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The best altcoins ready to grow for investment in March 1401

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Every day, users ask us: “Which altcoin should we buy?” ” or ” Which is the best altcoin to invest in 2023? In this article, we try to introduce the top 10 altcoins for investment in Isfand 1401 by considering fundamental factors, project news, network status, sentiment analysis and a glimpse of technical analysis. The currencies introduced in this article are not a buying signal or an investment proposal. Please do adequate research before making any investment.

If you are new to the world of digital currencies, first start with “Where to start” and then get familiar with the concepts of blockchain, bitcoin, investment and capital management. Then choose a suitable digital currency wallet and authenticate at a digital currency exchange. It is also better to get information about the methods of digital currency price analysis so that you can check the presented projects yourself. Now you can read the rest of the article and enjoy!


Rank one of the best altcoins for investment: Ethereum


Ethereum digital currency is a free system based on blockchain technology. This digital currency has its own browser, programming language and payment system. Ethereum has no central controlling unit and is controlled by thousands of computer systems around the world. The users of this digital currency are called nodes and they are responsible for the security of the network. Ethereum fully distributes all information in the network among users and each node has a copy of all blockchain data. Also read: What is Ethereum?

Features of the Ethereum currency


In Ethereum digital currency, due to the absence of a third party for management, network data cannot be changed or deleted in any way. To make the smallest change in this platform, it must be approved by all its members and users. The distribution of information is among public users and it is not possible to censor them. Also, due to the absence of a server and a central institution, people’s information is recorded and stored on their own personal system. Ethereum’s unique features greatly reduce the possibility of hacking and data theft.

Forecasting the future of the Ethereum currency


Ethereum is one of the most famous digital currencies in the cryptocurrency market. Most analysts and experts of this market predict a bright future for the Ethereum currency and consider it a suitable option for long-term investment. But you need to know that any investment in the digital currency market should be done with thorough research. Unfortunately, many people enter this market without enough information and end up losing their capital.

The second best altcoin for investment: Binance Coin


Binance Coin is a cryptocurrency symbolized by the symbol BNB. This token was designed by Binance exchange and has become popular among other exchanges within 6 months. BNB digital currency users benefit from features such as reduced transaction fees and increased chances of receiving IEO tokens. The reason for the popularity of this token among digital currency market users is its low fees, high security and very easy user interface.

Features of BNB currency (BNB)


BNB digital currency has many positive features that help users make easy and safe transactions. For example, if you use BNB instead of Bitcoin in your transactions in this exchange, you will receive discounts in the transaction fee. Also, if you use the Binance exchange to trade BNB tokens, your transaction fees will include a 50% discount.

Future prediction of BNB currency (BNB)


Binance exchange is looking to design a program for customer loyalty. BNB digital currency has shown its goodwill to its users by reducing their transaction fees and offering amazing discounts. As a result, digital currency market analysts have predicted a very bright and good future for this emerging currency.

The third best altcoin for investment: Metic


Polygan digital currency was initially introduced to the capital market under the name Matic. This network is trying to establish a secure connection and interaction between different blockchains. The main goal of Polygon digital currency (Matic) is to solve problems such as scalability, limited throughput, high fees, delayed transactions and slow speed. As a result, a second layer was designed for this special project to perform transactions and Ethereum smart contracts on its platform. This layer performs off-chain verifications with high security and speed. We also recommend reading what is Metic.

Features of Poligan currency (Matic)


Polygon digital currency network (Matic) has many unique features compared to its similar currencies in the market. For example, this network performs transactions on the Ethereum platform in its second layer at a much higher speed. In fact, the Polygon digital currency network (Matic) solves the lack of scalability of Ethereum to a great extent. Another feature of this digital currency is its high security, which has increased the popularity of Matic among capital market users. This network uses Ethereum’s proof-of-stake method to verify blocks and prevents fraud in this field.

Prediction of the future of Poligan currency (Matic)


As we said, Polygan digital currency was designed and launched with the aim of solving problems in the Ethereum network. But then A

After 4 years, he still could not achieve his goals in the capital market. According to analysts, failure to achieve the goals of this network in the digital currency market will cause its price to fall in the market.

The fourth best altcoin for investment: Dogecoin


Dogecoin is a basic cryptocurrency based on LuckyCoin. This digital currency is designed to be a very suitable alternative to Bitcoin and Litecoin. For this reason, Dogecoin currency has many similarities with Bitcoin. This currency is used in peer-to-peer transactions just like Bitcoin. Also, Dogecoin digital currency supports proof-of-work or POW algorithm and can be mined like Bitcoin. For more information, what is Dogecoin? read the

Features of Dogecoin currency


Dogecoin currency has many positive features and capabilities. One of the most important features of this digital currency is that transactions and its verification are done at high speed. Dogecoin has a loyal community that uses it as a currency for transactions. As a result, there are not many fluctuations in this market. Finally, another feature of this digital currency is its unlimited supply to the capital market. Dogecoin initially had only 100 billion coins, but over time this number changed to an unlimited supply.


Dogecoin future forecast


In general, many factors influence the future of the digital currency market. According to experts, one of the most important factors is the media. Currently, Elon Musk has a lot of influence on the price of Dogecoin, and every word he says may cause the price of this currency to decrease or increase. But to invest in this market, you must consider all aspects and then enter your capital into this market. read the

The fifth best altcoin for investment: Cardano


Cardano is one of the most reliable digital currencies of the third generation. The purpose of the emergence of the third generation of digital currencies in the market is to solve problems and challenges such as scalability and high transaction fees. Cardano digital currency was designed and launched in 2015 as a project to change the structure of the digital currency market. Cardano digital currency or (ADA) is considered one of the best and most consistent cryptocurrencies in the market, which has many users around the world. This valid digital currency has a layered architecture to create and maintain security and improve scalability. For more information, be sure to read the article What is Cardano.


Features of Cardano currency


One of the most important features of the Cardano digital currency is that in this network, as the number of users increases, the number of transaction processing also increases, because there is no scaling limit in the third generation of digital currencies. As a global payment system, Cardano is not operated by any company or government body. This network has the ability to execute smart contracts and helps users to make an easy and safe transaction. The level of security of the Cardano network is very high and there is no possibility of hacking or theft in this system.


Future prediction of Cardano currency


As you know, Cardano digital currency is among the top 10 currencies in the world. While developing itself, this network uses many creativity and innovations in the network structure; Therefore, this currency will have a bright future in the digital currency market due to having a comprehensive and targeted program.


Sixth best altcoin for investment: Phantom


The Fantom digital currency network (Fantom) with the abbreviation FTM was a solution provided by developers to solve the problems of Bitcoin, such as low speed and lack of scalability, etc. This digital currency solves the problems of Bitcoin and tries to increase its security and keep it at a high level. It also performs the process of exchanging digital currencies in a decentralized manner and in a secure platform, which makes the speed increase. Phantom Network is an open source and customizable platform. In this network, proof of stake is also used instead of proof of work. Recommended: What is phantom currency (FTM)? | Is Phantom (FTM) a promising currency?


Features of Phantom currency


The Fantom platform has unique features that distinguish it from other projects. These features include high speed, high security, decentralization, scalability and compatibility with the environment.


Forecasting the future of Phantom currency


Since the purpose of the Fantom project is beyond an exchange of digital currency goods and services, it is trying to become a foundation for many smart projects in the world. Also, Ethereum’s fees have increased and its speed has decreased, causing developers to use FTM as a virtual machine that is a cheap and fast alternative. In addition, this network is constantly expanding and these reasons show that Fantom can be one of the top 100 popular digital currencies in the world today.


The seventh best altcoin for investment: Litecoin


Litecoin digital currency is one of the first forks of Bitcoin in the capital market. In other words, Litecoin has taken over the open code base of Bitcoin. This digital currency was designed and launched by Google employee Charlie Lee in October 2011 to improve the capabilities of Bitcoin. Unlike other digital currencies, the supply of Litecoin is always constant and never exceeds 84 million in circulation.