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Complete review of Unique Finance project and UNQT token

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Unique Finance is one of the fraud companies that has recently made a lot of noise in Iran. The reason for the prosperity of such companies in Iran is people’s great interest in getting rich overnight and endless economic problems. To write this article, we interviewed people who have accounts in this company while researching from reliable sites and found out that this company has changed its income plan many times and recently launched its new token. Stay with us to know about the types of plans and how to make a profit of Unique Finance Company.


What does Unique Finance say?


Unique Finance is a Ponzi company that has been operating since 2017. Unique Finance takes its name from a financial management company called Unique Finanz in Zurich, Switzerland. In fact, with this work, Unique Company has used the name of a reputable company to its advantage. Unique Finance also claims that by paying a thousand dollars, you buy the shares of important and famous companies in the world such as Apple, Facebook, Nike, Adidas, etc., and for this monthly purchase, a certain amount of interest is deposited into your account. The company has changed its plan many times over time. We have divided the income plan of this company into two time frames, old and new.

The old income plan of Unique Finance


This company has two income plans. In the first plan, a certain amount of interest is paid to each person per month for their investment. In the second plan, they are paid a commission for networking.

The period of time you invest your money in this company is two years, after that you can renew your membership or leave the company if you wish. In the past, with the first plan, each person was paid about 600 to 800 thousand tomans per month, according to the second plan, when a person creates a balance of 5,000 dollars in his three branches, he would receive a 1,000 dollar commission, while for each new entry, up to 3 people Lol was paid a monthly commission of $3. Over time, the company’s plans changed, and the three-dollar bonus per person was completely eliminated, leaving only the balance bonus of three sub-categories.



Disadvantages of the Unique Finance plan until the termination of all commissions


The interesting thing about the company’s plans is that none of the presenters talk about the bad things, for example, in the past, until your account amount reached 200 dollars, you would not receive any money, and from every 100 dollars, 25 dollars were deducted as a fee. . In fact, this company does not even return the full $1,000 to you and deducts various items such as insurance premiums, commissions, etc. from the deposit amount. In addition, the cashing of all bonuses is done only on the first day of the month, and if you need money at other times, there is no money.

The next thing is that the cashing of the so-called dollar deposits of this company is done only with the exchange of its contract party in Iran, and its dollars are not valid in any exchange and in any country! Also, with the start of the Corona crisis, the payment of all commissions was stopped for a long time, and no commission has been paid to investors in this company for a year now.

Unique Finance’s new income plan and UNQT token


Unique Finance recently launched a token called UNQT. The Unique Finance token is an alternative to deceiving users and has targeted the people of countries such as Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.


The sad thing is that Unique Finance was supposed to return all users’ capital in dollars, but when it launched its new token, it converted users’ capital into tokens, and this caused users’ losses to multiply.


This happened because the company converted all funds into tokens when the token price reached $15. Unfortunately, the UNQT token also had no support and its price fell to one dollar after a short period of time. During this event, the capital of all users became one-fifteenth of its initial value.


Unfortunately, the UNQT token is registered in various exchanges and is constantly being updated for more promotions of this unique finance digital currency price fraud project.


Why is Unique Finance a scam?


Let’s start with this company’s token. Perhaps the discussion of the token has made you think that Unique Finance is also legal, but the fact is that listing your token in any exchange does not give it credibility, because smaller exchanges list your token by paying some money, and exchanges Decentralized do not need to be listed at all. In decentralized exchanges, you can generate your new token using programming and withdraw it after uploading it to the site’s server.


The important issue here is that according to the law, it is completely illegal to supply a token without economic support, and since the Unique Finance token has no support and has problems in providing liquidity, it is a pure mistake to build and buy it.


  Other reasons to prove the fraud of Unique Finance


You can read the opinions of Unique Finance losers on trustpilot.com. If you visit this site, you will notice that some of the comments are completely fake, but the other group of them are the comments of users who have lost their capital in this company and warn other users about this issue.

reportscamonline.com has identified Unique Finance as a scam.

Unique Finance Company

It has received a low trust rating from scamadviser.com and is also registered as a scam on safe.shop.

None of the identity information of the website owners is provided in it, there is no contact number, email and address.


There are no links to the project’s social networks on this site and it is not optimized for search engines.


If you have been active in the stock market for a little while, you know that there is no such thing as a fixed monthly profit, and none of the stock exchange companies have a plan based on networking.

The arrest of the leaders of Unique Finance


The Ministry of Information announced:


With the intelligence and operational actions of the anonymous soldiers of Imam Zaman (may God bless him and grant him peace), more than 150 people from the main networks and leaders of Unique Finance pyramid company were identified and hit in 19 provinces of the country.[Source]


Now we have to see what arrangements have been made to compensate the lost property and get the money back from Unique Finance.


To view the clip of the arrest and destruction of the Unique Finance fraud network, refer to this page.



Unique Finance is a binary company that has repeatedly changed its income plan and even its website address. This company has now created a new token which, besides being illegal, has no financial backing and its price has fallen. The website of Unique Finance has not provided any reliable information about the location of the company and its owners, while there is no number for contact and support. In the end, we hope you make a decision with open eyes and use your capital properly.