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How Polygon Became March’s Second-Largest Gaming Blockchain

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Thanks to an increase in user activity on its network, Polygon, Ethereum’s layer-2 scaling solution, is quickly becoming a gaming industry powerhouse.

According to DappRadar, the number of Polygon’s daily unique active wallets (dUAWs), which increased by 53% to 138,081 in March, made it the second-largest blockchain gaming network in terms of UAWs.

Given that the firm’s DeFi dApps first gained the company recognition, Polygon’s entry into the gaming industry is significant. The network overtook Hive to claim second place in March, which is encouraging for Polygon as it grows and becomes known as a gaming blockchain.


Polygon: Betting on Blockchain And Gaming

Another factor contributing to Polygon’s success is Hunters On-Chain, a Web3 version of BoomLand’s mobile game Hunt Royale, which has had a UAW increase of more than 17,000% in the previous 30 days.

The game is a free-to-play RPG with NFT integrations that resembles Minecraft in both appearance and gameplay. On March 9, the game’s UAW count peaked at an all-time high of about 55,300.

Although it’s unclear what increased interest in Hunters On-Chain last month, it’s possible that the upcoming in-game NFT sale on March 31 had something to do with it.

In March, the total amount of on-chain gaming activity dropped by 3.33% to 741,567 daily unique active wallets. However, in Q1 2023, games continued to represent 45.6% of DApp industry activity.



Collaborations With Well-Known Brands

The expansion of Polygon’s partnerships with well-known companies like Warner Music, Starbucks, Adidas, Reddit, and Adobe to develop and host NFT projects may also be attributed for the company’s entry into the gaming industry.

The network’s developers, Polygon Labs, have a lengthy list of illustrious connections, indicating that its expansion into gaming and NFTs is gathering momentum.

With 314,976 daily unique active wallets in March, down 8.11% from February, WAX remains the biggest gaming blockchain.

On the other hand, the blockchain’s expansion into the gaming industry positions it behind Boomland’s Hunters On-Chain, which went live on its testnet last month, as the second-largest gaming blockchain.

In terms of on-chain decentralized app (DApp) activity, the action role-playing game later rose to become one of the top five blockchain games.



The incredible success of Polygon in the game industry may be attributed in large part to Hunters On-Chain, which helped draw a large number of new players.

Its open-source Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) comparable zero-knowledge rollup, which enables DApps to expand through transaction batching and unlocks faster speed while decreasing gas rates to complete network transactions, was released on March 27. This development is also credited with its success.