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China Link price analysis: bullish correction to above 7 dollars

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China link price analysis shows that the price had a marginal behavior. Buyers have not been able to push the price above the $7 resistance and sellers have failed to push the price below the $6.50 support.

Important points of China Link price analysis


China Link price analysis shows an upward trend.

The closest resistance is at $7.

There is a support at the $06.5 level.


The RSI is close to the 50 level, which indicates uncertainty in the market, so there is a possibility of a breakout in either direction. If the price reaches above 7 dollars, the continuation of the upward trend will be likely, and the next resistances will be at 8 and 9 dollars. On the other hand, if the price falls below $6.50, there is a possibility of a drop to the $6.25 support.


The total market of this digital currency is worth 2.9 billion dollars. China Link, which is in the tenth position of the top currencies in terms of market value, has been strengthening for a week between the support level of 4.5 and the resistance of 5.8 dollars. Yesterday, Link broke the $6 resistance and started its upward movement. China Link has had one of the best performances in the last 24 hours.


China link daily price analysis


Daily price analysis shows a 3.2% price increase. China Link’s market value has reached 2.37 billion dollars and its 24-hour trading volume was 1.16 billion dollars. The closest support at the level of $6 will prevent the price from falling further. Above the resistance of $7 will prevent the price increase. The digital currency market as a whole is in the strengthening phase and most of the digital currencies have had limited behavior in recent days.



The Bollinger indicator shows that we will probably see more volatility in the next trading sessions. Makdi also shows an upward trend. The RSI indicator is above the 50 level, which indicates the positive direction of this currency.

4 hour price analysis


On the 4-hour chart, the price will face the barrier of $7. If the price breaks this level, it is possible to increase up to 8 dollars. The closest support is at the level of $6.5. The MACD indicator shows an upward trend in the 4-hour time frame, and the signal line is above the histogram.


China link and mana price analysis: Divergence in mana


With negative market sentiments in the last 24 hours, the price of China Link has dropped to the level of $15.6, but on the other hand, a divergence in the RSI has been observed in the 4-hour mana chart.

China link price analysis


With the loss of buyers’ power, the price of China Link has fallen from the level of $25.75. With a drop of 48.56%, the price reached its six-month low on January 24. Buyers finally stepped in at the $13.96 level and the price has experienced a minor recovery since then.

As a result of these efforts, an ascending triangle pattern (white) was broken, but the price could not cross the $1,776 resistance. After that, the sellers intensified their efforts and tested the 16.6 level, but on February 2nd (yesterday), a bearish covering candle was formed on the chart. At this time, the price experienced a drop of 8.8% in 24 hours and finally supported at $15.6.


If the price returns from near the lower Bollinger band, it will face resistance at the 16.6 level.


Now the price is in the range of 15.6 dollars. After entering the overbought range on January 30, the RSI has made a gradual downward movement below the midline and reached below the 35 level.

Analysis of the price of Dicentraland (mana)


After a 46% drop (since January 17), the price of Mana Poolback reached its 11-week low. After that, the $1.6 support finally came into action and showed its strength.


Four-hour Mana / Tether price chart.


Although the bullish corner pattern is formed in the chart, the bearish trend in this currency has been neutralized and the support of 2.4 remains intact. Right now, the closest level that sellers are trying to push the price to is the SMA-20 (red).


At the time of publishing this analysis, the price of Mana was $2.5321. Since the RSI broke out of the overbought zone, it has formed a bullish divergence (yellow trend lines) against the price. The CMF indicator has been able to remain above the zero line, which is a bullish sign.


The RSI is now near the 50 level, indicating uncertainty. Therefore, a breakout may occur in any direction.



China Link price analysis shows that the market has a positive trend and the price is increasing. Technical indicators all predict price increases in the near future. However, if the price rises, the nearest support will be at $6.50.