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According to a Coinbase executive, institutional investors are looking beyond BTC and ETH.

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According to David Duong, Head of Institutional Research at Coinbase, institutional investors may be more open to cryptoassets besides Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

Nearly 50% of institutional flows on Coinbase, in Duong’s estimation, are going to assets other than BTC and ETH. During a live chat with cryptocurrency analyst Scott Melker, he said these things.

Regarding flows, 55% of institutional clients continue to wager on BTC and ETH, while the remaining clients continue to support alternative cryptocurrencies. According to Duong, a lot of focus is on what is happening in the ecosystem outside of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Given the excitement surrounding the Shanghai fork, Ethereum will undoubtedly be the next big thing.

According to Duong, market conditions are currently relatively uncertain due to macro factors, seasonality, and the possibility of crypto decoupling itself from other risk assets. He added,

“I think what’s happening right now tends to be a lot more macro-focused, in so far as, I think what people don’t realize is this just seasonally a weaker period for a lot of risk assets because we’re in between that period where people have their bonus payments, putting money into their 401ks, and right before we’re getting a lot of checks being cut for tax season.”



In the summer, Bitcoin is expected to begin a bull market.

Mark Yusko, the founder, and CEO of financial firm Morgan Creek Capital Management, also participated in the broadcast. Yusko believes Bitcoin will soon enter a new bull market. Crypto spring price action is mostly range-bound, with summer representing a bullish period.

Because institutional investors are becoming more interested in altcoins other than Bitcoin and Ethereum, the crypto market may become more diverse in the coming months.

This could benefit the overall market by increasing demand for altcoins, potentially increasing their value.

Yet, it is vital to highlight that institutional investors continue to prioritize Bitcoin and Ethereum. Any large market fluctuations in these assets might have a significant influence on the overall crypto market.