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Exodus wallet

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“Security along with an attractive user interface.” That was the definition of Exodus in a few words.

Exodus is one of the oldest cryptocurrency wallets and has been serving cryptocurrency users since 2015.

This software was initially only available for personal computers; But now it can be installed on two popular mobile operating systems, i.e. Android and iOS. In addition to supporting more than 100 coins and tokens, the beautiful user interface of Exodus is unique.

Exodus has blocked the access of users with Iranian IP in its Windows app, and to use it, the IP must be changed. Another important point is that the aforementioned wallet stores private keys directly on the device; Therefore, despite users’ concerns, Exodus does not have access to assets and cannot block them.


  • Optimal security
  • Easy and beautiful user interface
  • Support for hundreds of coins and tokens
  • Can be installed on mobile and desktop

weak points

  • It is not open source.
  • Iran’s IP has been blocked.
  • Download Exodus

Bitcoin Wallet (Bitcoin Wallet)

“Bitcoin Wallet” is one of the first Bitcoin wallets for mobile devices, launched in 2013.

This wallet does not have the complexities of some other wallets such as Mycelium and its user interface is designed very simply; However, it is currently only available for Android OS.

As the name Bitcoin Wallet suggests, this wallet only supports Bitcoin. The aforementioned wallet does not have many security features; But its open source and support for all types of Bitcoin addresses (Segwit and Legacy) and the possibility of registering a PIN make it one of the best Bitcoin wallets.

Backing up this wallet is easy; But unlike most wallets that provide a string of 12 or 24 words for support, the way to back up in Bitcoin Wallet is a little different and instead of words of support, the user is given a file with which the user can recover their assets if the wallet is deleted. .

The Blockchain.com wallet is one of the popular and old Bitcoin wallets, which supports several other currencies, including Ethereum, Tether, Bitcoin Cash, and Stellar, in addition to this digital currency.

Although this wallet is web-based and stores private keys on Internet servers, the developer company has proven that it does not have access to assets due to the encryption of private keys and passwords.

If I were to tell you the weaknesses of this wallet, I would mention the weak reminder to the user to take a backup, so that if users forget their password and have not backed up their wallet, they will never be able to access their assets again. Blockchain Dotcom also has a mobile app that allows users to use it more easily.

Safe Paul wallet

Saif Paul is a wallet that was released in 2018 and managed to gain a lot of popularity in a short period of time. The user interface of this wallet is so simple and user-friendly that it is suitable for both new users and professional users.

One of the interesting features of Safe Paul is that, in addition to its very popular software version, it also has web and hardware versions. It is important to know that SafePal is the first and only digital currency wallet that Binance Labs (the venture capital arm of Binance Exchange) has invested in.

SafePal now has a total of more than 7 million users from all over the world who use its software, web and hardware versions. All these users are finally managed by Safe Bridge application. At the time of this writing, SafePul supports 15 languages and 54 blockchains, and this number is constantly growing.

Atomic wallet

Atomic Wallet is a decent crypto wallet in many ways and it ticks a lot of boxes. This popular software wallet can be installed and used on Windows, Mac, IOS and Android operating systems.

Atomic Wallet supports thousands of tokens on different networks, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Solana, and Binance Smart China. Users can also add new tokens to this wallet if they have the smart contract address.

The portfolio dashboard of Atomic Wallet is interesting and user-friendly. This dashboard shows what cryptocurrencies you have and the dollar value of your investments. Also, one of the other useful features of Atomic Wallet is the possibility of staking proof-of-stake currencies (including Cardano, Tron, Cosmas, and Nair). The annual interest rate in Atomic Wallet varies from 5% to 22%.

Of course, one of the most important negative events of Atomic Wallet was the hack of this wallet in June 2023, which led to the loss of 35 million dollars. This incident affected at least 5,500 crypto accounts on the platform. However, the Atomic Wallet team admitted that only 0.1% of the app’s users were affected.