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El Bank exchange (lbank.info) – 7th rank of exchanges suitable for Iranians

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مارس 29, 2023
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مارس 29, 2023

Lbank exchange (lbank.info) is one of the best digital currency exchanges that started working in Virgin since 2015. According to the data of the Coin Market Cap website, El Bank Exchange ranks 18 among 500 digital currency exchanges at the time of publication of this article, which shows its significant transactions. El Bank exchange supports 500 cryptocurrencies for trading and includes easy buying and selling of digital currency – fast trade, professional buying and selling, wallet and portfolio management, leverage and loans and earning. Recently, this exchange has also authenticated Iranian users. Lbank exchange fee (lbank.info) is 0.1% in maker mode and 0.1% in ticker mode. For more information, read the article about getting to know Lbank exchange (lbank.info).


In the latest update of this article, the El Bank site has announced that it does not accept users from the United States, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, North Korea or Cuba to register and invest in this platform due to the policies or laws of the country. Therefore, authentication in this exchange is not suitable for Iranians!




High liquidity

Use of leverage




Sometimes it is unavailable

Some parts are Chinese


OKX exchange (OKX) – former OKX exchange


The most important features of OK X exchange


OKEX exchange at https://okex.com was founded in 2014 in Seychelles by Jay Hao. The OKX platform has innovative features that make it one of the leading exchanges in the world. This exchange has millions of users worldwide and is used in more than 100 countries.

Is OKX exchange available for Iranian users?


You cannot authenticate as an Iranian user in the OKEX exchange and operate officially. But you can start your activity without authentication at low levels and buy and sell. For this, be sure to use VPS. Never keep your digital currency in the exchange and transfer it to your wallet after purchase.

Does OKX Exchange ask for authentication when withdrawing from the account?

Although we haven’t had any reports of Iranian accounts being blocked in OKX, but to be careful, don’t deposit large amounts in this exchange and always transfer your assets to your wallet.


A general look at the trading environment in the OKX exchange




Low transaction fees and zero deposit fees

Having a wide range of current currencies

Ability to use margin, futures and leverage for Iranians

Easy user interface with a fast mobile app




It is not possible to open a trial account.

Sometimes there are withdrawal limits.

US users are not allowed to use this exchange.


Binance exchange


Binance exchange at https://binance.com was founded in 2017 by Changpeng and Yi He in China. This exchange has about 600 cryptocurrency pairs and also supports cryptocurrency/fiat pairs; However, most of those pairs are cryptocurrencies. In addition to trading cryptocurrencies, users of Binance exchange can use the advanced features of this exchange such as lending, margin, spot trading, futures trading and digital currency stick. Currently, Binance exchange ranks first in the world in terms of daily transactions.


The most important features of the Binance exchange

Didn’t Binance exchange block Iranian users?

Binance exchange officially banned Iranian users, but transactions with low amounts in this exchange do not require authentication and you can continue your activity.




The largest digital currency exchange with the most financial transactions (more than 3 billion dollars per day)

It has a lower fee than other exchanges

It has a wide variety in the number of cryptocurrencies (about 200) and trading pairs

The volume of daily transactions is very high and this volume

Existence of DEX and decentralized version




Sanctioning Iranian users and blocking the account upon detection

Daily withdrawal limit for unauthenticated users

Participation in ICOs and IEOs is subject to authentication


Special fee discount


If you register in the Binance exchange from the link below, you will receive a special discount on your first transactions.

Sign up and get a discount

Huobi exchange


The most important features of Hobby Exchange


Huobi exchange was founded at https://www.huobi.com/en-us in 2013 by Leon LI in Singapore. This exchange is considered one of the largest digital currency exchanges in Asia. At first, Huobi transactions were done only in Beijing and Singapore, but in 2020, they transferred Huobi Global to the Republic of Seychelles. At first, this version was only focused on the Chinese market, but later with the ban on digital currency transactions in China, this operating system has some settings.


It did the math and provided huobi global services all over the world.




Professional trading platform with high turnover

Support for more than 100 cryptocurrencies and tokens

High level of cyber security




Fiat deposits and withdrawals are not supported.

Long account registration process

No support for Iranian users


Kraken exchange


The most important features of the Kraken exchange


Kraken at https://www.kraken.com/en-gb was founded in 2011 by Jess Powell in the United States. This exchange is one of the oldest and most famous exchanges in the world and is famous for its security and high volume of transactions. Kraken enables cryptocurrency to fiat currency transactions. This exchange has been available to residents of 48 US states and 176 countries since 2021 and has 72 cryptocurrencies for trading.




High security and reliable

Low fees from 0 to 0.26% per transaction

Upper limit for transactions

Support for a large number of fiat currencies




Long confirmation time

Challenging user interface

Ban on Iranian users


As an Iranian user, can we use Kraken?

We strongly recommend that you do not use American exchanges even if you do not request documents for authentication.

FTX Exchange (FTX)


The most important features of the FTX exchange


FTX at https://ftx.com/en is a derivatives exchange established in 2019 in Hong Kong. This exchange was built with the slogan “by traders and for traders”. Shortly after its launch, FTX was among the top five exchanges in terms of trading volume and quickly gained popularity among users.




Low transaction fees (0.02% seller and 0.07% receiver)

High level of security, no hacking and scam reports

It offers one of the greatest leverage. (up to 101 times)

It offers a wide range of assets and cryptocurrencies on its platform.




Creating anonymous accounts is not allowed.

It does not support any fiat currency.

Ban on Iranian users


Bitfinex exchange