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What is Mainnet? Introduction to the Mainnet

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What is Mainnet? Introduction to the Mainnet

In fact, the main network or “mainnet” is a term that refers to the main network of a project in the blockchain world. Mainnet is the central point for programmers, developers, and users governing this project and is completely separate from Testnet.

What is Mainnet? Introduction to the Mainnet


Mainnet is an independent network that operates on its own protocol and tokens. This network is used to execute transactions, execute smart contracts, and register distributed ledgers.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

An initial coin offering (ICO) is sometimes used to launch the mainnet. This process helps the project to attract the capital needed for development and progress.

Support for valuable tokens and coins

  Mainnet uses valuable tokens and coins such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Tron, Tezos, etc. to execute transactions and fulfill its goals.

Examples of famous mainnets

Examples of famous mainnets


One of the first and most popular mainnets that enabled the implementation of smart contracts and many other projects were created based on it.


Known as the father of digital currencies, Bitcoin mainnet works on blockchain technology and enables currency transactions.


A blockchain platform that has different deposit models and uses the TRX token to perform transactions.


It is a self-amending network that allows automatic updates based on community consensus.

Mainnet applications

Full access

All users can make their transactions on Mainnet and participate in the development and progress of the network.

earn money

Transactions made on the mainnet generate income for developers.

Support for other tokens

Creating a suitable platform to support tokens and many other projects in the blockchain ecosystem.

Usability for decentralized applications

Creating a strong platform for implementing decentralized applications and smart contracts.

The difference between Testnet and Mainnet

The difference between Testnet and Mainnet

There are significant differences between testnet and mainnet in the blockchain world, some of these differences are mentioned below:


Mainnet: It is a complete and functional blockchain for all users.

TestNet: It has only a test environment for developers.


Mainnet: All transactions are recorded on the real mainnet and on the distributed ledger.

TestNet: Transactions can only be done in the test environment and are not registered.


Mainnet: Mainnet coins have real value.

Testnet: Testnet coins do not have any value and only have an experimental aspect.

Transaction fees

Mainnet: Transaction fees are paid with native network tokens.

TestNet: Transactions in TestNet do not have any fees.

Number of transactions

Mainnet: The number of transactions in the main network is high, and the network must have a high traffic speed.

TestNet: The number of transactions in Test Net is limited and small.


Mainnet: It is possible to mine to get real coins.

Testnet: Testnets do not have any economic benefits.