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He was recognized as a senior specialist at RAO UES (Russian Electricity Holding).

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Priobrazhensky moved to the investment field, starting as a senior vice president at CERA and director of research at Spectrum Partners (a major regional hedge fund). He has also created a fund called Avega Capital.

In 2014, Priobrazhensky created Zalogo, a platform for giving and receiving loans. In 2017, Mr. Priobrazhensky created LATOKEN, which is associated with Russia due to the nationality of the founder and the significant Russian-speaking team. Priobrazhensky also managed the Russian section of the Institute of Founders. LATOKEN has been the main sponsor of a series of seminars called the Blockchain Economic Forum.


What products and services does Latoken exchange offer?


LATOKEN has some additional features as outlined below:

  1. IEO campaigns

You can create IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) campaigns on LATOKEN. On the LATOKEN website, under the Exchange tab, there is a section where you can launch crowdfunding projects. Of course, you should contact the company directly before setting up. You can launch the desired campaign only if the IEO platform approves your request.

  1. LA Trading

The LA token can be used for many transactions on the platform and as a trading pair with many coins on the LATOKEN exchange.

  1. VCTV, the site’s video portal

Users access VCTV, the site’s video portal. Where they can learn more about different crypto teams, watch some trend analysis, or learn how to get funding for early stage startups. They can also get more information about all past events by checking the Past tab.

  1. Currencies supported by LATOKEN

LATOKEN supports more than 60 digital currencies and 145 trading pairs as it supports IEOs. You can use this platform to trade major currencies like Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Tether (USDT), etc.

Native LA token is also very popular among traders and you can trade it in pairs with other cryptocurrencies. You cannot use this platform to deposit fiat money because LATOKEN is a crypto-crypto exchange that does not support fiat-crypto trading. Additionally, LATOKEN does not support PayPal or wire transfers. However, you can deposit digital currencies directly from a digital currency wallet or purchase special currencies directly on the website.

  1. Types of supported financial markets

The LATOKEN exchange offers several notable trading categories such as “VC-backed” currencies. Additionally, you can select DeFi, CeFi, Infrastructure and other filter options that may help you find cryptocurrencies to invest in.

  1. LATOKEN fee structure

Cryptocurrency exchanges charge transaction fees, deposit fees, and withdrawal fees. Like most digital currency exchanges, LATOKEN does not charge any fees for deposits. But LATOKEN transaction fees are somewhat higher than other platforms. For example, LATOKEN charges users 0.49%, while other exchanges only charge 0.2% (Binance 0.1%).

It is worth noting that this platform offers various ways to reduce these costs. If you pay commissions with LA tokens, you get 74% discount. Another way to reduce fees is to increase the volume of transactions. Withdrawal fees vary from one currency to another and are quite high.

LATOKEN also enables you to make permanent futures trades. The futures market allows you to trade contracts that agree to buy or sell a specific digital currency on a future date at a specific price. LATOKEN permanent futures trading fees are lower than other exchanges.


Latoken exchange problems (LATOKEN)


This review would not be complete without discussing the cons and problems of LATOKEN as outlined below:


  1. Deposit and withdrawal problems


LATOKEN users have repeatedly complained about problems when depositing or withdrawing their funds. This exchange often closes some of its digital currencies for withdrawals without warning users about the closing of withdrawals. In addition, users deposit money, but it does not show in the balance. Users are complaining about deposits not showing up in their balance in Google Play feedback.

One of the explanations is that the LATOKEN exchange has a minimum deposit required for each currency. If you deposit less, your money will disappear and will not be returned. It is difficult to comment on whether these issues are due to the poor state of the exchange technology or if there are other reasons!


  1. Fraud allegations


In LATOKEN’s reviews and related Twitter history, you may find users claiming that the company is a scam and is causing its customers to suffer losses. Users claim that when they sell cryptocurrencies, they only get half or even a quarter of the value they were supposed to get, and they can’t even contact the company’s customer support.

Some point out that their digital currencies disappeared due to the removal of those assets from the website, and others suspect fake liquidity.

Is LATOKEN exchange safe?


The most important question to answer is whether LATO exchange

Is KEN safe? It is difficult to answer this question. No hacking incident has been registered for this exchange and it takes high security measures. However, many users claim to have lost their capital on this platform.


Step 1: Registration


The registration process in LATOKEN exchange is easy. You can authenticate with a Google account or email. Just enter your email and password and confirm your email with the code sent to you. Going through these steps will give you a Tier 0 account with a $1,000 withdrawal limit per 24 hours, no access to token sales, and no access to alternative tokens.

To access the full range of LATOKEN products and services, you must provide your personal information and verify your identity with a birth certificate or driver’s license. More information about the KYC levels and process can be found on the Latoken website.


Step No. 2: Deposit funds


Now you need to fund your LATOKEN account. You can buy major cryptocurrencies such as USDT, BTC, ETH, XLM, ATOM, TRX and EOS with a credit card on the platform. Alternatively, you can transfer digital currency from another wallet or exchange. LATOKEN does not charge any deposit fees, but the minimum deposit is 0.0005 BTC.


Step 3: Check the costs


Before making a transaction, it is important to consider all fees and minimum deposit requirements. While the LATOKEN exchange does not charge deposit fees, its transaction and withdrawal fees are above average and vary depending on the digital currency being traded. Therefore, we suggest you check the fees and the minimum deposit amount before making a deposit.

Tip: Make a small deposit to make sure everything goes smoothly and you won’t be charged more than you expect. This action also allows you to test the platform and see if you like working with it.


Step 4: Start trading


Now, you are ready to start trading. This process is similar to trading in other exchanges. You should select the “Buy” or “Sell” tab and enter the required information in the “Price”, “Amount”, “Limit order”, “Good Till Canceled”, “Buy BTC” (or “Sell BTC”) and fill etc.

The “Price” setting determines the price at which you want to buy or sell a particular digital asset. You can also choose between “Limit Order”, where you limit the number of assets you want to buy, and “Market Order” for the algorithm to buy/sell assets at the current market price.

Once you have set all these parameters, you can press “Buy BTC” or “Sell BTC” to complete the transaction.




LATOKEN exchange offers digital currency investors a rich collection of digital currencies, altcoins, digital currency pairs, advanced products and services, user-friendly trading interface, referral program and high security. On the other hand, LATOKEN fees are high and many negative reviews claim that this exchange is a scam.