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Earning from GPS with Coin application

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Earning from GPS with Coin application

Earning from GPS with Coin application

Earning from GPS with Coin application

As you know, there are many ways to earn money in the world of digital currencies. One of the most practical and convenient of them is the use of software that gives you digital currency in exchange for specific information or introductions and advertisements. Today we want to introduce the Coin application, which is mostly used geographically and can be used to earn a small amount of digital currency. If you have experienced games like Ingress and Pokemon Go, you will also find the Coin application interesting.


What is a coin application?


COIN app is a mobile app that provides many opportunities to earn digital currency by validating location information while traveling, commuting, running or moving around in the real world. You can earn digital currency by using Coin application while interacting with your friends and use the challenges that this program provides for fun. This software has more than 500,000 active installations and is available in Google Play and Apple App Store.



Where can I download the Coin application?


In exchange for this location data, you get some COIN Tokens. Sometimes this amount can be high, and if you have XYO SentinelX with you, it will be 12 times more when traveling.


This means that you can receive digital currency using your phone’s GPS information.


Learn more about the Coin project


The goal of this project is to reduce the concentration of data, and to achieve this, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things should be used all over the world, and this is exactly where we use games and artificial intelligence software to make things smarter. I played this game for several weeks. This app does not collect much data and specifically uses your phone’s location and GPS signals.

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Will this application allow access to the data in my phone?


Since we share location data anonymously there will be no worries. We help in this project so that we can help build the overall Internet of Things network.


How do we get paid for using our location data?


In exchange for sharing this data, we receive coins that we can convert into digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum after a while.


How does this application work?


The way these devices work is that they are recognized by our phone and if our phone is further than the limit of 50 meters of this device, our phone will no longer recognize it.


What is the use of my location data in this software?


It is not only the use of location data for the Coin application development team, but the following can also generate income:


  1. Ads are used in this program and you have to watch ads to get some coins. This method is very low income and he cannot open that account.


  1. Creating location databases and selling related services


  1. In this application, you can earn more coins over time by buying paid subscriptions. So it will be worth it for you to get a monthly subscription and this is an independent source of income for the Coin app development team.


The value of the coin will increase in the future with the gradual and widespread use of people. Currently, by receiving about 300,000 coins, you can receive the equivalent of 160 US dollars. You can order an Apple Airpod with this.


Do you think it is possible to make reasonable money using these applications? Do you prefer earning money from these applications to other ways of earning money from digital currencies?