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What is Paymon digital currency?

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paymon digital currency

paymon digital currency

Pimon’s digital currency is one of the current interesting projects in the ICO space. One of the main reasons for this is the existence of an application. This program, known as MVP, is available on three platforms: web, iOS, and Android. Such a thing is rare in the current ICO space.

The project aims to create a blockchain-based exchange platform where users can trade currencies and share messages in a secure manner. All of this is powered by a new scalable blockchain technology called Hive. Hive uses atomic exchanges, a technology that allows the exchange between different digital currencies without the need for an exchange platform.

Paymon digital currency works based on a directed asynchronous graph (DAG). DAG is a better and improved version of blockchain. This technology has been used for centuries, one of the most famous companies using it is IOTA, which applies it to the Internet of Things (IoT). Unlike IOTA, Paymon uses this technology for people who can have fast transactions thanks to DAG.

What is the Paymon platform?

Peymon digital currency platform first of all offers a decentralized token exchange that allows all types of blockchains to operate. In addition, the contract is used to create smart contracts with reconstructed and preset content. Along with these two, Pimon is an API for developers and helps them develop an ecosystem through which developers can develop the platform. You need to know that payment also includes the following:

  1. Security system for users and developers
  2. Ability to create your own token or native digital currency
  3. Ability to organize and launch your own token sale
  4. The possibility of making financial transactions and mobile payments
  5. Confirmation of property ownership
  6. Voting and ranking system
  7. Authorization and authentication

What is Paymon digital currency (PMNT)?

PMNT is a native token of the PMON platform that has all the key features of a digital currency:

  1. being anonymous
  2. being fast
  3. No transaction fees
  4. scalable
  5. Completely decentralized
  6. transparent

The ICO plans to distribute a total of 1 billion PMNT tokens, 400 million for the first round, 250 million for the second round, and 200 million for the third round. The rest, 150 million will be kept as a reserve. These tokens can later be exchanged for PMNC or Paymon coin, the digital currency that operates on Hive, on the platform at a 1:1 ratio.

PMNT is an ERC 20 standard token. PMNT will help create and exchange other digital currencies with the help of Ethereum smart contracts. PMNC is a digital currency based on Hive technology and can be used on the Paymon platform. You can exchange PMNT with PMNC in your personal account. At first, investors receive PMNT tokens, then they can convert them into PMNC in their personal accounts.

What is paymon digital currency?

What is paymon digital currency?

What are the unique features of Paymon digital currency?

  1. Saving fundsThe possibility of asset growth
  2. Instant currency exchange between network users
  3. A common interface for investing in classical assets, tokens and cryptocurrencies
  4. Forex hedging

When we combine the two key components of Pimon, the platform and its digital currency, we will see more users jump from the Pimon digital currency platform, and this in turn will lead to an increase in the price of PMNT.
Paymon digital currency roadmap

By looking at the Paymon site, you can see its details since its inception. Paymon was founded in October 2016. In 13 months, Paymon developed Android MVP and iOS MVP. This resulted in Paymon receiving US$500,000 from FinShi Capital. Paymon then completed its first ICO round in March, the second round in May, and the third and final round on June 13, 2018.

The purpose of conducting an ICO in three different periods is to distribute as many PMNT tokens as possible. However, by breaking it down into three phases, investors are given the opportunity to track their KPIs. This level of accountability is rare in the ICO world and bodes well for the likelihood of future success for this project.