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Filter writing for Ichimoku

Ichimoku analysis method
فوریه 9, 2023
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فوریه 9, 2023

In this article, we intend to refer to the investigation of its types of signals and its formulation.

Please note that the filter writing of this indicator can be implemented initially in Tehran Stock Exchange Technology Management Company. But if you know a little programming, you can use this indicator and its code to filter digital currency.

Note that you need to work well with the Ichimoku indicator. It is necessary to refer to the article section of VIP digital currency and use the article “Ichimoku indicator training in technical analysis” in that section comprehensively and completely. In this case, you can understand the purpose of filtering each section well. When your filtering works, it is better to first check the chart from different angles. Then try to make the best decision. If you have any questions or challenges in this way, it is better to ask us in the comments. So that we can provide you with the best answer as soon as possible.

As we mentioned in our previous articles, one of the best sites for technical analysis in digital currency is the Trading View site. This site allows you to filter the market in order to increase its service and quality in the free analytical plan. In the Crypto Pairs Screener section, you can start filtering the digital currency market based on the time frame and also based on your exchange. If you can correctly evaluate the market. You can earn good profit from this sector.

For example, you can use Ichimoku Golden Cross. At the Ichimoku Golden Cross, the Kijin Sen line intersects the Tiken Sen line upwards. This is because the buyers have been able to overcome the sellers in your desired time frame. Note that many people are making money from this simple signal today. You can also benefit from this system with a little effort and checking a few signals and finally taking a backtest of your strategy.

You can do exactly like the settings we have shown in the picture. Get your hands on the list of cryptocurrencies that have created an Ichimoku uptrend signal. Once you get this list, you can change the time frame and see which digital currency has maintained its upward trend in the low time. In this case, you can choose the right trigger for your entry. Try to have a review before buying and selling Ichimoku strategy in live mode.


Ichimoku filter writing in Iran stock market


You can’t use ready-made filters like Trading View for writing filters in the Iranian stock market. You should use the filters that we have prepared for you in this section. Of course, note that in the Iranian stock market, sometimes the type of chart as well as market chats may cause disruption in signaling. So when you see the result list, try to check the technical factors and board reading.


Thickensen and Kigensen intercepts by the upward price chart


When the price can cross the Thickensen and Kigensen lines to the upside, this means that an uptrend is forming. On the other hand, for stop loss, you can also place stabilization under Kijsensen and Thickensen. As we mentioned in previous articles. Sometimes these two lines can be support and resistance for you. If this strategy was unclear to you, you can raise it in the comments section, so that we can give you more examples.


Reference code for this strategy


var ten=([ih][9].PriceMin+[ih][9].PriceMax)/2;

var kiju=([ih][26].PriceMin+[ih][26].PriceMax)/2;

(pl) >0.999 *ten && (pl) < 1.1*ten &&(pl)>[ih][9].PriceMax&&(plp)>0&&


Golden cross filter (Ticksen cut the Kijsen line upwards)


If you want to use the golden cross that we talked about in the previous section, the following code will work for you. However, note that this code will only check the daily time frame for you. If you need a weekly time frame, the numbers should change slightly.

It should be noted that if your cross is inside the Como cloud, it is better not to trade in this area. Because in this area there may be a lot of fluctuations and you may have problems. It is better that this cross is also done below the price, if your cross was above the price, do not trade, because then the risk of your transaction may increase.


Reference code for this strategy


var ten=([ih][9].PriceMin+[ih][9].PriceMax)/2;

var kiju=([ih][26].PriceMin+[ih][26].PriceMax)/2;

ten>0.999 *kiju && ten< 1.1*kiju &&(pl)>ten&&(pl)>[ih][26].PriceMax&&(plp)>0


How to use Ichimoku filters in the stock market?


You must enter the main page of Iran Stock Exchange, then select the market watch option. Select the filter option in the market view option. Once you have done this, in the opposite window, as shown in the image, select the option to create a new filter. Copy the codes we have placed for you in this section. Then go to the settings option and activate the price history section.

In this case, you will have access to all the data you need. You can even use two or more filters at the same time. But you have to define an active strategy to use any filter that works for you in the market. If you see that this stock exchange page does not open for you. You may have a filter breaker on. Access to these pages is only possible with Iran IP.

final word


In this article, we talked about Ichimoku filtering in various markets. If you intend to filter and code in the forex market, you will need a programmer to coordinate the data you need with your broker. We mean spread and others obviously. As a result, try to pay special attention to this option and do not use ready-made codes.