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What is Bitcoin SV?

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مارس 6, 2023
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مارس 6, 2023

Bitcoin SV (Bitcoin SV) is an almost new digital currency that arose from the hard fork of Bitcoin Cash. The difference between the partners of Bitcoin Cash caused the separation of Mr. “Craig Steven Wright” from this team and the creation of Bitcoin SV. Bitcoin SV is represented by the abbreviation BSV. In the continuation of this useful article, we have provided detailed explanations about this digital currency. We hope that it will be of interest and use to you dear ones.


What is Bitcoin Satoshi Vision?


Bitcoin SV or Bitcoin Satoshi Vision is a new and influential digital currency that has recently entered the market. Bitcoin SV is among the top ten cryptocurrencies by market capitalization after its market capitalization grew significantly. This digital currency has remained in its place until now and this shows that such a project should not be ignored and it can be considered a serious competitor of Bitcoin Cash. This coin was a type of forced upgrade that took place in the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. After the hard fork of Bitcoin Cash, part of the chain found a new path, and this new path is known as Bitcoin SV, and its emergence has lasted for months.

History of Bitcoin SV


The creator of Bitcoin SV can be known as Craig Wright, who introduced himself as Satoshi Nakamoto some time ago and claimed to be the creator and creator of his Bitcoin. This person, who now lives in Australia, is the main reason for the separation of Bitcoin SV from Bitcoin Cash, and in a way, he can be considered the initiator of the hard fork battle of Bitcoin Cash.


According to the chart presented in Coin Market Cap of Bitcoin SV, the emergence of this new coin was recorded on November 9, 2018, but the activity of this coin can be officially considered on November 26, 2018, at the same time as it entered the market cap. . In the first moments of entering the market, this coin had acquired a market volume equal to 1.866 billion dollars, and the price of each unit was estimated at 108 dollars.


Bitcoin SV was actually introduced in August 2018 under the name BCH SV. This date even goes back to before the recent hard fork of Bitcoin Cash and shows that the idea of separating Bitcoin SV from Bitcoin Cash has been around for a long time. But it was not officially introduced.


On November 29, the highest price of this coin was recorded at around $121, and after that, its price gradually decreased. Of course, this value may decrease or increase in the future, and Bitcoin SV still has a long way to go. Bitcoin SV is abbreviated BSV and there are currently more than 17 million units of it in circulation.

What does Satoshi Vision mean?


Satoshi’s vision refers to the basic idea behind the creation of Bitcoin. This is where it gets complicated because the creator of Bitcoin and digital currency is a person or people who identified themselves as Satoshi Nakamoto. Of course, no one knows who Satoshi Nakamoto is, but according to the documents that are available around the creation of Bitcoin, it is clear that Satoshi had the idea of a global digital currency that would be decentralized and give people control over the currency. Satoshi had almost a Marxist point of view and thought that if the people could take control of the means of money production, the power would return to them. This vision eventually led to the development of Bitcoin.


Since the presence of Bitcoin, we have witnessed the formation of many hard forks of this digital currency. Bitcoin Cash was also created as a result of the hard fork of Bitcoin, and Bitcoin SV is also a hard fork of Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin SV is a version of Bitcoin that claims to revive Satoshi’s original vision to become the world’s most popular and widely accepted digital currency and be completely decentralized.

Bitcoin SV is a full node implementation of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and insists on maintaining the Bitcoin vision expressed by Satoshi Nakamoto in a 2008 white paper. According to this white paper, Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system, and Bitcoin SV’s mission is to realize this vision of Bitcoin. This project aims to present Satoshi Vision, abbreviated as SV. Created at the request of leading Bitcoin Cash mining company CoinGeek and other companies, Bitcoin SV aims to provide a transparent implementation of Bitcoin Cash for miners and allow businesses to and create websites on its platform securely.


Currently, the real vision of Bitcoin SV is focused on four important and key issues, and the goal of this vision is to make Bitcoin SV a better currency than Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin. Bitcoin SV first addresses the issue of stability:


The vision of this digital currency is to ensure stability by applying only limited changes to revive the Bitcoin protocol in its original form and enable innovation on the basis of a stable basic protocol. Part of their goal is to revive Satoshi’s operating code to enable businesses and development teams around the world to build possible solutions on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. These solutions include smart contracts, tokenization, atomic exchanges, and many others.


The next issue is the issue of scalability:


For Bitcoin Cash to truly function as a global money platform,

It needs to prove that it is ready to process the volume of transactions at the required scale. Bitcoin SV’s policy is primarily focused on increasing capacity, which it intends to create through adjustable miner block sizes and performance improvements.


It was also stated on the Bitcoin SV site about security:


Bitcoin Cash will be the global digital currency. In order for such a thing to be realized, it is necessary to provide a level of security appropriate to the global monetary system. Therefore, the Bitcoin SV project is focused on the mining node software quality assurance program.

Instant transactions for Bitcoin Cash payments are like a key to open the doors of the traditional business market. Security improvements can provide safer and better instant transactions for the future, and the Bitcoin SV policy makes secure instant transactions a key priority.

Future of Bitcoin SV


As it is clear, the Bitcoin SV team has a basic focus on its future goals. This team has started a bold move and wants to bring the Bitcoin space closer to the goals that Satoshi Nakamoto originally intended. The policy of this digital currency emphasizes the sustainability of these four key issues, and the team of this digital currency will research and launch a clear plan for the development of Bitcoin SV. At the moment, the policy of this digital currency is presented briefly and it is expected that it will be expanded over time and more details will be added to it.

At the moment, it is expected that this digital currency is a little unstable and probably won’t stay in the top ten digital currencies for a long time, but if we leave these issues aside, it can be said that Bitcoin SV has been quite effective.

In the design of BitcoinSV, an attempt has been made to re-examine the main protocols of Bitcoin, which are the result of the views and opinions of its creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. For this reason, the name Satoshi vision was chosen due to the purpose of creating Bitcoin and what was written in its white paper.

The creators of Bitcoin SV believe that they have included all the useful and practical features of Bitcoin in the blockchain network of Bitcoin SV, so companies can invest in the BSV brand and blockchain in order to provide stable conditions and the desired scale. trust based on it.

On the other hand, in order for the Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency to gain a suitable position as a real currency, this platform must improve the speed of transactions and have the necessary conditions to process the volume of transactions on a global scale. These issues are in the Bitcoin roadmap. SV is fully considered with increasing capacity and block size in mind.

Of course, it is expected that more details will come out with the passage of time.

Bitcoin SV buying and selling sites


You can almost buy Satoshi Vision from most of the big and reputable exchanges in the world. Some of these exchanges:





Big Binance exchange


Only Bitmax

Bittrex exchange

Ok X

Kevin X


Bit Phoenix

SV Bitcoin wallets

Atomic Bitcoin SV Wallet A secure wallet for storing SV Bitcoin currency

You can enter bitcoinsv.io website and download the wallet from github.

BCH and BSV addresses are shared. That is, the BCH account address will generate the same account address for BSV and vice versa.

The saved BCH addresses you created earlier are also available as BSV deposit addresses.