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What is Satoshi? How many satoshis are each bitcoin?

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What is Satoshi

What is Satoshi

The world’s currencies usually have a smaller unit, which helps to make it easier to count smaller amounts of money. For example, the dollar has a cent, which is one hundredth of a dollar. Similarly, about Bitcoin, there is a very small unit called Satoshi.

In this article, we will examine in more detail what a satoshi is and how many satoshis each bitcoin is.
Bitcoin forks, namely Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV, also have this small unit. Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous creator of Bitcoin, thought of smaller units so that his invention could be used as money.

What is the symbol of Satoshi?

Satoshi, with the abbreviation SAT, is common in everyday conversations among blockchain and digital currency activists, especially Bitcoin enthusiasts.

Some mining rigs count miner wages in satoshis, and the hashtag #StackingSats (as a campaign to use the satoshi unit) continues to trend on Twitter. Also, the Bitcoin Lightning Torch started with the Satoshi unit. These are just examples of the everyday uses of Satoshi.

Who created Satoshi? History of the smallest unit of Bitcoin

What is Satoshi

When we say “Satoshi”, we don’t mean Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous creator of Bitcoin. However, Satoshi’s unit also goes back to the early days of the creation of Bitcoin and the Internet community BitcoinTalk.

It all goes back to November 15, 2010, when a person with the username Rebuck (Rebuck) suggested on the Bitcoin Talk forum that there is a unit equal to one hundredth (1/100) of Bitcoin and they call it Satoshi. At that time, no one rejected or accepted Reebok’s offer.

In fact, at that time, it was a more important post in the hot forum. Bitcoin fans at that time wanted to determine the Bitcoin Unicode (its text character) by voting. That’s why Reebok’s post proposing to register a smaller unit for Bitcoin was ignored.

However, Reebok asked again in response to the same Unicode selection post:

Do we have a plan to split bitcoins? Do we want to use other units like millibit, microbit and nanobit?

It was a good question; But still no one wanted to answer this question, and no one denied or confirmed.

A few months later, in February 2011, Reebok commented on a post titled “We Need More Splits for Bitcoin,” and that’s where his comment seemed most appropriate.

8 days later, in a separate post on BitCent, a user named Kolbas said:

It’s time to think about a smaller currency to be registered on the Bitcoin blockchain.

In the Bitcent post, another user echoed Reebok’s words and suggested:

1 satoshi = 1 microbitcent (smallest unit)

100 million satoshi = 1 bitcoin

do you agree

Other users agreed with this proposal and this decision was implemented. In this way, Satoshi became the smallest unit that can be registered on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Frequently asked questions

How to convert Bitcoin to Satoshi?

To convert Bitcoin to Satoshi, just multiply the amount of Bitcoin by 0.00000001 (or divide by 100 million). Of course, if you want to buy and sell with satoshi units, we suggest you use a calculator so that you don’t make mistakes in calculating these numbers.

How much is each satoshi?

Since the dollar price of Bitcoin is always fluctuating, the Satoshi to Dollar price is not a fixed number like the Satoshi to Bitcoin. To convert satoshi to dollars, just divide the dollar price of Bitcoin by 100 million (or multiply by 0.00000001).

How to calculate Satoshi to Toman?

To convert Satoshi to Toman, just multiply the current price of Bitcoin by the dollar price and then divide the result by 100 million.