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What is the Keep Network? Getting to know the Keep network and digital currency

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Keep Network (Keep Network) is a blockchain-based platform that uses Keep digital currency as its base unit. The main goal of this network is to provide a safe platform for storing and using digital assets in the case where some of their information needs to be kept private.

Keep Network is developed using Ethereum smart contract technology and infrastructure counter networks. This network is used to store digital currencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum and ERC-20 Tokens. Keep Network provides the possibility of maintaining and using these assets in a state where their security and privacy are important.

In order to perform maintenance operations, Keep Network uses two types of elements: “Keep” and “tBTC”. Keeps are held by individuals with investments and selectively store a portion of the held assets. tBTC is also an ERC-20 token that is backed by the equivalent amount of Bitcoin and can be traded directly on the Ethereum network.

Using the Keep network, users will be able to store their digital currencies in a secure platform while using Ethereum blockchain features such as validation and lending.

The Keep network consists of several smart contracts, each of which has specific tasks and roles in the system. Some of these contracts are:

  1. Keep Random Beacon (KRB): This contract is responsible for generating a random number and announcing it to the network. The validity and accuracy of this information is guaranteed by the Ethereum blockchain.
  2. Keep Bonding: A smart contract used to maintain the validity and security of the network. Through this contract, users can provide their Keep as an investment to the network and receive rewards in return.
  3. Keep Token (KEEP): KEEP is an ERC-20 token issued on the Ethereum network. This token is used to enable Keep owners to participate in network activities and receive rewards for services provided by the network.
  4. tBTC: tBTC is an ERC-20 token that can be traded directly on the Ethereum network. Each tBTC unit is proportional to the Bitcoin equivalent on the Bitcoin blockchain. This token provides the possibility to hold, value and trade with Bitcoin on the Ethereum network.

The Keep network acts as a second layer on top of the Ethereum blockchain, allowing users to store their digital currencies in a secure platform while taking advantage of Ethereum blockchain features such as validation and lending.

As a user in the Keep network, you can take advantage of the following services and features:

  1. Digital currency storage: Using the Keep network, you can store your digital currencies safely. With Keep smart contracts, your assets are stored on the Ethereum blockchain while maintaining security and privacy.
What is the Keep Network

What is the Keep Network

  1. Validation use: By using KEEP token, you can participate in network validation activities. These activities include verification of identity information, verification of content and correctness of operations on the network.
  2. Lending: You can lend your digital currencies to other Keep network users. By providing loans, you can earn money as a lender and receive interest on your loan.
  3. Using tBTC: tBTC token allows you to display your Bitcoin as ERC-20 on the Ethereum network and use the services and facilities of the Ethereum blockchain for trading and trading. This allows you to benefit from the functionality of the Ethereum blockchain while still having access to the value and features of Bitcoin.
  4. Privacy: As a blockchain-based network, the Keep network focuses heavily on privacy. By using Keep smart contracts, your personal information and assets will be safe and stored encrypted.

Overall, the Keep Network is a secure and custodial ecosystem that allows users to securely store their digital currencies and take advantage of the features of the Ethereum blockchain. Also, this network provides facilities for validating, lending and exchanging assets.