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Best wallet for icon | Wallet for ICX

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These days, it is very common to use digital currency wallets to store cryptocurrencies. There are all kinds of hardware, software, online, paper and electronic wallets. In this article, we know the best wallet for Icon and get to know their features. Each of these wallets has unique advantages and disadvantages. Depending on everyone’s situation, the best free wallet to hold ICX may be different.

Introducing the best free wallets for holding icons (ICX)


My Icone Wallet (MyIconeWallet)


MyIcon is a blockchain-based software wallet supported by the blockchain network called “goLoop”. MyIconWallet wallet can be installed on mobile operating systems (Android and IOS). Developed by ReliantNode, this wallet allows users to store ICX tokens. This wallet is a decentralized wallet and you don’t need an exchange to use it.


Advantages of MyIcone Wallet (MyIconeWallet)


This wallet has good security

Users can also participate in betting and polls and get rewards.


Disadvantages of My Icone Wallet (MyIconeWallet)


Only supports ICX tokens.


Download My Icone Wallet (MyIconeWallet)


You can download this wallet from the following address:




Ledger Nano X wallet


Another hardware wallet available in the market is the Ledger Nano X wallet. This wallet supports more than 50 different digital currencies and tokens. The Ledger Nano X wallet is one of the most secure hardware wallets on the market, approved by the French Cyber Authority. Using the Ledger Nano X hardware wallet, your digital currencies are stored offline, thus protecting them from hackers. If you intend to invest large sums for a long time, Ledger Nano X wallet is the best wallet for you. The following are among the most important digital currencies supported by Ledger Nano X wallet:

Stealth, Woleet, Wanchain, Kowala, Particl, Rootstock, Waves, Rise, FIC Network, EOS, POA Network, IOTA, Lisk, Musicoin, Factom



Advantages of Ledger Nano X wallet


high security

Ability to connect to Bluetooth


Disadvantages of Ledger Nano X wallet



Non-replaceable battery

Download Ledger Nano X wallet software

To manage the Ledger Nano X wallet, you need to download the free Ledger Live software from the link below:


SafePal wallet


Safepal is a safe and user-friendly wallet for storing and managing digital currency. It supports blockchain networks and exchanges among various digital currencies. It also allows its users to store all Ethereum tokens easily. This wallet is open source and allows developers to find and fix bugs. This wallet has a very convenient and simple user interface, and its design is such that even beginners can work with it easily.


Advantages of SafePal wallet


There is the ability to convert digital currencies to each other in this wallet.

SafePal Earn is one of SafePal’s products, which is an option for centralized and decentralized projects.


Disadvantages of SafePal wallet


Lack of support for desktop versions (only Android, iOS, etc. versions)

Not having the capability of multiple signatures or message signing



D’CENT hardware wallet


D’CENT hardware wallet is a safe and secure wallet for managing cryptocurrencies. Descent wallet is the first physical wallet that uses a fingerprint lock for greater security and fully protects users’ private keys. In general, the mechanism used to secure this wallet is very advanced. Disent hardware wallet is equipped with Bluetooth technology. You can easily send, receive and manage your currencies by installing the application for Android and iOS operating systems.


Advantages of D’CENT hardware wallet


The box of this wallet is very strong and high quality.

The security mechanism used in this wallet makes it one of the most secure hardware wallets available.


Disadvantages of D’CENT hardware wallet


Currently, there are no disadvantages reported for this wallet.

Download D’CENT wallet software

You can download this wallet from the following link:



In this article, we learned about the best wallets for Stellar and various free wallets for Icon (ICX). Which wallet do you prefer to use? Is your choice a multi-currency wallet that supports multiple currencies or a single-currency wallet for IX? Please share your valuable opinion with us.


What is digital currency Aria Coin (AYA)?


Aruzdigital Aya (AYA) is an Iranian cryptocurrency. In fact, it is the first and only cryptocurrency launched in Iran. Due to its listing in Coin Market Cap, it has the ability to buy and sell and exchange with other cryptocurrencies. But according to the evidence and reasons that we present below, we can conclude that


The purpose of creating it is fraud, and here we advise the users of the cryptocurrency market to refrain from buying it.


Who are the Ariacoin project development team?


AYA digital currency was launched by a team called Mr. DigiCoin. At first, this team collected Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin by doing Dogecoin cloud mining and gained a lot of capital in this way. Then it announced that there was a DDOS attack on its servers, and on this pretext it blocked its users’ capital and took the possibility of withdrawing from there. He then introduced the AryaCoin project and asked users to convert their holdings to AYA currency now that they can’t make withdrawals. Fraud more obvious than this?!!!

Interestingly, after the launch of the Aria Coin project, extensive advertisements were made for it, and even reputable news sites such as CCN introduced it to the public and encouraged users to buy this cryptocurrency. In the meantime, people who did not have enough information about fraud projects, especially Aria Coin, trusted it and bought it. In the end, the same thing that happened to the investors on the Mr. DigiCoin site, happened to the investors of AYA digital currency, and the capital of these users was destroyed.


AYA Currency Digital White Paper


It is definitely necessary to have a white paper for a digital currency, but it is not a reason to trust it, especially if there are copy sentences in it. Using copy sentences is an action that can be seen in abundance in Aria Quinn’s white paper. In this white paper, you can clearly see the sentences copied from the Bitcoin white paper. So that when you read it, it is as if you are reading the Bitcoin white paper.

If you want to take a look at the Aria Coin white paper, go to the website of this currency and download and read the white paper file. Another negative thing about Aria Coin is the claim that it is similar to Bitcoin while the supply is unlimited, which is a contradiction.