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How to buy land in Shiba Metaverse Learning to buy land in Shiba Land

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How and at what cost can you buy or sell land in Shiba Land?

Ever since Facebook changed its name to Meta, there has been a lot of exploration into the Metaverse. From buying land to big fashion houses like Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce & Gabbana, and exploring the Metaverse as a space to host fashion shows to world famous artists like Justin Bieber and Snoop Dogg hosting music concerts, the Metaverse has been very busy! However, it was expected that tokens would soon begin to offer their own “land” to investors. Let’s visit and check out the newly launched SHIBA Land in Metaverse called Shiba Land.


What is Sheba Metaverse?


The Shiba Metaverse is a virtual world hosted by Shib.io where characters or avatars can mimic and “live” the real world. The main goal of Metaverse is to create a virtual environment as similar to the real world as possible. Where users can enjoy, explore and play. According to some reports, the Shiba Metaverse will create a space where avatars can not only study, but also work a job and participate in the events of the Metaverse.


What is Shiba Land and how does it work?


Metaverse will be the first virtual world that provides education, entertainment, shopping and sightseeing for avatars.

The most interesting feature of Shiba Inu Metaverse is that its members can rent, sell or buy virtual land, also called Shiba Land. After buying the land, the user will have it in the form of an NFT, which can be rented out to other players or businesses.

In addition to living in the land of SHIBA, characters can buy and earn NFTs!

Did you know? Shiba Land is not related to Shiba Ino Token!


How to buy Shiba Land in Metaverse


Similar to buying land in the real world, buying land in the Shiba Metaverse also requires money. But in the form of digital currency tokens. The fastest way to get land in Shiba Metaverse is to hold LEASH tokens. These items are considered first when the auction starts.

According to Eric M., one of the developers of Shiba Land, landowners can lock up to 5 LEASH tokens for 45-90 days.


How much does it cost to buy Shiba land?


The land in the Shiba Metaverse is divided into groups based on accessibility and location. The prices are as follows:

Category number Name Number of hectares available Cost per hectare

Category 4 silver hair 17030 0.2 Ethereum

Category 3 Golden Tail 7356 0.3 Ethereum

Category 2 Platinum Claw 5714 0.5 Ethereum

Category 1 diamond tooth 2024 1 Ethereum

4 things to do in Sheba Land

Since the launch of Shibaland, enthusiasts have been exploring the options available in this new metaverse! Here is a compiled list of 4 things you can do


virtual land


As in real life, when a city is developed by urban planners, lots are mapped and zoned and then presented for approval. This is how things work in Metaverse as well. After confirmation, the packages are registered in the blockchain. Once our architects and developers have designed and zoned the Shiba lot, the plans are posted to the Shiba Land Market for community members to view. There, members can see the size and price of each lot and the area it is located in. Then, members can purchase the amount of land they want.




There will be multiple spaces for Shebaland business members to promote their business to the Shebaland community. There will be spaces within the mall along key thoroughfares where businesses can rent space to be seen. Park benches, billboards and, for the serious investor, next to buildings are also selected in key locations in the city center.




There will be an entertainment area in Shiba Land. This part of the city will host all your favorite entertainment places. There will be movie theaters with the latest releases, art galleries with the hottest NFTs inside, even small music clubs where you can enjoy intimate performances by your favorite artist. Comedy clubs will also be one of the hottest areas in Shiba land!


for business


The business district offers various opportunities to the business community that seeks to offer its goods and services to the virtual world from the real world. There will be a mix of fancy office buildings filled with doctors, lawyers, accountants and other business professionals. Shiba Land members will also find a shopping mall where you can view, shop, and purchase the best items from various stores in the Merchandise Metaverse. But your goods will be delivered to your home in the real world.


The official website of Shiba Land

3 reasons to explore the Shiba Land Metaverse

Experts believe that given the growing interest in the metaverse space, and the principles of scarcity and supply and demand, Shiba Land could be an interesting area for interested investors to explore. Here are 6 main reasons why you should take Sheba Land more seriously:

Reason 1: Metaverse Earths are rare and may also be controlled or manipulated.

Reason 2: The economic paradigm of the metaverse is based on contemporary real estate. In fact, land in a desirable urban location can appreciate over time

It will increase. You can create your own realm to be exactly what you want in Metaverse.

Reason 3: What you want to do with the land is up to you. You can build a spectacular house that can also serve as a company, or you can build a small cabin in the woods.




Now that we’ve explored all that the Shiba Metaverse has to offer, it’s best to visit shib.io and experience all that this new world in the Metaverse has to offer!

Tell us about your experiences in the field of buying Shiba land in the comments section. Share your questions and suggestions with us.