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Ichimoku analysis method

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فوریه 9, 2023
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فوریه 9, 2023

Hello, our dear friends, today we are going to talk to you about some precise signals in the Ichimoku analysis method.

Of course, keep in mind that it is true that Ichimoku is the strongest trading indicator. But you should pay attention to risk management. The VIP cryptocurrency research team has put in all their efforts to help Sode become profitable. We have considered the best services and programs for you in the technical and investment fields.

Before starting to learn the Ichimoku analysis method, it is better to take a look at the article “Ichimoku indicator training in technical analysis”. In this article, we will not discuss the components and we will focus our efforts on the Ichimoku analysis method. If you gain enough mastery and knowledge in this method. It will no longer be difficult for you to achieve the above steps. We will be by your side and teach you the best tips.

Finally, if you have any questions or challenges about any of Ichimoku’s strategies, you can ask us, we will answer it as soon as possible.


The first method of Ichimoku analysis is to sort the chart!


Note that when you are going to trade with this Ichimoku analysis method. This means you may have less entry and exit opportunities, but arguably higher returns. On the other hand, this method can be very attractive for markets that become strong bulls or strong bears. And the digital currency market is also known for its speed and power in creating a trend.

upward trend


Look at the image below, you will know when a powerful trend has started. Thickensen and Kijsensen act as strong support below the chart. On the other hand, if the price breaks these two lines, you will have the opportunity to maintain your trend using the support of Aber Como. Finally, look at the green line. This line is our delay indicator, this line is placed in free space. This means your process can continue. But you should also pay attention to another issue.

When your indicator goes out of order and starts convoluting around the price chart. Why, when the price turns around after a while, it will fall very quickly. As a result, it will simply destroy your entire profit. To enter the chart, you should also try to enter when the price is out of the complex mode. In this case, you can be sure that your upward trend will continue.

downward trend


For the downward trend, you should consider the same situation in the form of a picture. It is better to take a look at the Bitcoin chart to better understand this issue. As you can see in the image below, Kijnsen and Thickensen are at the top of the price chart. This means that they are supposed to act as resistance. On the other hand, the Como cloud will be a strong obstacle in front of you. If you look carefully, when the price wants to cross the Kijsen and Thickensen resistance. Como cloud pushes it down.

Of course, you should pay attention to a very important issue, and that is that you should specify your support and resistances through your chart. In this case, you can use this chart in combination. Of course, note that for your convenience, we have included an article called “Support and Resistance Technical Analysis Training”. This article can significantly help you and increase your winning percentage.

Ichimoku analysis method in Kumo cloud section


When you look at Chris’s Ichimoku training or the Ichimoku master’s training files. You’ll notice they talk a lot about Como Cloud. But what is the Como cloud? What magical properties do these clouds have? You may be interested to know that these Como clouds are usually dangerous areas for trading. Because every Cuomo cloud consists of all support and resistance in the past market. You may have been asked how it can be used in the Ichimoku analysis method? The best thing is that you try to check the trend with it.

For example, look at the image above. Pay attention to the points drawn for you and try to find similar points in the past of the chart. In the previous sections, we told you that when the Cuomo cloud is below the chart, it means that it is acting as support. When the price is above the chart, it means that it is acting as resistance. Now when this trend is broken and Como cloud can’t do its job, it means that your trend is turning.

In general, we have a rule for this situation, we say that in order to change the upward trend to the downward trend, it is necessary for the price to break out of the ascending Como cloud. If 2-3 candles are stabilized in the above time frame, it means a trend change. When the price moves out of the Cuomo bearish cloud and stabilizes in the lower time frame of 5 to 7 candles, it means the beginning of a downward trend. Of course, note that you should also consider the static support and resistance of the market. Wherever in the market you see the price and the Ichimoku chart becoming convoluted, it is best not to trade.

final word


You have learned about two main strategies with high win rates. Now our question to you is what is your trading strategy with Ichimoku

set. You can share your analytical method with us so that others can also use this method. Be careful that the more you understand the perspective of the market ruler, the bigger your profit will be.