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waykingroup | Checking the claims of the Viking Group or Viking Throne project + wkx review

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These days, with the progress of societies and the development of communication, new projects are proposed at a faster rate than in the past. One of the projects that you may have heard of these days is Vikingtron. This project attracts people by claiming to pay astronomical profits. But is investing in Viking Throne the right thing to do? How do we know that the purpose of this project is not a scam? These are the questions that we will answer in the upcoming article. Stay with us.

What does Vikingtron or Vikinggroup (waykinggroup – waykingtron) say?


Vikingtron (waykingtron), which is mistakenly called Waykingtron in Iran (these days it is also called Vikingverse) is a project based on Tron digital currency. This project claims to be a Tron-based smart contract scheme. People who invite others to Vikingtron project try to make themselves appear legitimate by referring to concepts like smart contract and blockchain. But…


Is every plan based on a smart contract valid?


Let’s go back to the past, at first Tron Token was based on the Ethereum network, but after some time it was able to launch its own blockchain and move towards being a coin. Currently, TRON is considered a coin and is traded in reputable exchanges in the world, so buying and selling TRON digital currency in exchanges is completely legal and correct.


Now let’s go to Viking Throne:


Today, the Tron blockchain has the ability for different people and developers to create a smart contract on its platform. So, the word smart contract does not necessarily mean that a project is legal, and any programmer can create a smart contract in a short period of time.


  Or the white paper of the Viking Throne project or the Viking Group


At the very beginning of the page, we encountered a big download purple paper button, and after clicking on it, we encountered error 500. We searched on Github, where all prominent projects in the world share their source code, but we did not find any traces of the project’s roadmap or white paper! We also searched on reputable sites such as Coin Market Cap and Gwin Gecko, but there was no result. Even the smallest Shatcoins usually create a page on GitHub by uploading a smart contract, but it seems that VKing Group can’t even manage to create this one page.


Identity information of owners and agents of the Viking Throne project or Viking Group


The biggest obvious reason to be suspicious of an investment site is the lack of complete information about the managers and agents of a financial project. In the official websites, information such as email and contact number for investors or company office address and a fixed number is usually placed in the about us section, but with a little investigation, we realize that this information is not clear anywhere on this site. Is. Also, no official social networks have been announced anywhere on this site, and all virtual pages are user advertisements.


The sudden change of the name of We King Throne to We King Group


After some time of writing this article, we realized that this site has changed its domain without informing the users. The previous domain, which was called waykingtron, changed overnight to waykingroup. Also, this site has restricted free access to Iranian users and you can enter this site only by changing the IP address.


Unfortunately, Telegram and Instagram groups of supporters of this project with the names of VKingtron, VKingtron, VKing Group, VKing Group and even vaykinGroup and other spelling methods are collecting and attracting funds.


Checking the accuracy and reliability of the Viking Throne site


According to Scamadviser.com, the waykingtron site has a very low trust score, and this is most likely a sign that the site or project in question is a scam. Scamadviser rated waykingtron using a computer program. This algorithm has evaluated the site by observing the source code used, terms and conditions, registration, company position and positive and negative comments of users on social networks. Basis tells what trust score each site has.


Investigating how Vikingtron earns money


The reviews of Mihan Signal experts show that Vikingtron has two income plans. In the first plan, every person receives a certain amount of interest every month, which is equal to 10% of the initial capital. In this plan, you receive commission for two years. The second plan of Vikingtron, which is based on networking, is a binary type with a balance condition. In this plan, people do not create any added value and only earn profit by attracting new inputs and investing them. There are eleven levels in the second plan and you have to upgrade your level regularly to get commission. In this plan, each person receives profit from the line that has the lowest amount of investment, and the amount of profit received is equal to 10% of the investment volume of the balance lines. In the second plan, the commission limit is equal to 50% of the individual’s initial investment.


“Determined profit percentage in investment projects is one of the ways to detect fraud! ”


Let’s assume that you have invested 1000 trons and your network has grown so much that you will receive 700 trons of commission. In this case, you can only receive a commission up to 500 trons, because this number is equal to 50% of your initial capital. Now so that you can Withdraw another 200 trons, you need to increase your initial capital and bring it to 1400 trons. In this case, you deposit 400 trons into the system so that you can withdraw another 200 trons from your commission. This process continues until the final stages, in fact, in this system, to receive any amount of commission, you have to deposit twice it into the system and then withdraw half of your deposit amount as interest!

Using smart algorithm in VKingtron or VKing Group


Recently, the users presented in this Ponzi project claim that the company has achieved artificial intelligence algorithms that can trade and generate income with a very low error rate. It is usually customary in IT projects that in case of new innovations, using sites such as GitHub source, they display their algorithms in a transparent manner for users so that users are better informed about the performance of these algorithms and there is no ambiguity. But in this project, there is no news about the white paper or the source and GitHub, and it is only claimed: “V Kingtron makes money from smart algorithms!” This trading method has existed for years in financial markets such as digital currencies and forex. But none of these algorithms and indicators have been able to generate significant profit.


The answer of users in front of the presenters of this company can be: “If this algorithm and indicator generates income without any problems, why does it partner with us??!!”.

Vikingtron is a clever Ponzi scheme


Such schemes that have no added value and can continue to grow only by networking and regular deposit of money are called Ponzi schemes.

In Ponzi schemes, the system continues to survive until there is a new investor. Another example of Ponzi schemes are Double Way Project and Unique Finas Company. In Unique Finance company, they attracted many people with the promise of getting rich and fixed monthly profit, but after the corona crisis started, the number of entries decreased significantly. It was here that all the commissions were stopped and the registered people could not even receive their initial capital!


For more information, we recommend the article What is a Ponzi scheme and how is it different from a pyramid scheme? See


6 common features in most Ponzi schemes from the point of view of Signal Homeland:


Astronomical and guaranteed profits

Anonymity of the designer

No valid contact information

Not having a legal license

Lack of transparency in activities

Strange ways to get money


Regarding the last case, we must say that most of these systems receive money in untraceable ways. One of the best ways to receive money in an untraceable way is to receive an amount in digital currency. In this case, even if 1% of the claimants can sue the owners of V King Throne, they still cannot prove their payment due to the legal loophole.

Repeated threats to users of the WeKingTron scam project or WeKing Group


After writing this article, we received many threatening messages every day. From insulting comments to me and other family members to threatening to sue. But none of these people were willing to take legal action, which is very worthy of consideration! Also, to bring down this page, a robot was used for DDOS attacks on our site, which were all blocked at the first opportunity after identifying the malicious IPs.


Repeated threats to users of the We King Group fraud project


Now the question is, are we trying to attract capital that you need our contact information?!! :)) If your life is transformed by astronomical profits, why do you need to shut the mouths of critics?!

The owner of Kingtron is the same as other Ponzi sites!


If you are familiar with the Whois system, you can query the owners of different domains. One of the users on the web learner GitHub raised an interesting topic:


Three sites, icbroker.com, waykingroup.com, and defigroups.com, which are full of ransomware and malware, are registered from the same owner!


Address: Kalkofnsvegur 2

City: Reykjavik

State / Province: Capital Region

Postal Code: 101

Country: IS

Phone: +354.4212434


that probably these specifications are registered with the purchased identity.

Vikingverse, rushing towards the metaverse hell!


These days, on Telegram channels, we see advertisements for the entry of the V Kingtron project into the metaverse! In one of these advertisements it is written:


About the Vikingverse project, Vikingtron Company is progressing and completing the Vikingverse platform! In order not to miss out on this wonderful project, you only need to buy WKX tokens and join the group of Vikings!


Unfortunately, this ad has no basis and no technical details of the completion of the Vikingverse platform are available!

Advertisement for V Kingverse!



Remember that there is no project that will make you rich overnight. So, whenever you come across a project that promises you a high income in a short period of time, doubt its validity. A detailed review of the income plan, long-term goals, management team, and social networks of the project will help you a lot. Also, remember that if the project or company is valid, it will surely record all its information, including the contact number, email and address of the company, on its site with pride! Failure to record information and lack of transparency only shows that a project is fraudulent.