understanding what the concept of trading is, familiarizing with its advantages and disadvantages is not without grace. Trading, like any other activity, has its own advantages and disadvantages. Although the advantages of this action are more than its disadvantages, the disadvantages should still be considered. Advantages


One of the most important advantages of trading is that a trader does not need any university degree.

You can earn dollar income by trading.

The only trading tool is a simple personal computer or laptop. You can even trade with a mobile phone. In fact, trading does not require expensive equipment.

Starting a business does not require a lot of capital.

The act of trading is not limited to a specific time and place. You can trade anytime and anywhere.

By trading, you can make profits both in the short term and in the long term.

Trading can be done in various financial markets, such as Iran Stock Exchange, digital currency market, forex, etc.




Even if you are a professional trader, it is still possible to suffer big losses.

In order to become a successful trader and increase your profit percentage, you must master technical and fundamental analysis.


How to become a successful trader?


Successful trading requires a lot of experience along with technical and fundamental knowledge. This experience is gained from trading and you cannot become a trader with clips and YouTube. But if we look at the lives of successful traders, we see common features such as:


Emotions in business can endanger health


By reading the interviews of successful people like Warren Buffett, we understand the basic principles, which we mention 4 things:


Emotions have no place in trading


If the trader can’t control his emotions in trading, it’s better to pack up and go now!


Don’t stop learning


If you want not to fail in the financial markets, never think about evolution. No indicator can predict the future 100%. Hey What analysis cannot analyze with certainty. These are the only mathematical algorithms that have proven to work well with experience. Every day there are new analytical methods that you can learn from forums like TradingView.


     Do not imitate


Sometimes, some analysts use simple and mundane methods to deceive others to make you understand that it is very easy to make a profit. In this case, by imitating the methods of these analysts, you will throw yourself from a hole to a well.


     If you wait, you can make halva


Usually, newbies immediately close the position after the first profit. Now, old people pay more attention to their loss than the goal and profit!

This art is acquired with a lot of experience and cannot be learned.