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What is wigoswap exchange?

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WigoSwap is a DeFi platform on the Phantom network that offers products such as decentralized exchange (DEX) with very low transaction fees, NFT market, mini-games with a very convenient user interface that users of the network can use. . For this reason, the WigoSwap exchange team presents its platform as “a one-stop shop for all your DeFi needs on the Phantom Network”.

In general, Vigo platform aims to provide users with unique DeFi services with extremely high speed and low cost. To achieve this goal, Vigo’s support team aims to design products that are easy to use for users, as well as help create new passive income opportunities and help implement new projects on the Phantom Network.

The team also tries to make the VigoSwap platform simple and profitable for everyone to use by constantly developing ideas and solving problems with existing protocols. Therefore, whether you are a professional trader or a collector, VigoSwap can be an attractive option for you. To learn more about the WigoSwap exchange, stay with us in the rest of this article.

What is the purpose of VigoSwap exchange?

The main goal of this exchange is to design an ecosystem with user-friendly and easy products in the world of cryptocurrencies. It is also trying to make the world of DeFi accessible to everyone. This ecosystem is constantly trying to create passive income for its users by creating new opportunities for users.


What is Vigo Token?

WIGO digital currency is a native and independent symbol of the WigoSwap ecosystem, and the maximum supply set for it is 2 billion units. Of these 2 billion WIGO units, 8% for multiplication and initial supply (3% for seed investors, 3% for airdrops and 2% for initial supply of decentralized exchanges or IDO, 80% for farming and staking and 10% for team and 2% is reserved for Decentralized Autonomous Organization or DAO.

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What are the main services of WigoSwap exchange?

WigoSwap is an Automated Market Maker (AMM) where a decentralized exchange plays a central role in its ecosystem. VigoSwap operates as a comprehensive automated market maker on the Phantom Blockchain and aims to lead users towards decentralization. The above goals can be achieved by providing different services. Vigoswap services include:

1. Swap

With the emergence of decentralized exchanges, users no longer need to use centralized exchanges. In WigoSwap exchange, all user operations are done through their wallet. As a result, you no longer need to rely on third parties to manage your assets.

When you perform a token swap (transaction) on the WigoSwap exchange, a transaction fee of 0.19% is deducted from you, which is divided as follows: 0.18% goes back to the liquidity pools as a liquidity provider fee bonus, and one hundredth The percentage is sent to the Gamified Burn Mechanism (GBM).

2. Liquidity pools

When there is enough liquidity for those particular tokens, users can exchange their tokens. Therefore, a lack of liquidity for the tokens you want to exchange can make operations complicated, costly, or even impossible. Users who contribute liquidity to pools receive Wigo LP tokens. On the other hand, users are rewarded with fees for transactions on the platform. In this way, the availability of liquidity for the WigoSwap decentralized exchange is guaranteed to a certain extent.

3. Yield Farming (WigoFarm)

Users who provide the necessary liquidity to the platform will be rewarded with WIGO tokens. This action also minimizes the risk of temporary loss, which is an inherent feature of protocols that lock users’ liquidity.

4. WIGO token staking

You can also earn free tokens on the WigoSwap platform through WigoBank and by subscribing to the WIGO token. To invest in WigoBank, you can follow the following steps:

1. Go to the WigoBank page.

2. Click the Connect option at the top of the page to connect your wallet to WigoSwap.

3. After connecting your wallet, you can choose between two staking options:

First, automatic compounding: in this method, the rewards you earn (for example, WIGO tokens) are automatically compounded and reinvested in the WIGOBANK stake.

Second, standard (manual reload): this method requires you to claim your bonus and if you wish, you can stake it again manually in WigoBank.

4. After selecting the staking option, click Enable to continue.

5. By clicking on Enable, this option will become a stick. Click on it to go to the next step.

6. Enter the amount of WIGO tokens you want to share with WigoBank or simply select a percentage of your balance to share with WigoBank.

7. Click on the Confirm option and confirm the operation.

8. After the transaction is processed, you can see the updated value of the token you staked.

9. Finally, you can view the details of your staked tokens in WigoBank. If you have selected the automatic method, you will see a countdown timer showing the time remaining until the end of staking. If you also use the default method, there is a Collect option to collect the rewards.

Is WigoSwap safe?

WigoSwap exchange developer teamOn its official website, it claims that it takes the security of its platform and its users’ assets very seriously, and for this reason, it has conducted detailed security checks of its codes and smart contracts before releasing its platform to the public.