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What is the currency of Saitama?

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What is the currency of Saitama?

What is the currency of Saitama?

The crypto industry has recently managed to take over the entire global payment system and has been more than successful in attracting potential investors from around the world. In addition, this industry has been able to show its presence at the global level and gain a name for itself in the international markets. This is despite the fact that it has grown well recently and has reached high popularity. So there is a possibility of obtaining higher successes than this. Today, we are going to introduce you to one of the currencies available in this market, Saitama currency. So stay with us until the end of the article.

Digital currency, as its name suggests, is a form of virtual currency that can be used for various purposes, including buying and selling goods and services, just like physical money. In other words, the crypto industry is a decentralized platform that uses blockchain technology for all its operations, as well as to record and verify all transactions that happen through the network to eliminate the risk of double spending and counterfeiting.

Saitma is an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum network that can be purchased through decentralized and centralized exchanges. In June 2022, the Saitama token contract was upgraded to enhance security and performance features that ensure its longevity and stability. So far, 55% of the token supply has been burned, leaving 45 billion tokens in circulation and liquidity locked for 2 years until June 2024. The developers of this cryptocurrency believe that encryption can be simple; Finance is for everyone and community creates power.

SAITAMA has a tool called SaitaSwap where only selected projects are published. The work of this tool started with the launch of Lucky Roo and Motion tokens. Saitama’s development team aims to create an experience where the user learns about crypto and finance while navigating the ecosystem, with initiatives such as Saitama Academy. SaitaPay’s next tool is SaitaPay, where through a partnership with ePay.me, you can purchase tokens on the network using debit or credit cards.

SaitaRealty is another tool owned by the Saitama Currency Network that brings real-world real estate to DeFi. The development team is launching 3 play-2-earn games under the Wolfcaster franchise. Users can use Sitema tokens to play games and win prizes. FANG is Saitama Network’s exclusive NFT platform that allows users to buy and sell digital art using Saitama tokens.
Who are the founders of Saitama currency?

Saitama started as a community-driven project in June 2021. The network is led by a team of professionals with strong backgrounds in various fields. Today, Saitama has become a multi-market and global business. The token of this network reached a market value of about 7.5 billion dollars in November 2021 and was ranked 40th among cryptographic projects.

From the very beginning, Saitma set new standards in its DeFi projects and registered the company to run the business. Arun Mansoor, Chief Marketing Officer, Gabriel Klein, Chief Creative Officer, Manpreet Kohli, Chief Financial Officer, Nam Tran, Chief Commercial Officer, and Russell Armand, Chief Operating Officer of the project.

currency of Saitama

currency of Saitama

Saitama currency road map

Saitama’s roadmap is about how to create value for its native token holders. The goal is for users to enjoy all the benefits that this token offers. One of the planned benefits of being a member of this community is participating in raffles and receiving gifts. The Saitama currency development team summarizes the network’s roadmap in several stages as follows:

Step 1:

Launching the token exhibition
Having more than 1000 users (this means users who have purchased Sitema tokens)
Publication of white paper
Membership of 2000 users in Telegram
Listing on the famous site Coinmarketcap
Contract audit

Step 2:

Having more than 6000 users
Launching a marketing campaign on a network such as Twitter
Membership of 10,000 users in Telegram
Business website integration

Step 3:

Having more than 40,000 users
Listing on small exchanges
Preparing to be listed on major exchanges

Step 4:

Conducting television and radio interviews
Creation of NFT tokens
Setting up a mobile wallet that supports both Android and IOS operating systems

Step 5:

Donations to charities
Donations to student organizations
Listing in more digital currency exchanges

What are the most important features of Saitama currency?

One of the most important features of Sitema is security, which is provided by the special wallets of this network and ownership of the liquidity pool.
The next feature is the flexibility to consider updating native token features and other use cases.
The network is a sustainable business and the new techonomics keep taxes low while helping with funding and liquidity.
The famous feature of Sitema is token burning which preserves its value.