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What is PayPal?

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What is PayPal

What is PayPal

Have you ever heard of PayPal?What do you think PayPal is used for in Iran?Stay with us to find answers to all your questions.

What is PayPal?

PayPal, which is also called PayPal in Iran, is the name of an American company that operates in the field of electronic money transfer. This large company was established in 1998, and the main motivation of its founders was to create an international monetary unit outside the control of the government, and within a few years, it was able to become one of the largest international companies.

PayPal is an online payment and money transfer service that allows its users to create virtual or electronic accounts and through these accounts in a very safe, fast and easy-to-use network, transfer money, buy and sell and convert currency. Pay on the Internet.


PayPal was initially used by hackers and economic criminals who needed to launder money due to its newness and people’s lack of familiarity with it, but despite these problems in the early stages, PayPal gradually attracted the attention of buyers and sellers in order to carry out transactions. and daily transactions were placed. Buyers were interested in using it because it was simple and safe, and over time, more sellers supported it because it was easier to get its port than the Visa card or MasterCard port, and more customers showed favor to it.

In 2002, PayPal entered the stock market, and its share value reached $20 from the initial figure of $15 at the end of the first day of the stock offering.


In this way, the popularity and use of PayPal suddenly increased dramatically, and in the same year, this service became one of the largest online payment services in the world.

By expanding its services, PayPal was able to increase its popularity day by day, so that today PayPal provides services in more than 100 countries and 26 currencies, and according to the company itself, it currently has more than 165 million users. Active in the world.


How does PayPal work?


PayPal allows its users to create an account on the website in the simplest possible way and in a short time with personal information and using only one email address. At the beginning, PayPal asks you to create an account with real information, but at this stage, it does not perform a special control to verify this information.

In the next step, PayPal asks you to verify your PayPal account by connecting it to a bank account or a credit or debit card to activate the features of your PayPal account. After the PayPal account is verified, you can transfer the currency amounts in your bank account or the currency balance of your credit or debit card to PayPal or directly through the PayPal account to another PayPal account. transfer or buy with it. In this way, the money that was previously in the form of a balance of a bank account or debit or credit card, is now inside a network of PayPal user accounts.




In this way, within this network, you can make purchases through PayPal portals, transfer money to other people who have user accounts on this site, and receive money from them in return.




In this way, all transactions are done not in the form of accounts in different banks or in a large number of credit and debit cards, but integrated within a network. As a result, PayPal has the ability to monitor all transactions and ensure the accuracy of service delivery and satisfaction of payers, as well as the absence of abuse or theft within this network.

It is obvious that companies and businesses, which are the providers of goods and services, are willing to pay 2-4% fees to receive such safe, fast, reliable and universal services. With this method, they are less involved in the bureaucracy of banks, and on the other hand, they can manage and use their incomes faster and more accurately.

As much as it is simple and fast to create a PayPal account for someone outside the borders of Iran (as well as outside the borders of other countries sanctioned by PayPal), creating a PayPal account for Iranian users is not only not easy, but also according to the regulations. This website should be impossible. According to PayPal sanctions, any use of PayPal by Iranian users is prohibited. Also, according to this sanction, if PayPal suspects that a user is Iranian, it has the right to block his PayPal account.


Many people don’t know this, but PayPal’s main mission was to create a global currency that was independent from the interference of corrupt banking cartels and governments that devalued their currencies. Luke Nosek (founder of PayPal)


If we assume that you are not inside Iran, you can create a user account on the PayPal site by following the same steps as creating a user account on any other site by entering your first and last name, email address, residential or company address. Simply create your account number, country of residence, etc. After that, it is necessary to verify your user account using the information of a foreign bank account or an international debit or credit card (such as MasterCard or Visa card).


After creating an account and confirming the activation email, the PayPal account will be activated and you can enter your account using your PayPal ID and password and use its features.

The dangers of working with PayPal in Iran


Based on one of the oldest US sanctions against Keshu

Roman Iran, international payment and financial companies such as PayPal, Visa and Master have also tried to boycott the provision of services inside Iran. This sanction includes any financial transaction within the borders of the country by Iranians and non-Iranians. Thus, even a foreign citizen cannot use the services of these companies inside Iran.

Meanwhile, PayPal is considered one of the most strict in this regard and is very sensitive on any transaction that is related to Iran in any way, and if PayPal notices the connection of a user account or a transaction with Iran. will immediately limit and stop the user account and related transaction. As a result of this, in recent years, many Iranian and non-Iranian user accounts have been restricted or blocked, and the balance of these accounts has also been seized by PayPal.

Despite these conditions, as an Iranian who lives inside the country, creating a PayPal account and verifying it, paying money and also receiving money using a PayPal account is associated with many risks and problems, and many of those who They have tried to work with their PayPal account from inside Iran, they have witnessed their account being limited or blocked, each of which has caused many losses and negative consequences for these people.

Reasons for possible problems


The main reason for the occurrence of all these cases is the lack of mastery and familiarity of people who want to use PayPal services from within the country. Another reason for such problems is people’s ignorance of the controls and restrictions that PayPal has set for working with PayPal accounts.


At what time does entering or being in Pei Bridge with the IP of Iran happen?


This problem occurs when you are with an Iranian IP when you log in to your PayPal account. Sometimes this problem occurs due to a momentary interruption of the server or when a citizen or resident of a foreign country unknowingly connects to his PayPal account for the first time with an Iranian IP.

its consequence

If this error occurs, the PayPal account will be placed in Limited status and almost all features of the PayPal account will be removed. In this situation, it is not possible to send money, buy from the portal, and transfer money from the PayPal account to the bank account connected to it in order to withdraw money, and the only option available is to receive money. A feature that if it is not possible to remove the account from this situation, it is like losing the amount received because there is no way to use the PayPal account balance in this situation.

How to prevent


Not logging into the PayPal account with the IP of Iran and ensuring that the IP does not change when working with PayPal and being logged in to the PayPal account.


Providing documents such as electricity or telephone bills and official documents of a person or company that prove that you are not present in Iran as the owner of a PayPal account and you are operating in another country. Since Iranians usually create a PayPal account with false information, they usually have problems at this stage.

Receiving money from an unknown or unreliable source

When does it happen?

When you receive money from an untrusted source, you may face consequences. Credit for a source of money means how that money was obtained and for what goods or services it was received. The fact that this entire process of buying and selling (financial transaction) is completely in accordance with international laws and does not violate sanctions is considered an important principle for PayPal, and in this regard, PayPal periodically and randomly from all transactions in the world, he selects examples and asks both parties of the financial transaction to provide the necessary documents to prove that the transaction is legal and does not violate the sanctions.

These periodic and random controls make it very risky to receive money from unknown or unreliable sources in PayPal.




If this problem occurs, PayPal may put that particular transaction in Pending Verification or On Hold status and complete that transaction after conducting a series of checks.

Also, the account may be placed in Limited status after the transaction is reviewed.

How to prevent

Never receive money from unknown accounts that you don’t know how they got their income from or that you don’t fully trust.

If you receive money from someone you don’t know, refund that amount immediately. In fact, you are responsible for receiving payments in PayPal, and it is necessary to show and prove the reason for receiving any amount.

In case of this problem, it is necessary to provide documents that show the provision of legal goods or services in exchange for receiving money from the other party. For example, presenting an invoice based on which you have paid 10 software licenses to the other party with the name of a registered company, assures PayPal of the validity of the amount received, and in the worst case, the amount will be refunded, and for PayPal account is not a problem.

When does the payment of amounts larger than the PayPal account limit occur?


When you receive or pay an amount that exceeds the threshold defined by PayPal for your account. This threshold defined by PayPal is determined according to the type of account (Personal, Premier or Business), the duration of creating the PayPal account, the amount of money received and paid so far, and other components on which there is no consensus. and it is hidden and unclear on you as a user.